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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - H: Hopper Wagons
Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
HAA -current MGR Coal Hopper 350000~366129  
HBA (1) 1975-1986 Coal Hopper 360000-361998 All to HEA
HBA (2) 1991-current MGR Coal Hopper with canopy 368xxx Ex HDA
HCA 1991-current MGR Coal Hopper with canopy 3xxxxx Ex HAA
HCO   Coke Hopper B44xxxx  
HCP   Coke Hopper B44xxxx  
HCV   Coke Hopper B44xxxx Use unconfirmed
HDA 1982-92/96-current MGR Coal Hopper 368xxx Without canopy from 1991
HEA c.1979-current Coal Hopper 360000-361998 Resprung HBA
HFA 1992-current MGR Coal Hopper with aerodynamic canopy 3xxxxx Recoding of HAAs
HGA (1) 2000-current 2-axle Hopper 390502~390671 Ex ZFA
HGA (2) 2003-current Limestone Hopper 362000-362113 Ex PGA BSTE18000-18113
HHA 2000-current Bogie Coal Hopper 370001-370446 Freightliner
HIA 2005-current Bogie Aggregate Hopper 369001-369122 Freightliner
HIO   Iron Ore Hopper   Code replaced by HJO and HKO
HJA 2012-current Bogie Aggregate Hopper 300400-300420 Ex JHA NP19400-19420
HJO   25.5t Iron Ore Hopper B43xxxx/B44xxxx  
HJV -1991 25.5t Iron Ore Hopper B43xxxx/B44xxxx  
HKA 2009-current Bogie Hopper 300601-300685 Ex JMA NP19601-19685
HKV   33.5t Iron Ore Hopper B43xxxx/B44xxxx  
HLA 1998-current Bogie Aggregate Hopper 300701~300735
Ex JHA MAR17701-17735
HMA 1996-current MGR Coal Hopper (Modified Brakes) 3xxxxx Ex HAA
HNA 1996-current MGR Coal Hopper with Canopy (Modified Brakes) 3xxxxx Ex HAA
HOA (1) 1998 Reduced Height Hopper 360104 Ex HEA. Rebodied as HEA same year
HOA (2) 2006-current Bogie Aggregate Hopper 320000-320067 EWS
HPA 2000-2007 Ballast Hopper 9xxxxx Ex ZFV
HQA 2001-current Autoballaster Bogie Hopper 380xxx  
HSA 1987-? Scrap Steel Open 36xxxx ex HEA
HSO   13t Coal Hopper B40xxxx Use unconfirmed
HTA 2000-current Bogie Coal Hopper 31xxxx  
HTO -1987 21t Coal Hopper Various  
HTP   21t Coal Hopper   Use unconfirmed
HTV   21t Coal Hopper Various  
HUO   24.5t Coal Hopper B33xxxx  
HXA 2006-current Bogie Coal Hopper 370501-370719 Freightliner
HYA 2007-current Bogie Coal Hopper 371001-371122 First GBRf

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