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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - K: Part 1: 2-axle Steel Coil Carrying Wagons
Note: In October 1983 these wagons were recoded in the S group.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
KAO -1978 Strip Coil A M75xxxx Ex Loco Coal wagon. Use unlikely
KAV -1983 Strip Coil A (with nylon hood) B949130-B949179 To SFV
KBV -1983 Strip Coil B (with nylon hood) B949180-B949219 To SGV
KCO -1983 Strip Coil C   Ex UPO. To SCO
KCP -1980 Strip Coil C   Ex UPO
KCV -1980 Strip Coil C   Ex UPV
KDV -1982 Strip Coil D   Ex SPV
KEV -1983 Strip/Rod Coil E   Ex SPV. To SEV
KFV -1982 Strip Coil F   Ex SPV
KGO -1981 Pig Coil   Ex UPO
KHO -1980 Strip Coil H (with nylon hood)   Ex UPO
KIO 1974-1975 Pig Coil   Ex UPO
KJO -1983 Strip Coil J   Ex MSO. To SJO
KJV -1982 Strip Coil J   Ex MSV
KLV   Strip Coil L   Ex OUV
KMV   Mincoil   Ex MCV
KNO -1981 Strip Coil   Ex single bolster
KOA -1983 Rod Coil 400xxx/46xxxx Ex SAA/SPA. Recoded SKA
KOO -1980 Rod Coil   Ex LMS Double Bolster
KPV -1980 Strip Coil P   Ex Palbrick B/C
KQV   Coil Q   Ex Palbrick A
KRV -1983 Rod Coil R   Ex SPV. To SRV
KSV   Rod Coil S   Ex OHV
KTA -1983 Strip Coil T 400xxx/46xxxx Ex SAA/SPA. Recoded SHA
KTV -1980 Rod Coil   Ex KYV
KVV -1980 Strip Coil V   Ex Palbrick B
KYV -1983 Hybarcoil   Ex OHV/OWV

BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - K: Part 2: Specialised Private-Owner Wagons (Excluding Tanks)
Note: In 1990 specialised private-owner wagons were recoded from the P group.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
KAA 1990-current Intermodal Flat Wagon Various Some ex PFA
KBA 1990-c.2006 2-axle Barrier Wagon RLS4900-4917, BPO67xxx Ex PXA. Ex Palvans or TTAs
KBO 1990- Barrier/Match Wagon   Ex PXO
KBV 1990- Barrier/Match Wagon   Ex PXV
KCA 1990- Weedkiller coach   Ex PPA
KCV 1990- Escort or Weedkiller coach   Ex PPV
KCX 1990- Escort or weedkiller coach   Ex PPX
KDA 1990-current Trailertrain or Eurospine Piggyback Wagon Various Some ex PXA
KEA 1990-current Bogie Box Wagon PR3170-3247 Ex PXA
KFA 1990-current Bogie Flat Wagon Various Ex PFA. For containers, vehicles or timber
KFB 1990-by1999 Bogie Tank-carrying Flat Wagon MODA95233-95297 Ex PFB. To KFA
KGA 1990- 2-axle Container Flat RIV Ex PIA
KHA (1) 1990- 2-axle Presflo RIV Ex PIA
KHA (2) 1997- Bogie Container Flat (RIV) 33.70.4574.000-039 Ex TIPH93xxx KFA.
KIA 1990-current Bogie Covered Steel Wagon RIV Ex PIA
KIB 1990-current Bogie Covered Steel Wagon RIV Ex PIB
KJA 1990-current Load Transfer Vehicle Various Ex PXA. Container Crane or Aggregate SDT
KKA 1990- 2-axle Covhop RIV Ex PIA
KLA 1990- 2-axle High-Sided Open RIV Ex PIA
KMA c.1998-c.2007 Hot Core Nuclear Flask Wagon MODA95780 Ex KMX
KMQ 1990-199x Match/Barrier Wagon LT95800-95803 Ex PXQ
KMX 1990-c.1998 Hot Core Nuclear Flask Wagon MODA95780 Ex PXX. To KMA
KNW 1990- Dummy Nuclear Flask Wagon   Ex PXW
KOA   Piggyback Swing-bed Intermodal Wagon RIV  
KPA 1990-current Bogie Hopper Ex PIA
KQA 1997-2004 Bogie Pocket Container Wagon 84.70.4907.000-074 All to KTA
KRA 2000-current Bogie Sleeper Carrying Wagon JARV97101-97132 Ex YDA DB977801-977832
KRO 1990- Ramp Wagon   Ex PXO
KRW 1990-? Ramp Wagon MAT941xx Ex PFW/PXW
KSA 1995-current Supercube bogie van 33.70.4739.001-100  
KTA 2004-current Bogie Pocket Container Wagon GERS97700-97774 Ex KQA
KTQ 1990- Mobile Tank Training Vehicle   Ex PXQ
KTW 1990- Mobile Tank Training Vehicle SUKO50000 Ex PXW
KUA -current Nuclear Flask Wagon MODA95770/95771 Also quoted as KYA
KVA 1990-current Large Van RIV Ex PIA
KVB 1990- Large Van RIV Ex PIB
KWA 1990-current Bogie Vehicle-carrying Wagon Various Ex PFB Warwells or new
KWB 1990- Bogie Warwell Flat Wagon MODA95501-95583 Ex PFB
KWO 1990- Bogie Container Wagon (small wheels)   Ex PFO
KWQ 1996- Bogie Warwell Flat Wagon    
KWR 1996- Bogie Warwell Flat Wagon MODA95571/95572  
KXA 1990-current Bogie Nuclear Flask Wagon Various Some ex PXA
KXO 1990-? Bogie Flatrol NRMY95400 Ex PFO
KYA 1990-current Bogie Nuclear Flask Wagon RIV Ex PIA
KZA 1994-200x Supercube Van Prototype RGL/PDS96600  

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