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Date: 15/04/2023
Time: 06:39
Added by:
Seen by: Self
Source: Reported
Working: 06:37 Carlisle N.Y. to Beattock.
All items logged? Y
In actual order? Y
66561 LTLocos - BR TOPS
NLU29150 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
NLU29261 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
81.70.5932.218-7 EVRIV/EVN International Numbers
31.70.5892.038-8 EVRIV/EVN International Numbers
81.70.5932.201-3 EVRIV/EVN International Numbers
503089 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503014 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503075 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503119 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503028 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503044 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
503111 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
NLU29553 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
503587 WAWagons - BR Air-braked
NLU29373 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
NLU29135 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
NLU29020 WPWagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
Added: 15/04/2023
Approval: Approved, semi/self
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