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Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
VAA   29t Vanfit (full length doors, ventilated)    
VAB -1987 29t Vanfit (full length doors, ventilated)    
VBA   29t Vanfit (full length doors)    
VBB -1987 29t Vanfit (full length doors)    
VCA 1974-1992 29t Vanfit (centre doors) 200325-200549 To FPA/ZEA/ZRA/ZYA
VCB   29t Vanfit (centre doors) 200209/200446  
VCV   Cattle Van   Unlikely to have been used
VDA 1976-current 29t Vanfit    
VDB   29t Vanfit 200077/200165 Ex VAB
VEA 1978- 12t Vanwide 230000-230549 Ex VEV
VEV -1987 12t Vanwide   Roller bearings
VFA   12t Vanwide (with Alarm)   Ex VEA. Recoded VEA for security purposes.
VFW   12t Fish Van    
VGA 1981-current 29t Vanfit 210400-210650  
VHA -1987 Curtainsided Van 201070 Ex VDA. Rebuilt as OTA
VIX   25t Ferry Van, RIV    
VJX -1992 25t Van (ex Ferry Van)    
VKA 2000-current 29t Vanfit 210xxx Ex VGA. Modified bearings
VMV   12t Van/Vanwide   MoD traffic
VNV   Banana Van    
VPB   10t Palvan    
VPV   10t Palvan    
VQB   22.5t Palvan    
VQV   22.5t Palvan    
VQW   22.5t Palvan    
VRV   Pallet Shock Van    
VSV   Shock Van    
VVB   12t Vanfit    
VVV   12t Vanfit (hinged doors)    
VWV   12t Vanwide   Plain bearings
VXA   Special Purpose Van    
VXX   Special Purpose Van    
VYA   Generator Van    
VYX   Generator Van    

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