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This is where you can look things up! The contents fall into three sections:

  • Numbering

  • This lists each of the number ranges used on wagons registered to run on BR, as well as giving an overview of the history and logic (or lack of it!) behind the numbering policies.

  • Datasheets

  • These present all known information for each group of TOPS codes, including build details, numbering, AARKNDs and design codes. Coverage is low at present but will increase over time.

  • Codes

  • There are a huge number of codes involved in this subject, and these pages attempt to explain and list many of them. Most of the pages here give outline details for all known TOPS codes, with links to relevant profiles and datasheets.

    Although there is some original research, most of the material on this site has been collated from a wide variety of published sources. This presents two problems:

  • The best information only covers the period from the mid-1980s onwards. Data on matters such as early TOPS design codes is therefore somewhat sparse. If you have information sources that could help with any of the pages here, I would be very interested to hear from you. Use the Feedback button at the bottom of the page.

  • Given the depth of the subject, it is a rare book or website that doesn't contain at least a few errors. This is partly due to the fact that even the TOPS database is never 100% accurate. Wherever achievable, I have verified debatable facts, but it is possible that some got through un-noticed. If you find anything that you think may be wrong, please let me know by using the Feedback button at the bottom of every page.

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