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TOPS code datasheets
The purpose of the datasheets is to bring together in a tabular format all the known information relating to wagon numbering, build details and design codes. It is intended to add more datasheets over time, each one covering a particular TOPS code group. However, the research required is such that the rate of additions will probably be quite slow. There are also limitations due to the availability of information such as early TOPS design codes and AARKNDs. If you are able to add to (or correct) any of the information on these datasheets, please use the Feedback button at the bottom of each page to contact me.

Later on, datasheets may be published as Acrobat PDFs, either singly or in collections, to allow downloading.

The table below lists all datasheets produced to date, in order of TOPS code. Links to the sheets can also be found in the Code column of the TOPS code listings pages.

List of datasheets

Title Date added Last updated
BAA/BAB Bogie Steel Wagons 29/05/2008 29/05/2008
BBA Bogie Steel Wagons 29/05/2008 29/05/2008
BDA/BDO/BDV Bogie Bolster Ds 29/05/2008 19/08/2009
FEA/FEV/FEW Bogie Container Flats 29/05/2008 19/08/2009
HQA Autoballaster Hoppers 20/10/2008 20/10/2008
JJA Bogie Steel and Autoballaster Hoppers 20/10/2008 20/10/2008
MHA Open Box Wagons 30/05/2008 30/05/2008
MTA/MTV Open Box Wagons 29/05/2008 29/05/2008
OTA 2-axle Timber Wagon 29/05/2008 29/05/2008
PFx Flat Wagons In preparation In preparation
PGA/PGB/PGO 2-axle Hopper Wagons In preparation In preparation
PHA/PHO/PHV Bogie Hopper and SDT Wagons 30/05/2008 23/08/2009
PWA Bogie Vans (Fertiliser) 23/08/2009 23/08/2009
PXx Special Purpose Wagons In preparation In preparation
TUA/TUB 2-axle Tank Wagon with GLW of over 50t In preparation In preparation
YEA Bogie Long-welded Rail Carriers 30/05/2008 30/05/2008
Sample datasheet

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