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BR Wagon Numbers - Railway-owned B/DB Series - Part 1 - Part 2
The table below lists all known B and DB-prefixed number ranges. The details are generally those at the time of building/conversion. A more detailed list (including builders, lots and diagram numbers) can be found in Volume 1 of the BR Wagons Numerical History published by HB Publications in 2007.

Part 2 covers the number range B900000 to DB999509.

Range Build Years Original Type Notes
B900000-B900048 1949-1959 20t Faltrol  
B900100-B900128 1950-1959 20/21t Flatrol  
B900300-B900313 1949-1950 20t Bogie Flatrol  
B900350-B900355 1951-1960 25t Bogie Flatrol  
B900400-B900440 1949-1959 40t Bogie Flatrol  
B900500-B900532 1950-1960 50t Bogie Flatrol  
B900600-B900603 1954-1959 30/35t Bogie Flatrol  
B900675 1955 120t Bogie Flatrol  
B900700-B900709 1952 20t Weltrol  
B900760 1952 30t Bogie Weltrol  
B900800-B900813 1949-1960 20t Bogie Weltrol  
B900900-B900938 1953-1960 25t Bogie Weltrol  
B901000-B901025 1949-1961 40t Bogie Flatrol/Weltrol  
B901100-B901109 1953-1960 35t Bogie Weltrol  
B901150-B901152 1956-1960 50t Bogie Weltrol  
B901200-B901205 1957-1959 55t Bogie Weltrol  
B901225-B901226 1960 65t Bogie Weltrol  
B901260-B901261 1955-1960 120t Bogie Weltrol  
B901400-B901402 1950 20t Bogie Propellor Trolley Wagon  
B901450-B901453 1954-1961 40t Bogie Propellor Trolley Wagon  
B901500-B901576 1950-1959 40t Bogie Trestrol  
B901600-B901603 1950 55t Bogie Trestrol  
B901650 1954 20t Trestrol  
B901700-B901701 1954 30t Bogie Trestrol  
B901702-B901751 1960 40t Bogie Trestrol  
B901800-B901801 1952 135t Transformer Wagon  
B901850-B901859 1956 12t Roll Wagon  
B902000-B902049 1949-1960 12t Glass Wagon  
B902500-B902501 1954 30t Bogie Glass Wagon  
B902600 1959 10t Wheel Wagon  
B902601-B902614 1984 Barrier Brake Van Ex CCT
B902700-B902703 1959-1960 20t Bogie Wheel Wagon  
B902800-B902804 1954-1961 35t Bogie Boiler Wagon  
B902805-B902810 1965 150/290t Boiler Wagon Set  
B903600-B903703 1950-1961 42t Bogie Trestle wagon  
B904000-B904157 1949-1960 20/21t Lowmac  
B904500-B904722 1950-1959 25t Lowmac  
B905000-B905118 1949-1959 14/15t Lowmac  
B906000-B906026 1952-1960 20/21t Hymac  
B906800-B906831 1954-1958 12t Flat Wagon  
B907000-B907001 1954 30t Bogie Flat Wagon  
B907100-B907113 1950 40t Armour Plate Truck  
B907200-B907236 1957-1959 45t Bogie Flat Wagon  
B907300-B907304 1951/1958 60t Bogie Flat Wagon  
B907500-B907507 1959-1961 40t Girder Wagon Set  
B908000-B908027 1950-1958 55t Armour Plate Truck  
B908500-B908519 1954-1958 40t Armour Plate Truck  
B909000-B909077 1958-1960 38t Rectank  
B909200-B909205 1959 12.5t Two-Tier Car Transporter  
B909300-B909301 1964 Cartic-4 (inner wagons)  
B909400-B909401 1964 Cartic-4 (outer wagons)  
B910000-B917999 1949-1957 13t Single Bolster Wagon  
B918000-B918709r 1958 13t Single Bolster Wagon 497 built, remainder cancelled
B920000-B920399 1949 21t Double Bolster Wagon  
B920500 1966 Experimental Double Bolster Wagon Later to air-braked series without prefix
B922000-B923299 1957-1961 30t Bogie Bolster C  
B923300-B924399 1961 30t Bogie Bolster E  
B924400-B924799 1961 30t Bogie Bolster C  
B924800-B924899 1962 30t Bogie Bolster E  
B927000-B928199 1957-1961 42t Bogie Bolster D  
B930000-B936524 1949-1961 22t Plate Wagon  
B940000-B940999 1948-1951 30t Bogie Bolster C  
B941000-B942929 1949-1956 42t Bogie Bolster D  
B943000-B945990 1952-1958 30t Bogie Bolster C  
B946000-B946049 1949 40t Borail  
B946050-B946229 1959-1961 50t Borail  
B947000-B948409 1949-1959 42t Boplate E  
B949000-B949049 1950/1957 42t Bogie Strip Coil Wagon  
B949050-B949089 1959 56t Bogie Strip Coil Wagon  
B949090-B949129 1961 60t Bogie Strip Coil Wagon  
B949130-B949179 1963 21t Strip Coil Wagon (Coil A)  
B949180-B949219 1962-1964 24t Strip Coil Wagon (Coil B)  
B949501-B949550 1961 57t Slab Wagon Most to Coil
B949551-B949608 1962 45t Bogie Slab Coil Wagon  
B950000-B950249 1950 20t Brake Van LMS design
B950250-B950539 1949 20t Brake Van LNER design
B950540-B950541 1949 10t Brake Van Pontnewydd type
B950542-B950615 1949 20t Brake Van GWR design
B950616-B950865 1950 20t Brake Van LNER design
B950866-B951115 1950 20t Brake Van  
B951116-B951515 1951 20t Brake Van LNER design
B951516-B952715 1952-1954 20t Brake Van  
B952716-B953115 1955 20t Brake Van LNER design
B953116-B955247 1956-1961 20t Brake Van  
B960000-B960023 1975* 40t Coil X * Ex Borails
B963901-B963960 1966-1967* Freightliner Brake Van * Ex coaching stock
B964000-B964121 1961-1964 35.5t Bogie Brake Tender  
DB965000-DB966529 Various Track machines Including snowploughs
DB967000-DB967503 Various Track machines  
DB968000-DB968003 1969 Departmental locomotives  
DB968006-DB968016 1975-1981 Departmental locomotives  
DB968020-DB968021 1978 Departmental locomotives  
DB968024-DB968025 1985/1986 Departmental locomotives  
DB968030 1989 Departmental locomotive  
ADB968500-ADB968501 1980/1989 Self-propelled Rotary Snow Blower  
DB969000-DB969119 Various Track machines  
DB970000-DB970059 1987-1988* ZCV 'Tope' Ballast Hopper * Rebuilds of HTV Coal Hoppers
T970060 c.1995* ZCV 'Tope' Ballast Hopper * Renumbering of prototype Tope
DB970100-DB970855 1989-1991* ZCV 'Tope' Ballast Hopper * Rebuilds of HTV Coal Hoppers
971000-971xxx 2009 onwards* Departmental Coaching Stock * Various conversions
DB972000-DB972799 1989-1991* ZBA 'Rudd' Ballast/Sleeper Wagon * Rebuilds of HTV Coal Hoppers
DB973000-DB973449 1989-1990* ZCV 'Clam' Ballast Wagon * Rebuilds of HTV Coal Hoppers
DB975000-DB975999 Various* Departmental Coaching Stock * Various conversions
DB976000-DB976056 1971-1972* Departmental wagons * Various conversions
DB977000-DB977996 Various* Departmental Coaching Stock * Various conversions
DB978000-DB978991 1982-1988* YCV 'Turbot' Bogie Ballast Wagon * Rebuilds of BEV Bogie Bolsters
DB979000-DB979131 1983-1985 YEA 'Perch' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Wagon  
DB979132-DB979134 2000* YEA 'Perch' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Wagon * Conversions from YEA Stabling Wagons
DB979400-DB979415 1985 YEA 'Perch' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Clamping Wagon  
DB979429 c.2005* YEA 'Perch' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Clamping Wagon * Conversion from YEA DB979029
DB979500-DB979515 1982-1985 YEA 'Porpoise' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Chute Wagon  
DB979600-DB979615 1982-1985 YEA 'Perch' Bogie Long-Welded Rail Stabling Wagon  
DB980000-DB980250 1981-1982 YGB 'Seacow' 40t Ballast Hopper  
DB981000-DB981001 1980 YCA 'Halibut' 52t Bogie Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB982000-DB982349 1949-1950 'Sole' 12t Ballast Wagon  
DB982350-DB982439 1966 YHA 'Whale' 50t Bogie Ballast Hopper  
DB982440-DB982927 1970-1972 YGB/YGH 'Seacow'/'Sealion' 40t Bogie Ballast Hopper  
DB983000-DB983309 1959 ZFV 'Dogfish' 24t Ballast Hopper  
DB983376-DB983576 1957 ZEV 'Catfish' 19t Ballast Hopper  
DB983577-DB983626 1960 ZFV 'Dogfish' 24t Ballast Hopper  
DB983627-DB983896 1960 ZEV 'Catfish' 19t Ballast Hopper  
DB983897-DB983920 1961 ZFV 'Dogfish' 24t Ballast Hopper  
DB984000-DB984993 1956-1957 ZBO 'Grampus' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB985000-DB986986 1951-1957 ZBO 'Grampus' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB987000-DB987079 1949 'Starfish' 10t Ballast Wagon  
DB987100-DB987305 1978-1979* ZCV 'Plaice' 22t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon * Rebuilds of Plate wagons
DB988000-DB988199 1948 'Ling' 14t Ballast Wagon  
DB988200-DB988596 1959-1961 ZBV 'Grampus' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB988600 1983 ZBA 'Carp' 27t Ballast Wagon  
DB989000-DB989088 1952-1956 ZJO 'Mermaid' 14t Side-Tipping Ballast Wagon  
DB989090-DB989638 1959-1961 ZJV 'Mermaid' 14t Side-Tipping Ballast Wagon  
DB990000-DB990049 1949 'Gudgeon' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB990050-DB990099 1949 'Pilchard' 20t Bogie Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB990100-DB990958 1951-1956 ZBO 'Grampus' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB991000-DB991020 1951 ZBV 'Lamprey' 20t Ballast Wagon  
DB991021-DB991140 1949 ZCO 'Tunney' 20t Ballast Wagon  
DB991141-DB991320 1951 ZBV 'Lamprey' 20t Ballast Wagon  
DB991321-DB991864 1958 ZBV 'Grampus' 20t Ballast/Sleeper Wagon  
DB992000-DB992023 1949 'Gannet' 25t Ballast Hopper  
DB992024-DB992056 1948 'Trout' 25t Ballast Hopper  
DB992057-DB992116 1950 'Gannet' 25t Ballast Hopper  
DB992117-DB992196 1950 'Trout' 25t Ballast Hopper  
DB992197-DB992246 1950 ZLV 'Herring' 20t Ballast Hopper  
DB992247-DB992380 1951 ZMV 'Mackerel' 17t Ballast Hopper  
DB992381-DB992480 1952 ZLV 'Herring' 20t Ballast Hopper  
DB992481-DB992530 1952 YGV 'Walrus' 40t Bogie Ballast Hopper  
DB992531-DB992710 1953-1955 ZEV 'Catfish' 19t Ballast Hopper  
DB992711-DB993507 1959 ZFV 'Dogfish' 24t Ballast Hopper  
DB993508-DB993566 1959 ZEV 'Catfish' 19t Ballast Hopper  
DB993567-DB993634 1959 ZFV 'Dogfish' 24t Ballast Hopper  
DB993700-DB993708 1950 'Oyster' 16t Ballast Plough Brake Van  
DB993709-DB993809 1951-1955 'Shark' 20t Ballast Plough Brake Van  
DB993810-DB993815 1949 'Cockle' 12t Ballast Plough Brake Van  
DB993816-DB993940 1957-1960 'Shark' 20t Ballast Plough Brake Van  
DB994000-DB994089 1950 YAO 'Dolphin' 40t Bogie Rail, Sleeper & Ballast Wagon  
DB994090-DB994472 1955-1961 YBO 'Sturgeon' 50t Bogie Rail, Sleeper & Ballast Wagon  
DB994500-DB994999 1951-1954 YBO 'Sturgeon' 50t Bogie Rail, Sleeper & Ballast Wagon  
DB995000-DB995049 1950 'Haddock' 12t Sleeper Wagon  
DB995250-DB995252 1956 'Whiting' 12t Rail Wagon  
DB995500-DB995524 1949 'Minnow' 14t Sleeper Wagon  
DB996000-DB996677 1949-1957 YMO 'Salmon' 50t Bogie Rail Wagon  
DB996699 1983 YMA 'Salmon' 50t Bogie Rail Wagon  
DB996700-DB996794 1949-1950 YLO 'Gane' 40t Bogie Rail Wagon  
B996795-B996803 1950 40t Bogie Rail Wagon Revenue use
DB996804-DB997019 1958-1961 YMO 'Salmon' 50t Bogie Rail Wagon  
DB997300-DB997305 1954 12t Low Sided Wagon  
DB997400-DB997401 1953 'Whelk' 42t Bogie Plate Wagon  
DB997500-DB997542 1951-1955 'Winkle' 22t Plate Wagon  
DB997600-DB997647 1951 YNO 'Prawn' 30t Bogie Bolster  
DB997648 1953 'Shrimp' 30t Bogie Bolster with drop sides
DB997649-DB997669 1953 YNO 'Prawn' 30t Bogie Bolster  
DB997700-DB997746 1951-1953 'Whiting' 14t Rail Wagon  
DB997801-DB997822 1981 YDA 'Skate' 26t Skip Storage Wagon  
DB997900 1949 Shunting Truck  
DB998000-DB998005 1949-1951 'Loriot' 20t Trolley Wagon  
DB998006 1956 20t Flatrol  
DB998007-DB998014 1957-1959 'Loriot' 20t Trolley Wagon  
DB998015-DB998029 1959 20t Flatrol  
DB998050-DB998053 1957-1958 13t Flat Wagon for diesel engines
DB998070-DB998073 1970 'Conger' 100t Girder Wagon Set  
DB998100-DB998122 1954-1955 14t Sludge Wagon  
DB998500-DB998508 Various Crane Match Wagon  
DB998509-DB998510 1961 Adaptor Wagon for electric carriages
DB998511-DB998542 Various Crane Match Wagon  
DB998543-DB998545 1979 Single Line Track Relaying Gantry Wagon  
RDB998546 1981 Experimental Freightliner Container Flat  
DB998900-DB998901 1950 Overhead Line Maintenance Vehicle  
DB998910-DB998931 1950-1959 14t Creosote Tank  
DB998932-DB998938 1960* 20t Water Tank * Ex ?
DB998940-DB998954 1959 20t Fuel Oil Tank  
DB998955-DB998996 1958-1960 22t Creosote Tank  
DB999000-DB999112 Various* Tank Wagon * 2nd hand
DB999500-DB999509 1951-1959 Bogie Inspection Saloon  
DB999550 ? High Speed Track Recording Coach  
DB999600-DB999601 1987 Track Recording Unit  
DB999602-DB999606r ?* Departmental Coaching Stock * Various conversions
DB999666 ? Track Recording Coach Ex London Underground
999700-999701 2002 Track Inspection Unit  
999800-999801 2003-2004 Track Inspection Unit  
RDB999900 1971 Test Train Van  

Part 1

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