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Main Details
Number range:B733240-B733459 in series Wagons - BR B/DB prefixed
Quantity in batch:220
Quantity in database:4 ?The quantity of numbers in the database can be less than the quantity of numbers in the batch because not every number has been added (yet). 
Origin:New Build
At:BR, Derby
Type:22t Tube Wagon
Type group:W (Wagon)
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09/04/1999 LListing (e.g. in an ABC) AExtant, Registered, Active ADBBR wagon in departmental use (Mechanical and Electrical Engineer)
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733448 ZDV 6994 Approved, auto/admin
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Data History
Item added: 12:00 on 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young
Approval status: ball graphic Approved, auto/admin
Item approved: 12:00 on 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young

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