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TOPS GENKOC: ?The first character of a TOPS code is known as the GENKOC and indicates the general type of rolling stock (e.g. 1xx are DMUs). 3 - Electric Multiple Units (originally AC only) Overall ?This works on the overall TOPS code list without any filtering or sorting applied.
TOPS BRAKTY: ?The third character of many TOPS codes is the BRAKTY, indicating the type of braking equipment fitted (e.g. A indicates air brakes). * - Not defined by code
Description: 4-car Electric Multiple Unit (previously AM7)
Numbers: ?Numbers are only shown where the ranges were limited. Otherwise, refer to the listings section below. The letter r after the numbers indicates this is a range, with not all numbers in the sequence used. 101-132, later 307101-307132
Status: Defunct
Date On: 1972
Origins: TOPS classification
Date Off:
Destiny: Withdrawn
Key Photo:
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There are 5 batches recorded as being wholly to this TOPS code (including any sub-codes).
Numbers Class Design Type Qty Origin Built/Converted Date/s Lot
61001-61032 307 419 Class 307 Motor Brake Second (MBS) 32 New BR, Ashford/Eastleigh 1956 30203
70001-70032 307 455 Class 307 TCsoL 32 New BR, Ashford/Eastleigh 1956 30204
75001-75032 307 449 Class 307 DTBS 32 New BR, Ashford/Eastleigh 1956 30205
75101-75132 307 431 Class 307 DTCOL 32 New BR, Ashford/Eastleigh 1956 30206
307101-307132 307 Class 307 4-car EMU 32 New BR, Ashford/Eastleigh 1954-1956
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442 307105 307 Unknown BR blue Liverpool Street 22/10/1979 https: / /www.flickr.com /photos /martynhilbert /52439413676 / ball graphicApproved, auto/admin
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