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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - S: 2-axle Steel-Carrying Wagons
Note: Prior to October 1983, wagons designed to carry steel coil were classified in group K.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
SAA 1974-1983 Double Bolster 400046-400299 All to RRA/FPA
SAB 1974-1983 Double Bolster 400000-400045 All to RRB/FPA
SBA 1974? Double Bolster 400200-400299 Allocated (but not used) to variant of SAA.
SCA (1) c.1976* Tube Wagon 450000 Ex SDA. To OBA
SCA (2) 1999-2006 Plate Wagon 46xxxx Ex SKA
SCO 1983- Strip Coil C   Ex KJO
SDA (1) 1974-1976 Steel Wagon 450000 Ex OAA. Recoded SCA by 1976
SDA (2) 1986- Bolster Wagon 46xxxx Ex SPA
SEA (1) 1979 Steel Carrying Wagon 410000-410004 Proposed conversion of BEVs to 2-axle steel wagons. Cancelled.
SEA (2) 1989-current Rod Coil, Slideflex Hood 46xxxx Ex SPA
SEV 1983- Strip Coil E   Ex KEV
SFV 1983- Strip Coil A (with nylon hood)   Ex KAV
SFW 1987-1992 Strip Coil A (with nylon hood)    
SGV 1983- Strip Coil B (with nylon hood)   Ex KBV
SGW 1987-1992 Strip Coil B (with nylon hood)    
SHA 1983-current Strip Coil T 46xxxx Ex SPA. Recoded from KTA
SJA 1989- Scrap Steel Box Wagon 36xxxx 3 HEAs rebodied
SJO 1983- Strip Coil J   Ex KJO
SKA 1983-current Steel Coil 46xxxx Ex SPA. Recoded from KOA
SMO   Ingot Mould Wagon   Ex MSO
SOV   Pipe Wagon B740000-B741949  
SPA 1977-current Plate Wagon 460000-461101  
SPB   Plate Wagon   Use unconfirmed
SPO   Plate Wagon B930000-B931974  
SPQ   Plate Wagon   Use unconfirmed
SPV -1992 Plate Wagon B930000-B936524  
SRV 1983- Strip Coil R   Ex KRV
SSA 1990-current Open Scrap Steel Wagon 470000-470180 Ex POA RLS5000-5099/5900-5980
STB   Tube Wagon   Use unconfirmed
STO   Tube Wagon B731000-B731589  
STV   Tube Wagon B73xxxx  
SWV   Twin Bolster    

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