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Main data
Number: 77041 Series: Wagons - BR TOPS Private Owner Previous
Date on: 1969 Date off: 2002
Status: Z (Non-extant, Un-registered, Scrapped)
Batch details: BPCM77040-BPCM77043 - 40.5t Bogie Chlorine Tank Wagon, built 1969 by Standard Wagon, Heywood
Renumbering details: No renumbering recorded.
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77041 in series Coaching Stock - BR
Note added Tue 19/07/2022 by Thomas Young
Category: Preservation/Post-BR Use
Withdrawn from use 1983/1984. Sold to Allied Steel and Wire for internal use at Tremorfa in 1990/1991. Tank removed and wagon modified to carry steel billets. Numbered BM519, entering service 17/10/1991. Scrapped when ASW went into receivership in 2002.
Source: Posting on RMWeb forum

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