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BR Wagon Codes - Private Owner Codes

All wagons numbered in the private owner series carry a prefix to indicate their ownership. A list of all known codes is given below. Note that some codes were issued but not actually used on any wagons, particularly in the case of RIV wagons. Codes are not re-used; where two or more names are given, this is due to the company having been taken over or re-named. Codes in italic are those carried by privately-owned coaching stock during the time when such vehicles were assigned PO numbers. Not all the coach ownership codes may be included as some were only registered for a short period. Codes in bold were still in use as of late 2006.

Code Dates Owner Notes
ABP   Associated British Ports Ltd  
AI   Aggregate Industries  
ALCN   Alcan Lynemouth Ltd  
ALG   Algeco UK Ltd  
AMOC   Amoco UK Ltd Later to Elf Oil Ltd
AO   The Associated Octel Co Ltd Tank wagons
APCM   Associated Portland Cement Manufacturing Later to Blue Circle
AR   Amey Roadstone Corporation  
ARC   ARC Southern Ltd Later to Hanson Aggregates
AVON 1985- Avon County Countil  
AW -by1984 Albright & Wilson  
BACO   British Alcan Replaced by BAHS
BAHS   British Alcan, Highland Smelters  
BAK   Baker, Carnforth  
BB   Balfour Beatty Rail Ltd  
BBC 1988-1992 Boothferry Borough Council  
BBES -by1984 British Bitumen Emulsions (Scotland) Ltd  
BCC   Blue Circle Cement  
BCH -by1984 Bass Charrington  
BFL   British Fuels Ltd  
BGL -2006 British Gypsum Ltd  
BHQ 1985- Bardon Hill Quarries  
BIS   British Industrial Sands Ltd Later Hepworths Industrial Minerals Ltd
BLI   Buxton Lime Industries  
BLM -by1984 Bulmers Cider, Hereford  
BLS   Britannia Locomotive Society  
BM   Brunner Mond  
BMA   Brett Marine Aggregates Code change (from ELC) cancelled
BNF -by1984 British Nuclear Fuels, Springfield  
BNFL   British Nuclear Fuels Ltd  
BOA -by1984 Bank of America  
BOC   British Oxygen Co Ltd  
BOTE -by1984 Burmah Oil Trading (Elesmere Port)  
BPBB -by1984 BP Chemicals, Baglan Bay  
BPCM -by1984 BP Chemicals, Murgatroyd  
BPCS -by1984 BP Chemicals, Saltend  
BPIG -by1984 BP Chemicals, Grangemouth  
BPLS   Blue Peter Locomotive Society  
BPO   BP Oil Ltd  
BRCH -by1984 Bromine & Chemicals Ltd  
BREL 1987 British Rail Engineering Ltd Used on 'International Train' coaches
BRET -by1984 Brett Marine Aggregates  
BRIG -by1984 William Briggs & Sons  
BRT   British Rail Traffic & Electric Company  
BSCO -1986 British Steel, Corby Works  
BSGL   British Steel, Flemington Works (Glasgow)  
BSOR -by1984 British Steel, Orgreave Works  
BSRO -by1984 British Steel, Rotherham Works  
BSRV   British Steel, Ravenscraig Works  
BSSC   British Steel, Scunthorpe Works  
BSSH -by1984 British Steel, Shotton Works  
BSSP 1996-c.2003 British Steel, Strip Products  
BSSW   British Steel, Llanwern Works  
BSTE   British Steel, Teesside Works  
BT 2014- Bombardier Transportation (to be confirmed) On KBA barrier wagons
BTDH -by1984 British Transport Docks, Hull  
BTP   British Titan Products Later Ti-Oxide UK Ltd
CARP -by1984 Carpet Products Ltd  
CAWD 1986- Cawoods Coal Products Ltd  
CC   Chipmans Chemicals  
CCC -by1984 C C Crumps Ltd  
CEGB   Central Electricity Generating Board  
CG   Croxton & Garry Ltd  
CGL   Charrington Fuel Oils Ltd  
CGW   Cargo Wagon GMBH Not carried - all wagons in RIV series
CHEL   Chell Instruments, North Walsham  
CHL -by1984 Croda Hydrocarbons  
CHR 1990-1993 Christie and Sons, Camlachie  
CL -by1984 City Leasings Co Ltd  
CLMI -2006 Compagnie Pour La Location De Materiel Industriel  
CLWD -by1984 Clwyd Wagon Co Ltd  
CN   Carillion Rail  
CONO   Conoco Ltd  
COWS   ?, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway  
CPL   Cleveland Potash Ltd  
CR   Cranmore Railway Co Ltd East Somerset Railway
CRL   Charterail Ltd  
CSL   Carless Solvents Ltd  
DANZ   Danzas Ltd Not carried - all wagons in RIV series
DAVS   W H Davis & Sons Wagon builders & hirers. See also WHD
DBA   ?  
DOW -by1984 Dow Chemicals Ltd  
DRC   Dinting Rail Centre  
DRSL   Direct Rail Services Ltd  
DSRM -by1984 Darlington Simpson Rolling Mills, Darlington  
DVR   Dart Valley Railway  
EAB   Mrs E Beet, Hest Bank  
ECCQ   English China Clay Quarries Ltd  
EDC   Edinburgh District Council  
ELC   Equipment Leasing Company Ltd Later to Hambros Leasing Co Ltd
ELF -by1984 Elf Oil  
ERG 2012- Europorte Group  
ERMW   Ermewa-Sati, Paris  
ESSO   Esso Petroleum Co Ltd  
ETHL   Ethyl SA, Brussels  
EURL   Eurolease UK Ltd  
EWS 2006- English Welsh and Scottish Railway Only appears on TEA tanks numbered in railway-owned series.
F   Freightliners Ltd  
FA   Fisons Agrochemicals Later FBC Ltd. Later Schering Chemicals Ltd
FAS -by1984 Farthington Silos  
FF   Fisons Fertilisers Later Norsk Hydro Fertilisers Ltd
FINA   Petrofina UK Ltd  
FLHH 2005- Freightliner Heavy Haul  
FR   Francis Parker Ltd Later to Tarmac Roadstone Holdings Ltd
FS 2006- First Engineering From 2006
FSS   Flying Scotsman Railways  
FY   Foster Yeoman Ltd  
GERS 2000- GE Railcar Services  
GLE -by1984 Grant Lyon & Eagre  
GMC   Greater Manchester Council  
GR   Grant Rail  
GRA   William Grant & Son  
GRAM   Grampian Railtours  
GSWR   Great Scottish & Western Railway Co  
GULF   Gulf Oil GB Ltd  
GWS   Great Western Society  
HALL   Hall Aggregates Ltd  
HAUS -by1984 P Hausar Ltd  
HD -by1984 H Diaper Ltd  
HFO   Hargreaves Fuel Oil  
HLPG   Humberside Locomotive Preservation Group  
ICIA   ICI PLC, Agricultural Division  
ICIM   ICI PLC, Mond Division  
ICIO -by1984 ICI PLC, Petrochemicals Division  
ICIP -by1984 ICI PLC, Plastics Division  
ISCO -by1984 ISC Chemicals Ltd  
JARV   Jarvis Rail  
JBC   J B Cameron, Fife  
JW -by1984 John Walker & Sons  
KILF -by1984 Kilfrost Ltd  
KWVR   Keighley and Worth Valley Railway  
LION -by1984 Lion Emulsions  
LNE   ?  
LOW -by1984 Lowe Oils Ltd  
LP -by1984 Lubricant Producers Ltd  
LS   Lloyds & Scottish Leasings Ltd  
LT   London Transport  
LTD   Lancashire Tar Distillers Later Lanfina Bitumen Ltd
LW -by1984 Stewarts & Lloyd Later Central Wagon (Engineering) Ltd
MANC   Manchester Executive Travel  
MAR   Marcon (RMC) Ltd  
MAT   MAT Transauto Ltd  
MCA   McAlpine, Carnforth  
MDB   McDonnell Douglas Bank Group  
MHL   Mineral Haul Ltd Issued but not used
ML -by1984 Mercantile Leasing  
MMB   Milk Marketing Board  
MNLP   Merchant Navy Loco Preservation Society  
MODA   Ministry of Defence, Army  
MPHY -by1984 Murphy Aggregates Later to MAR Marcon
MRC   Midland Railway Centre  
MURC   Murco Petroleum  
MYTK -by1984 Midland Yorkshire Tar Distillers  
NACO   NACCO Ltd, France  
NCB -by1984 National Coal Board  
NECP   Dawson & Partners, York  
NELP   North Eastern Loco Preservation Group  
NESW -by1984 National Coal Board (Thomas Ness), Wingerworth  
NLU   National Logistics Unit  
NP 1993- National Power  
NR 2004- Network Rail  
NRMY   National Railway Museum, York  
NTL -1986 Nuclear Transport Ltd  
OK   Orenstein & Koppel AG  
PB   Polybulk Ltd  
PDS 1990-? Powell Duffryn Standard Only carried by PDS28100?
PDUF   Powell Duffryn Wagon Company Ltd  
PES   ?  
PEST   Princess Elizabeth Loco Society  
PIGY   Piggyback  
PLAS   Plasmoor Ltd  
PP -by1984 Phillips Petroleum Co Ltd  
PR   Procor (UK) Ltd Later to CAIB UK Ltd
PULR   Pullman Rail  
PWDS   5407 Loco Group, Carnforth  
RBL   Ribblesdale Cement Ltd Later Castle Cement Ltd
RC   Rugby Portland Cement Ltd  
REDA   Redland Aggregates Ltd  
RFM   Railfilms Ltd  
RGL   Rover Group Ltd  
RHE   Richard H Edmondson, Carnforth  
RHR 1987-2005 RH Roadstone Ltd  
RLS   Railease Ltd Later to Tiphook Rail Ltd
RMC 1986- Ready Mix Concrete Ltd  
RP -by1984 Redland Purle (Southern) Ltd  
RPR   RPR Railway Coach Association  
RRL -by1984 Retread Roads Ltd  
RRT   Ridings Railtours  
RSCO   Resco, Carnforth  
RTL   The Riviera Ltd, Solihull  
RWN -by1984 Rowntrees Ltd (York)  
SA   Scherings Agricultural Ltd  
SCC -by1984 Shell Chemicals (UK) Ltd  
SCR   Scottish Railway Preservation Society  
SGD -by1984 Scottish Grain Distillers  
SGM   S G McColl, Midland Railway Centre  
SGST   Standard Gauge Steam Trust  
SHL   Steam in Hereford Ltd  
SHRC   Scottish Highland Railway Co  
SILC   Silcock & Colling Ltd  
SLOA   SLOA Pullmans Ltd  
SLT 2005- ?  
SMBP -by1984 Shell Mex & BP Ltd  
SNG   A4 Loco Society  
SOC -by1984 Shell Chemicals (UK) Ltd Or see SCC
SOL -by1984 Scottish Oils Ltd  
SPEY   Strathspey Railway  
SPG   44871 Sovereign Preservation Group  
SRL   Sussex Rail Ltd  
SRW   The Standard Railway Wagon Company Ltd Later to Tiphook Rail Ltd
SSTR   Shellstar Later UKF Fertilisers Ltd. Later Kemira Fertilisers Ltd
STD   Scottish Tar Distillers Ltd  
STE -by1984 Streetley Co Ltd  
STET   Steetley Refractories Ltd  
STL   E G Steele & Co Ltd  
STOR   44767 George Stephenson  
STRM   Steamtown Railway Museum, Carnforth  
STS -2006 Storage & Transportation Systems Ltd  
SU   ?  
SUG -by1984 British Sugar Corporation  
SUKO -2006 Shell (UK) Oil Ltd  
SVR   Severn Valley Railway  
TAMC -2006 Tarmac Roadstone Holdings Ltd  
TBR   Tilbury Roadstone Ltd  
TC   Tunnel Cement Ltd  
TCL   The Travelling College  
TCMC 2000-c.2005 Thrall Car Manufacturing Company  
TCS   Tilcon Ltd  
TEF   Trans Equipment Finance Ag, Switzwerland  
TEX   Texaco Ltd  
TFP   Trains for Pleasure  
THOM 1985- Thompson Quarries Ltd  
THR   Thomas Hill & Co  
TIPH 1987- Tiphook Rail Ltd  
TLG -by1984 Tiger Leasing Group  
TN   Trailer Train Ltd  
TOLD   Toleman's Delivery Service Ltd  
TOTL   Total GB Oil Ltd  
TPD 1985- T P Dibden  
TRAN -2006 Transfesa UK Ltd  
TRL   Tiger Rail Ltd  
TRTS   Train Tours Ltd  
TSL -by1984 Traffic Services Ltd  
TW -by1984 T W Ward  
TWT   Tyne & Wear Transport  
UM -by1984 United Molasses  
VDBJ 1985- Van Den Bergh & Jurgens Ltd  
VIP -by1984 VIP Petroleum Later to Elf Oil (GB) Ltd
VSOE   Sea Containers (Venice Simplon Orient Express)  
VTG   Vereinigte Tanklager und Transportmittel Gmbh  
WBB 1993- Watts Black and Bearne Co Plc  
WDS   David Smith, Midland Railway Centre  
WHD 2001- W H Davis & Sons  
WHYT   Whyte Chemicals Ltd  
WR   Waterman Railways  

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