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Date: 27/01/2011
Added by:
Seen by: Self
Source: Seen
Working: Hoo Junction Yard - Eastleigh Yard
All items logged? Y
In actual order? Y
66150 LTLocos - BR TOPS
DB967531 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
110312 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
112087 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
112125 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
110283 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
95632 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
DB980142 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980000 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980195 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980200 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB982627 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980146 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980096 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
DB980133 WBWagons - BR B/DB prefixed
29252 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
29425 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
503116 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
29466 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
29430 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
29195 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
503501 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503595 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
Added: 23/09/2022
Approval: Approved, semi/self
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