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Just before Christmas 2020, three unmarked minibuses arrived at Metroline's Potters Bar Garage for use as crew ferries. They replaced the three cars that had been based here and were most likely as a temporary measure due to the COVID situation. KJ69BVH is a grey MB Vito, KN70SXP also a Vito but in black and MT19CZH a Ford Tourneo Custom in white. As they were still in use in late January 2021, I have added them to the database. A couple of LTI TX4 taxis have also been reported in use, borrowed from one of Comfort Delgros taxi firms.

Also in the far north, and also perhaps temporary, Waltham Cross Bus Station appears to have gained a 'permanent' allocation of IRU van 9092VW. This could be for 'social-distancing', by reducing the number of staff working in the Turnpike Lane office. I have shown it as a transfer, which has required the creation of a new allocation code of WXB.

Apart from a couple of withdrawals, the only other news concerns RATP. Renault Master R70030 appears to have replaced similar R70034 as the regular Hounslow (AV) engineers van. The garage in Epsom (EB) is due to close later this year, with routes transferring to other RATP garages (mainly Tolworth) or being reassigned to Go-Ahead London.

The LTSV 'community' has suffered a major loss with the news that Steve Howard died last week. Steve was involved with LTSV almost from the start, sending in information on service vehicles that he had seen. He liked to drive around central London at night, when the tube lines were closed and maintenance work was undertaken. Because of this he found many vehicles that nobody else had seen. I joined him for several of these night trips over the years, and we became good friends. I will greatly miss his regular contributions, his amazing attention to detail and his wry sense of humour.
The database has been brought up-to-date with a few additions and departures.
Another batch of 20 photos has just been added, most of which are from the 1980s with just a couple of recent views included. Not surprisingly, reports and photos are still very much down due to the COVID-19 lockdown. Happily I have been receiving yet more 'vintage' photos, so I am at no risk of running out of things to show. More soon. As for data, I have a couple of small updates to make to the database, and these will be done shortly. I seem to be spending most of my time tweaking the 'new' rail website.
The photos for 1st of February have been uploaded a couple of hours early! There are 20 in total, from five different decades and including some real gems.
Due to the latest 'lockdown' I have not been receiving much in the way of reports or photos. However, I have just updated the database and Fleet News with a few items. Photos will be added on Monday and will feature some brilliant new views from the 1970s and 1980s.
A batch of 20 photos has been just been uploaded. Most were received in the last few weeks but they cover a variety of periods and subjects. Fleet data will be updated soon.
There may be no updates this week either, though I have received very few photos or reports anyway. My new website was launched as planned on 1st January and I am still busy with testing and tweaking. If you are interested in UK trains, please take a look at