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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - X: Exceptional and Special Purpose Wagons
Note: In October 1983 all remaining types were recoded in the B or F groups.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
XAO   Armour Plate Wagon B907xxx, B908xxx  
XAP -1982 Armour Plate Wagon B907xxx, B908xxx  
XAQ   Armour Plate Wagon B907xxx, B908xxx  
XCA   Concrete Beam Wagon   Use unconfirmed
XCO   Concrete Beam Wagon    
XCP   Concrete Beam Wagon    
XCQ   Concrete Beam Wagon    
XDV   Flat Wagon    
XFO   Bogie Flat Wagon    
XFP   Bogie Flat Wagon    
XFQ   Bogie Flat Wagon    
XFV   Bogie Flat Wagon/ Nuclear Flask Carrier    
XGO   2-axle or Bogie Glass Wagon B902000-B902047, B902500-B902501  
XGP -1983 2-axle Glass Wagon B902048-B902049  
XIB   Nuclear Flask Carrier    
XIQ   Lowmac B9046xx  
XIR   Rectank    
XIW -1983 Flatrol / Weltrol / Lowmac    
XJB -1983 Nuclear Flask Carrier   Ex BAB
XKB   Bogie Nuclear Flask Carrier    
XKV   Bogie Nuclear Flask Carrier B900509-B900532  
XLO   Lowmac B904xxx  
XLP -1982 Lowmac B904xxx  
XLQ -1980 Lowmac    
XLV   Lowmac B904xxx, B905xxx  
XLW   Lowmac B904xxx  
XMA -1983 Cartic-4 Car Transporter B909xxx, 995xxx To FQA
XNA 1982-1983 2-axle Nuclear Flask Carrier 400181 Ex SAA. To PXA
XNB 1979-1983 2-axle Nuclear Flask Carrier 400004 Ex SAB. To PXA
XOO -1980 Flatrol    
XOP   Flatrol    
XOQ   Flatrol    
XPO   Flatrol    
XPP   Flatrol    
XPQ -1981 Flatrol    
XPR -1981 Flatrol B900353-B900355  
XPV -1981 Flatrol    
XPW -1982 Flatrol    
XPX   Flatrol    
XRP   Rectank B909000-B909077  
XSO -1982 Concrete Beam Spacer   Ex Glass / Flatrol
XSP   Concrete Beam Spacer   Ex Glass / Flatrol
XTO   Trestrol    
XTP   Trestrol    
XUO -1980 2-axle Trestle Plate    
XUV -1980 2-axle Trestle Plate B903649-B903664  
XVA 1977-1983 Bogie Trestle Plate 990000-990050 To BXA
XVO   Bogie Trestle Plate B903600-B903648  
XVV   Bogie Trestle Plate B903665-B903703  
XWO   Weltrol    
XWP   Weltrol    
XWQ   Weltrol    
XXO   Twin Girder / Case Wagon    
XXV -1980 Hymac B906022-B906026  
XYO   Flat / Transformer / Weltrol    
XYP   Boiler / Transformer Wagon    
XYQ   Flat / Transformer    
XYV   Boiler Wagon B902805-B902808  
XZO -1983 Weltrol / Transformer Wagon   To FRO
XZQ   Flat / Weltrol    

In 2003 the X code was reintroduced for special purpose private-owner wagons but only one vehicle has so far been recorded.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
XAA 2003-current Bogie Water Carrying Wagon SLT98997 Ex FGA with tank containers.

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