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Main details
Design/Diagram series:BR TOPS International Wagon Diagram
Design/Diagram ID:E011
Description:2 Axle Van
TOPS code:
On Date:
Off Date:
Parent Design/Diagram:
Source of information:Diagram book on Barrowmore Model Railway Group website
There are 3 batches recorded as being wholly to this design code/diagram.
24.71.0285.501-881 0 2-axle Medium Van
24.71.0285.883-999 0 2-axle Medium Van
24.71.2147.000-487 0 2-axle Medium Van
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Related information
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Comment Origins Source
SE Medium Revision 8 BR diagram book Page 50 of Book_01_issue.pdf on Barrowmore MRG website http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html
SE Low Revision 12 BR diagram book Page 51 of Book_01_issue.pdf on Barrowmore MRG website http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html
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