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Main Details
Drawing ID: 84
Subject: Design E011 (2 Axle Van)
Views: ?This shows which views are included in the drawing. S = Side Elevation, E= End Elevation, P = Plan, D = Detail Sections SE
Quality: ?The quality is based on a combination of the amount of detail included and the size of the drawing. For example, a website might contain a drawing which shows lots of detail but is very small. Medium
Comments: Revision 8
Origins: ?Where the drawing originated from. This has been included because of cases where a source uses drawings from elsewhere. For example, many books include official railway company diagrams, while others have specially-created drawings. BR diagram book
Source: ?Where the drawing can be found. For books, the author/s, publisher and year are shown in brackets. Page 50 of Book_01_issue.pdf on Barrowmore MRG website
URL: ?For drawings on websites, the website address is shown here. Links will open in a new window. http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html
No notes have been left yet. ?There may be some notes posted but which have not yet been approved.
Data History
Item added: 18:00 on 05/06/2021 by Thomas Young
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Item approved: 18:00 on 05/06/2021 by Thomas Young

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