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Southall (Bridge Road) Garage
Closed after traffic 12th July 2019. Vehicles and crews moved to Great Western Park, Southall coded GW from 13th.
RaySun 21/07/2019, 20:19
Metroline opened a garage (SG) on 27th July 2019 at Spring Grove Road, Lampton as an outstation of Brentford (AH).
RaySun 21/07/2019, 18:43
Orpington Bus Station
Nothing on site 21/7/2018
RaySat 21/07/2018, 10:42
Norwood Ticket Works
Unit 4, 36 Ernest Avenue, West Norwood, SE27 0DJ. Set up from 28th September 1988. Electronic Service and Distribution Centre (ESDC). Part of LBL's Revenue systems section and formed a base for a team of Field Technicians responsible for maintaining and repairing Wayfarer 2 ticket machines and the associted modules and depot readers. Each garage was visited weekly. Repairs were done at garages wherever possible and equipment only taken away for repair when absolutely necessary. ONLY equipment owned by London Buses Ltd. was maintained by this team. Machines owned by LRT (includes Westlink, Suttonbus, Roundabout etc.) were dealt with differently. Gibsons were maintained by BEL at Chiswick and later Willesden after Chiswick closed. This information was found in documents at TfL Corporate Archives.
DamonMon 06/11/2017, 23:22
HE: Heathrow (Arriva) Coach Travel Centre, Bedfont Road, Stanwell opened 31/5/2014 closed after traffic 8/12/2017. Controlled by Dartford when opened but latterly by Garston. Route (E10) novated to London United (HH garage)
RaySun 05/11/2017, 13:30
Southwark, Palestra
This office building has an underground car park accessed by a ramp off Gambia Street. However, the doors at the top are usually closed and it is rare to be able to see anything inside.
Thomas YoungThu 02/11/2017, 23:21
North Acton (Uniform Store)
A visit on 7/10/2017 found the location to have been vacated.
RaySat 07/10/2017, 16:27
Warlters Road (Holloway) Sub-stn
Now converted to a luxury home on sale for £3.5million, article in Sun newspaper 27/6/2017
During its life with London Transport there were also workshops there which repaired substation equipment - information I gleaned from staff retirement notices in the LT staff magazines in the 1960s.
Clive GThu 13/07/2017, 13:21
Southall (Bridge Road) Garage
Abellio lodged an application to use 5 Bridge Road, Southall as an operating base for 44 vehicles on 29/5/2017. The garage opened 29/7/2017
RayWed 31/05/2017, 20:06
Limehouse Sub-station
Photo at LTM 1998/34964
RayMon 06/03/2017, 14:13
High Barnet Station
High Barnet train crew depot opened January 2010
RayFri 13/05/2016, 12:23
Acton Tram Depot
This destination with the number 7 was on the blinds of the fourth Bombardier tram delivered to Croydon Tram Depot during the winter 1998/1999. It was to help promote Mayor Livingstone's dream of the West London Tram. How many single or double articulated trams could have been accommodated in the ex-LUT tram depot would have been interesting!
Colin WitheyWed 11/05/2016, 15:59
Arriva, Milton Keynes: Units 3-4, Arden Park, Old Wolverton Road, Old Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5RN
RaySat 03/10/2015, 16:25
Acton Town, Frank Pick House
From late August 2015 there is direct access from FPH to the lorry park so vehicles may appear to have jumped over the fence that was between the two points.
RayThu 10/09/2015, 18:36
Stratford City Bus Station
On about 26/03/2014 the allocation of red vans at Stratford was switched around. The Bus Operations vans moved from the original bus station to Stratford City bus station, the infrastructure vans going the other way.
Thomas YoungTue 09/06/2015, 12:08
There were three garages in Slough. SL - SLOUGH Langley Road (ex-LGOC then to LGCS) closed 2/8/1937. uncoded - SLOUGH Alpha Street, leased until 24/6/1937 and SU - SLOUGH, Bath Road (ex-Premier) which closed 15/12/1936.
RayMon 04/05/2015, 11:35
AQ code for Camden Town, Rochester Mews, NW1 (British Automobile Traction). Originally opened 30/11/1905 as a horse bus depot by the Associated Omnibus Co. Closed 16/9/1933
RayMon 04/05/2015, 11:28
The East Ham Corporation tramways depot was opened for services to start on 22nd June 1901. It was closed shortly after takeover by the LPTB and sited behind the Town Hall on Nelson Street. There had been some 'joint running' agreements with the L.C.C. prior to this.
RaySun 03/05/2015, 21:32
Acton Town, Hearne House
Hearne House is named after Martin Hearne, an LT/LUL engineer. It seems to contain the supporting offices to Maxwell house and Test House which are on the same site. Data recorded by the Track recording train is analysed here too and data from ordinary passenger trains fitted with track monitoring equipment. They seem to be quite a bunch of engineers that can sort out anything and can manufacture most things that are otherwise unobtainable. They also do some groovy stuff with a 3D printer. A very slick place and well worth a visit if they do any future tours.
DamonWed 29/04/2015, 20:29
Acton Town, Hearne House
During visits to this site at the recent Depot open weekend it was stated that Maxwell House gets its name from being a brown building like the instant coffee! We think this is a myth as LT had two Senior engineers with the name Maxwell. Maxwell House is home to the Electrical Equipment Testing and Development Section. Staff working there also undertake specialist repairs.
DamonWed 29/04/2015, 20:22
Lagoon Road Garage
Still vacant, with Metrobus names on fence. No evidence of Wrightbus occupation (yet)
RayMon 06/04/2015, 22:22
Stratford City Bus Station
On the north side of the railway, in front of Westfield. Either come out of the station that side or walk over the bridge from Stratford. Not to be confused with Stratford International Bus Station sited opposite Stratford International DLR station and just past the International railway station (which is round the corner from this site). Around August 2017 the Infrastructure vans moved to Picketts Lock
RayFri 06/03/2015, 20:14
Seven Sisters Offices
This code potentially covers two locations. A large newish building on Westerfield Road (close to the BR station) has a car park beneath but I have never noticed SVs there. The other building is 'Sarah House', older but modern offices at 214-218 High Road (Tottenham). This has a car park behind it where SVs have been seen, and they have also been seen parked on the pavement in front.
Thomas YoungWed 25/02/2015, 11:35
Lagoon Road Garage
Premises now used by WrightBus CustomCare
Thomas YoungTue 11/11/2014, 11:22
Barking (Wakering Road)
This yard was closed for renovation work, approximately 2 months, during summer 2014. More space was made by the removal of some of the buildings. The vehicles temporarily moved to Dagenham East.
RaySat 20/09/2014, 11:11
Stratford Bus Station
A new location code (SDC) has just been added for Stratford City Bus Station.
Thomas YoungFri 11/04/2014, 19:53
Baker Street Station
In terms of the LTSV database, the Selbie House offices off Allsop Place (at the back of Baker Street Station) have now been separated off into a new location (code BKO).
Thomas YoungFri 11/04/2014, 19:52
Regents Park Shelters Yard
'In their depot at Merton, Surrey, Charles Brand & Sons Ltd. have several hundred 2' 0'' gauge wagons. Most of these are normal V−tippers, but some are of a slightly less common type, the U−tipper. About thirty of these U−tippers are owned by the firm. They have a capacity of 20 cu. ft.and the design was produced by Robert Hudson Ltd. of Leeds, probably about 1930. The first examples were obtained by Brand in 1934, and have since been used on contracts all over the country'.( See also details on the work done at the West India Docks etc. by Charles Brand & Sons Ltd at
RaySat 15/03/2014, 11:38
Regents Park Shelters Yard
In 1962 Mitchell Construction acquired Kinnear Moodie, a leading tunneling business. BAM Nuttall Limited (formerly known as Edmund Nuttall Limited) is a construction and civil engineering company.The company built the Liver Building completed in 1911[4] and was later involved in projects to build the Queensway Tunnel under the Mersey completed in 1932, the Dartford Tunnel completed in 1963, the Tyne Tunnel completed in 1967, the Kingsway Tunnel completed in 1971, the Medway Tunnel completed in 1998, High Speed 1 completed in 2007 and the Cambridgeshire Guided Bus-way completed in 2011. Nuttall's were also involved in several projects for the 2012 Summer Olympics including, soil remediation and civil works in the South of the Park. Presumably Cochrane was also a major builder. Vehicles were used by these contractors but allocated to LT garages for maintenance etc. purposes.
RayFri 14/03/2014, 18:45
Regents Park Shelters Yard
Details of the Camden Town shelter (and links to others) can be found at Details of another tunnel at Chalk Farm (although this may not be connected to this location) can be found at
RayWed 12/03/2014, 08:11
Silwood Depot
A depot is to be built in the triangle between the LOROL tracks leading to New Cross and those to Clapham Junction (the third side being the Network Rail London Bridge-Greenwich viaduct) with access from Landmann Way. At present, only sidings are being laid, with the buildings yet to follow. Landmann Way is accessed from Surrey Canal Road, the opposite side of which (Juno Way) leads through an industrial estate which, at the far end, left, is the entrance to New Cross Gate Depot. If, however, you leave Landmann Way and turn right on Surrey Canal Road, by taking the next right (just under the Clapham Junction line bridge) the road leads to a footpath. By walking this path, alongside the line, one is taken to Oldfield Grove which is the 'East London Line Infrastructure Maintenance Facility' building. It is not known if this will close and move to Silwood Depot in due course.
RaySun 09/03/2014, 08:29
Parsons Green Works
A pencilled addition to the Variation Sheet for 25/10/1985 states that Parsons Green closed on this date and that all vehicles transferred to Chiswick.
Thomas YoungFri 28/02/2014, 01:16
Reigate Garage
The East Sureey garage at 75 Bell Street (since renumbered) and the East Surrey and later London Country offices were demolished in November 1987. This premises was in use from September 1912. The original premises (May 1911 - September 1912) used by East Surrey were those of local firm Tamplin and Makovski at 57 Bell Street (since renumbered 75 and still standing).
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 21:36
Twickenham Garage
Used as a store by London Underground after closure in 1970. Occupied by JVB coachpainters in 1991.
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 21:08
Norbiton Garage
Closed 6th September 1991
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 21:07
Colliers Wood Garage
Initially and outstation of Sutton it became an outstation of Merton from 23rd Febriaury 1991.
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 21:06
Stratford Garage
Opened on 26th September 1992
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 21:03
Central Works, Crawley
Opened in January 1976. The parts store for the body shop was initially located at Grays garage until relocated to a warehouse built at one end of new Crawley garage adjacent to the works which opened on 21st November 1982. The Crawley works premises became Gatwick Engineering Ltd. from 7th September 1986 although still under NBC ownership. Gatwick Enineering inherited a stores facility at Hertford Garage. There were also five service vehicles at Crawley, 41F, 47F, 63F, 67F and 68F plus 57F at Hertford amd 66F at Guildford. I believe gearbox overhauls were done at Guildford. The business and works was later sold to Frontsource who bought most of the other bus works around the country. Believed Kaputt by 1993 when Frontsource went bust?...and moved into property?
Note: Edited by Damon, 23/02/14, 22:57.
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 20:14
Finsbury Park Bus Station
Wells Terrace bus station opened on 12th April 1974.
DamonSun 23/02/2014, 20:09
Acton (LT Museum Depot)
The main site at Covent Garden was handed over to LT in January 1980. Official opening was on 28th March 1980 with public opening on 29th March 1980. I made my first visit soon after.
DamonSat 22/02/2014, 23:01
Hammersmith Trolleybus Depot
The last remains of the depot were demolished by 14/06/1980. The adjacent Cunard Hotel was then extended over the site.
DamonSat 22/02/2014, 22:59
Turnham Green Garage
By May 1980 this site was reported as being used to fit radios to newly-overhauled former London Contry RMLs. Site later used for converting DMs and DMSs to the D class with the flip-flappy things on the front.
DamonSat 22/02/2014, 22:57
New Cross Gate Depot
Sited on the west (up) East London line, the vehicles are to be found at the northernmost depot building (the one just prior to the Surrey Canal Road bridge).
RaySat 25/01/2014, 12:00
Chiswick (Stamford Brook) Garage
I was told last night that the Ballet Rambert (still based in Chiswick High Road) rented space in Chiswick Tram Depot during the British Airways era.
DamonFri 17/01/2014, 16:56
Chiswick (Stamford Brook) Garage
Post-War saw use for Trolleybus overhauls. It is also said that overhauls of smaller fleets such as the GS and RLH classes were dealt with here. In 1952 STLs were being reconditioned here for use in the last stages of the tram replacement which had been brought forward from October to July of 1952. From at least 1948 until 1963 the site is referred to by L.T. as ''Chiswick Coach Factory''. During 1958 Central Distribution Services (CDS) moved from Chiswick Works into the old traffic offices. Service vehicle maintenance workshops were also moved here from Nunhead in 1958 where they had been since Nunhead ceased bus operations in 1954. One source states that the premises were let for commercial use between 1963 and 1966 but this seems doubtful as L.T. always seemed to have some use for this site. From 20/7/1966 the BEA airport service fleet moved in having been displaced from the former tram and trolleybus depot at Hammersmith (HB). They stayed until 5/8/1978 when they moved out to Stonebridge (SE) where they stayed until the service was wound up after 31/3/1979. During 1978 builders Miller Buckley Construction moved in to begin turning Chiswick Tram Depot into Stamford Brook Bus Garage.
Note: Edited by Damon, 12/01/14, 22:33.
DamonSun 12/01/2014, 19:22
Dollis Hill Offices
NW Divisional Office (CRS) LT until 1961. West Divisional Office (CRS-operating) LT by 1961. ''C'' Divisional Office (CRS-engineering) LT by 1961-1976. West Divisional Office (engineering) LT by 1976. Divisional Welfare Office (NW) LT by 1974-1980. Watling District Offices (Buses) LT 1980-?
DamonSun 12/01/2014, 17:42
Dollis Hill Offices
Dollis Hill Offices, Edgware Road, Cricklewood, NW2 6JP
DamonSun 12/01/2014, 17:40
Dollis Hill Offices
Initially thought to be Dollis Hill Station, it is now believed that this name related to the offices at Cricklewood Bus Garage. For example, it was 'home' to trade plates for 'C' Division in the mid-1960s. As such the code has been changed from DHS to DHO
Thomas YoungSun 12/01/2014, 00:57
Chiswick (Stamford Brook) Garage
Pre-World War 2 and beginnings.
88 Chiswick High Road (later renumbered 72) started was an orchard before 1878 when the site was purchased by the Southall, Ealing and Shepherd's Bush Tram Railway Co. Ltd. who had been running trams along the Uxbridge Road since 1874. Opened as a three track shed and stables (170 horses) by the West Metropolitan Tramways Company (sucessor to S.E.& S.B.T.R.C.) at commencement of their operations on 24/6/1883.
Passed to the London United Tramways 19/7/1894. Four-track shed addded 1895/6. Rebuilt for electrification 1898/9 when the buildings we're all familiar with today were constructed. The L.U.T, had its head office here in buildings along the west side of the entrance from Chiswick High Road. The site also included a tram works in the North East corner accessed by a traverser from the back of the running shed. The works was requisitoned for war use (producing munitions) 07/1915 - 25/06/1918 during which time trams were sent to the M.E.T. Hendon works (site of Hendon tram shed/Colindale trolleybus depot) for attention instead.
Passed to the London County Council together with lines in the Borough of Hammersmith from 2/5/1922. The L.U.T. then rented car shed number two and the plus the workshops from the L.C.C. until 24/03/1932. Then passed to the newly formed London Passenger Transport Board from 1/7/1933. Ceased running trams from 5/5/1932 and used as a store for withdrawn trams.
Then ran motor bus route 30 from 17/7/1935 until 11/2/1936 while Chelverton Road (AF) was being rebuilt. Buses carried the code ''CK'' during this period.
Then ran trolleybuses for a few weeks in 1937 while Hammersmith Depot (HB) was being made ready. A simple loop of overhead was installed for this.
During World War 2 site was used for body overhauls as Chiswick Works was short of capacity because it was part of the aircraft production also going on at Aldenham at the time. This activity ceased here in October 1946 as Chiswick Works resumed full capacity. It is also reported that buses and bus bodies were stored here during the war years.
Note: Edited by Damon, 12/01/14, 19:27.
DamonSat 11/01/2014, 23:37
Croydon Food Production Centre
Opened 23/10/1950.
DamonMon 06/01/2014, 21:22
Victoria Coach Station Basement
L.R.T. took over Victoria Coach Station during May 1988. At the same time London Buses Ltd moved out of Broadway and other offices to concentrate on 172 Buckingham Palace Road. The transfer/sale included the British Airways-let premises across the road and former Samuelson's Eccleston Garage in use by Kentish Bus at the time.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:38
Buckingham Palace Road
L.R.T. took over Victoria Coach Station during May 1988. At the same time London Buses Ltd moved out of Broadway and other offices to concentrate on 172 Buckingham Palace Road. The transfer/sale included the British Airways-let premises across the road and former Samuelson's Eccleston Garage in use by Kentish Bus at the time.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:38
Orpington Garage
Moved from Unit 17 to Unit 5 in early 1988 and were already in Unit 20 by then (apparently).
Note: Edited by Damon, 06/01/14, 00:13.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:33
Kingston Cromwell Road Bus Stn
The other bus station in Fairfield Road opened on 9/1/1988 although was used by Northbound route 71 from 12/12/1987. Built on the site of a cattle market.
Note: Edited by Damon, 29/01/14, 00:56.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:32
Walthamstow Bus Station
The current bus station opened in October 1987.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:30
Effra Road, Brixton
Gibson Ticket machine servicing moved here from Old kent Road in 1957 apparently. There were 17,000 Gibsons in use with London Transport.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:28
Aldenham Works
Closure came on 15th November 1986 under the ownership of London Regional Transport. Most work was transferred to a re-organised and scaled down Chiswick Works including the production of bus blinds. The works complex was demolished during 1996.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:16
Aldenham Works
Aldenham Bus Overhaul Works
A decision was later made to turn Aldenham into the major bus works we now remember and work started in 1952 being largely complete in 1955 with an official opeening in 1956. The opening of the new Aldenham works went hand in hand with a major re-orgaisation at Chiswick as the two sites now had their own roles.
The new works was an enormous place with the long ''High Bay'' as it was known being some 300 yards long and about 50 feet high alllowing bus bodies to be lifted and moved around high up in the air. The site never reached its full capacity because London's bus services went into decline shortly after it opened. During 1964(?) about a third of the rear of the site was leased to Leyland Vehicles and became a spares and service depot for both Leyland and AEC.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:07
Aldenham Works
Initital Post-war use
Aldenham did not actually pass into L.T.B. ownership until 28/04/1948. It was however used to store new RT chassis awaiting bodying from July 1947. It was first used for bus repair from 24/03/1948 (date the first buses arrived) and accident repairs were transferred to Aldenham followed by overhaul of Lowbridge buses and then the TF class. Then the overhauls of the service fleet were taken over followed by acceptance, preparation and licensing of new buses (and service vehicles?). After that fare tables, blinds and ancilliary equipmmnt were produced at Aldenham. Also from 1948 the SRT conversion programme was started there but this ended in 1950. It was further adapted for bus use during 1949 which was still before the decision was made to abandon the Northern Line extension and Aldenham's original intended purpose. Once the abandonment decision was made in late 1949 there was doubt as to whether the new Green Belt legislation would allow Aldenham to have a permanent industrial use. During 1950 RT overhauls were begun at Aldenham.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 20:01
After the end of its war use in 1945 Aldenham was first adapted for bus use in 1949. This actually just BEFORE the decision was made to abandon the Bushey extension of the Northern Line. From what I can tell it then became the receiving point for all new road vehicles.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 19:51
From about 1960 'Works' started appearing on LT documents as a location for vehicle movements. It is thought to refer to Aldenham but until this can be proven, the allocations are being entered as they appear in the documents.
Thomas YoungSun 05/01/2014, 19:31
Aldenham Works
Construction and war use
Construction of the Aldenham Depot for the Northern Line Extensions of the Underground was started during 1939 and continued into 1940. The outbreak of war in 1939 then lead to the postponement of the extensions.
De Havilland then began preparing the almost completed cleaning shed for the production of fuselage sections for their Mosquito aircraft. It was then decided to complete the maintenance shed for partial use by the London Aircraft Production Group to produce components for the Handley Page Halifax bomber. These components were then built into complete aircraft at the nearby Leavesden Airfield in Watford. The L.A.P.G. was a consortium of the L.P.T.B and London based companies Duple Bodies and Motors of Hendon, Express Motors and Body Works of Enfield, Park Royal Coachworks, and Chrysler Motors of Kew.
Later on Napiers Limited of Acton moved into the remaining part of the maintenance shed where they carried out work on their Sabre engines.
All works on the site ceased during 1945 with the site vacated by the Autumn. We have this war use to thank for the buildings being completed as they were. Apparently bricks bought for the railway viaducts were used to construct some of the buildings at Aldenham.
DamonSun 05/01/2014, 18:57
Bus Engineering Ltd
The company Bus Engineering Limited was initially set up by London Regional Transport in order to set up the activties at Chiswick Works and Aldenham Works for privatisation. Bus Engineering Limited sold by LRT to Frontsource 13/01/1988. Frontsource had already bought nine other bus engineering works at that stage. The sale included the ticket machine works at Effra Road which was closed. LRT sold the Chiswick Works site separately for redevelopment although BEL retained a lease on part of the site which was nearest to the Bollo Lane entrance which became the only entrance. Frontsource were in receivership by 1989 and in 1991 the company was sold to Bus Engineering Group. This also went into receivership and became B.E.L. (subtle difference in title with full stops). In 9/1989 B.E.L. relocated to a site at Salter Street at the end of Hythe Road off Scrubs Lane near Willesden Junction. By early 1993 the last remanant of the long established activities at both Chiswick and Aldenham finally shut down. R.I.P.
DamonFri 03/01/2014, 21:44
Rye Lane Garage
Started life as a horse tram depot with the London Tramways Company 29/1/1872. Passed to the London County Council Tramways from 1/1/1899. Running electric trams from 24/1/1904 until 1906 when it became a workshop and a garage for the road vehicle fleet (service vehicles). This was brief as the site was requistioned for war use from 1914 to 1919. After the war it was used a a permanent way depot and resumed its role as a road vehicle garage. In 1922 it was used to assemble E1 tramcars 1727-1776. After this it becaame a workshop for the L.C.C.'s electrical department. Under the L.P.T.B. the site was used as the main permanent way depot for the south division of the tramways. During 1950 the site was vacated for rebuilding into a bus garage and the permanent way depot took up temporary accomodation on a site in front of the bus garage in Bowles Road (P) until the end of London's tram in July 1952. Although it became a motor bus garage it was originally plannned for it to be Trolleybus Depot to replace Abbey Wood Tram Shed. After rebuilding the new bus garage opened 06/01/1952 and closed 22/03/1969. After closure the building survived intact for many years before eventaul demolition.
Note: Edited by Damon, 03/01/14, 21:30.
DamonFri 03/01/2014, 21:00
Amersham Garage
The original Amersham & District Motor Bus & Haulage Co. garage was next door and is still extant today. It was in operation from 17/07/1919 until 13/08/1935 when the new Amersham (sort of) replaced it. However the original garage remained in use with L.T. until the 1950's and the new garage was more of an add-on than a replecement. The new garage closed 02/12/1989 and was demolished and replaced by one of Mr Tesco's little shops. Amersham buses originally carried the logical code ''AM'' until confusion with Plumstead meant it was reversed to become ''MA''. It has been suggested that they simply turned the garage plates around at the time.
DamonFri 03/01/2014, 20:57
Amersham Garage
The Broadway, Amersham, Bucks.
DamonFri 03/01/2014, 20:48
Alperton Garage
Ealing Road, Alperton, Middx. HA0 4LL
DamonFri 03/01/2014, 20:47
Long Acre, Covent Garden
15/17 Long Acre WC2E 9LQ. Chief Electrical Engineer's Head Office by 1979-1985?? Underground Ticketing System Project LUL 1985-1989? This is the former Wadham's publishing Building. L.T. took a lease in 1978 with staff moving from leased offices at 263A Regent Street. It originally housed the Cable and Lighting department and HT Mains department brought together under a re-organisation. Later housed architects and Fire Engineers who moved over the road from 140 Long Acre. This location housed an underground garage with room for about a dozen vans but not tall enough for a Transit. It was occupied until 1994 when staff moved out to 30 South Collonade, Canary Wharf.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 22:17
Long Acre, Covent Garden
139 Long Acre, WC2E 9AD. Electrical Engineer's New Works Office by 1966. Electrical Engineer's Substation Offices by 1966. Power and Electrical Engineering Offices LT by 1991-1996. Power Supply Divison Offices LRT by 1997. This is the site of a traction sub-station for the Underground built in 1934-37 and progressively the Electrical Control Rooms for the entire Underground. Between 1990-1998 offoce space was occupied by electrical engineering staff and management. 1998 saw the start of the PFI contract. The complex also includes Stringfellows and The Sussex pub. The loading bay on St Martin's Lane was often home to a service vehicle for many years.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:53
Southampton Row, Holborn
I'm told this is known as Baptist Church House.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:36
Pelham Street, South Kensington
Griffin Rooms, 49 Pelham Street, SW7 2NJ. LT (South Kensington) (Dining) Club Ltd. Pretsige Project LRT by 1998. Piccadilly Line Offices by 1994-1997.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:33
Mansion House
Mansion House Station Chambers, 38 Cannon Street, EC2 6JD. Central Division Offices (operating) - Central Buses by 1964-1979. Police Information Room (sub-divsion) by 1986-1989.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:25
Dollis Hill Offices
Offices at Cricklewood Garage (W) have housed many functions over many years and are usually referred to as Dollis Hill. The garage has also been referred to as Dollis Hill. I wonder if the two locations get confused sometimes? One to be careful of.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:20
Clapham Garage
Museum of British Transport 1961 to 1973.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:15
Aldgate Bus Station
Until a rebuild in 1938 this was known as ''Aldgate lay-by''.
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 18:05
Acton Town, Frank Pick House
Frank Pick House, Bollo Lane, Acton, W3 8RP
DamonWed 01/01/2014, 01:43
Alperton Garage
Opened 7/6/1939 this is the only Central Area garage opened by the London Passenger Transport Board that still survives. It was extended during 1978 into an dajacent building previously used by the Lifts & Escalators Department who moved out to a part of Poplar Garage (PR) and to Leicester Square.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 16:08
Acton Tram Depot
There was a bus garage not very far down the road on the site currently occupied by the Police Station. The L.G.O.C. garage was in Steyne Road and had the former horse bus code ''A'' until the re-coding of 1911 when it became ''E''. It was a motor bus garage from 19/2/1906 until 17/3/1915. Then 1918 to 30/5/1921 and again 5/7/1922 to 17/3/1925. It then bacame ''CA'' from 3/8/1923 until 30/4/1928 and housed the Cambrian fleet until 22/2/1926 which then moved to Southall (HW) but continued to carry the code ''CA''. Confused? So am I.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 15:54
Grays Garage
Buses from Argent Street (GA) used garage plates with ''GY'' on them that were painted red apparently.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 15:45
Poplar Garage
Lift & Escalators had a store here at one time having moved from their site at Alperton which was then used as an extension to Alperton garage (ON).
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 15:44
Poplar Garage
It appears that a horse bus stables of the London General Omnibus Company occupied a part of this site. Opened by 24/6/1874 with horse bus code ''S'' operating horses until 14/12/1906. Housed Clarkson Steam Buses from 22/10/1906 until 2/5/1907 and appears have re-opened 24/6/1907 to 11/1911. The code ''S'' was also used on the steam/motor buses. The London County Council opened an electric tram car shed here from 15/12/1906 using a site transferred from the education department. This was extended from the end of 1911, presumably onto the L.G.O.C. site. There was a large permanent way depot at the rear of the site which was later built over when the shed was extended to house Trolleybuses which ran from 9/6/1940. From 11/11/1959 Poplar became a bus garage running Routemasters. The garage finally closed 2/11/1985 and the building is still standing today. There have been mutterings about re-opening this huge garage but it remains closed.
Note: Edited by Damon, 31/12/13, 15:43.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 14:33
Manor House
North Metropolitan Tramways horse tram depot from 1899 then Metropolitan Electric Tramways Company 26/11/1902 until 21/7/1904. Permanent way department moved in during 1903 and used as a store for overhead electric equipment. Building maintenance department moved in during 1906 and single track into depot relaid as siding for ticket punch cars. North Met EPS moved in during 1909. Then used by MET and sister companies' traffic and engineering departments.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 14:14
Manor House
NE Divisional Offices (CRS) until 1961. East Divisional Offices (CRS-operating) by 1961. B'' Divisional Offices (CRS-engineering) by 1961-1976. East Divisional Offices (engineering) by 1976 Electrical Distribution Centre (Trolleybuses). LT (CRS) Employees' Friendly Society until 1962. Medical Centre by 1957?-1986? Electrical Equipment Engineer by 1966. Divisional Catering Office (East) by 1964. Divisional Welfare Office (NE) by 1974. Leaside District Offices (Buses) by 1980. Permanent Way Divisional Office by 1985-1987. Recruitment Centre by 1982???-1985. Registered Office, Leaside Bus Company Ltd by 1990, then moved out to Wood Green Garage during 1993.
Note: Edited by Damon, 05/01/14, 23:16.
DamonTue 31/12/2013, 14:01
Baker Street Station
200-202 Baker Street, NW1 5RZ. Lost Property Office.
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 13:07
Baker Street Station
Station Approach, Marylebone Road, NW1 5LD. Recruitment Centre LT by 1986. Now Wetherspoon's ''Metropolitan Bar''.
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 13:06
Baker Street Station
Baker Street, Selbie House offices, 13 Allsop Place, Baker Street, NW1 5LJ. LT Benevolent Fund by 1962-1982. LT CRS Employees Friendly Society by 1962-1982. LT CBC Employees Friendly Society by 1962. LT Railways Friendly Society by 1962-1982. Audit Office (External Audit) by 1972. Permanent Way Office by 1977-1983. Revenue Control LT by 1977. Medical Centre (HQ & NW divisional office) by 1985-1986. Police Information Room (North sub-division) by 1966-1970. Police Information Room (sub-division) by 1986.
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 13:04
Baker Street Station
210/212 Baker Street, NW1 5RT. Substation Centre by 1958-1965? Canteen Training Centre (Welfare) by 1957-1976. ''A'' Division offices - railways by 1961-1972. Divisional Offices - Met & Bakerloo by 1972-1989. Divisional Offices - Central Line by 1977-1989. Bakerloo Line Offices by 1990. Central Line Offices LUL by 1990-1991. Jubilee Line Offices LUL by 1990-1993. East London Line Offices LUL by 1992-1993. Metropolitan Line Offices LUL by 1990. Traffic Controllers (Central Line) LUL -1991. Underground Ticketing system Operations Command LUL by 1990. Computer Manager LT by 1965 - 1969. Computer Centre LT by 1970. Abbey District Offices (Buses) LT by 1980-1986. Traffic Controllers (Buses) LT 1979 -1985. Traffic Controllers(LBL)1985-?
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 13:01
Euston, Cobourg Street
''B'' Divsion Offices (railways) by 1969-1972. Traffic Controllers (railways) Victoria & Northern lines by 1969. Divisional Offices - Northern & Victoria by 1972-1989. Northern Line Offices by 1990-1992.
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 12:54
Euston, Cobourg Street
72 Euston Street NW1 2HA
DamonSun 29/12/2013, 12:53
Athol Street (Poplar) Garage
The 'Aberfeldy' canteen (a precursor of future canteens) was sited on East India Dock Road to the west of Aberfeldy Street and served crews from PR and terminating buses at Blackwall Tunnel. It did not last long, as buses terminating were reduced and use subsequently fell. It was abandoned and in ruins for some years before being demolished. Photos of the 'Aberfeldy' can be found in the LTM collection 1998/51903 1998/51899 1998/47608
RaySun 22/12/2013, 21:53
Athol Street (Poplar) Garage
This site started out in horse-drawn days. There was a tram depot for the North Metropolitan Tramways Co. 9/9/1872. Passed to the L.C.C. from 1/4/1906. Closed to trams 31/7/1909. The L.G.O.C. also had two yards at this site. From around 24/6/1866 to 8/12/1908 and another larger yard from 10/1877. Motor buses started from 1/7/1907. The garage originally had the code ''S'' which dated from horse bus days and was re-coded to the more familiar ''C'' in 1911. Finally closed 9/5/1961. A canteen was constructed in nearby Aberfeldy Street (so I'm told) as crews continued to take breaks at this location.
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 20:21
Aldenham Works
LT also had a hostel and a sports ground at Aldenham.
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 20:01
Aldenham Works
Elstree Hill South, Boreham Wood, Herts WD6 3BN
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:58
AEC Works, Southall
Windmill Lane, Southall, Middlesex
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:58
Acton Town, Bollo House
270/320 Bollo Lane, Acton W3 8QY. Chief Signal engineer's Office by 1965-1980. Office of Director of Signal Engineering 1981. Office of Director of Signal Engineering and Chief Electrical Engineer 1982. Office of Director of Signal and Electrical Engineering by 1983-1985. Principal Signal and Electrical Engineer 1986-????
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:57
Acton Works
123 Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8JR. Engineering Apprentice Training Centre by 1976.
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:55
Tower Hill Sub-station
Listed as Sub-Station 1982-1984. Then as Electrical Engineers department in 1985 but surely the same thing?
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:39
Heathrow Airport Station
Listed as ''Engineering works'' in 1984.
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 19:03
Hammersmith, Butterwick
Butterwick, W6 Works & Buildings Plumbers Section by 1966. 33 Hammersmith Broadway W6 8AB. Works & Buildings Western Area Office by 1978. Listed as Works & Buildings 1982-1985
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 18:59
Grays Inn Road
Listed as Publicity Department in 1982
DamonSun 22/12/2013, 18:58

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