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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - O: Open Wagons (General Merchandise)
Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
OAA 1974-current Dropside Open Wagon (wooden doors) 100000-100099  
OBA 1974-current Dropside Open Wagon (wooden doors) 110000-110800  
OCA 1981-current Dropside Open Wagon (Steel doors) 112000-112399  
ODA 1983-current Dropside Open Wagon (Wooden doors) 113000-113049 Refurbished SOV Pipe Wagons
OEA by1986-1991 Open Wagon with Hood (for packaged timber) 110793 Experimental conversion of OBA
OHB   High Open (Steel bodied)   Ex OHV
OHV   High Open (Steel bodied)    
OIX   High Open - Ferry (Wooden bodied) B715000-B715039  
OJX -1987 High Open (Wooden bodied) B715000-B715039 Ex OIX
OLV   Lowfit B450000-B453449  
OOV 1983-1991 China Clay Hooded Open (Wooden bodied) B743300-B743874 Ex UCV
OSA 1996-current Sleeper Carrying Wagon various Ex OTA/RRA/ZEA
OSV -1978 Shock Open B720000-B726124  
OTA 1985-current Timber Carrying Wagon various Ex OBA/OCA/VDA
OUV -1987 Shochood B B726225-B726524  
OVV   Shocroof A B726125-B726224  
OWV   High Open (Wooden bodied)    

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