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Further to Monday's news item, a visitor to Twickenham yesterday found new Dacia cars numbered D75111/2/3/5 (D75114 was not seen), which had been delivered last week. He also found ten more Dacia cars that had only just arrived and were still in unmarked white. So it looks like the batch will total at least 24. Some of the earlier arrivals had recently departed, presumably to start work. I would guess that Hounslow Heath garage should be getting quite a few.
There are now four Renault Kangoo vans in TfL white/blue livery, electric 9114/9115R and diesel 9117/9118R. The gap in the numbers suggests that more may be on the way. Likewise for the RATP Dacia Sandero cars at Twickenham, with one numbered D75112 appearing in the background of a recently submitted photo. None of the Dacias has been reported in service yet.
Seen at Acton Works earlier in the week was a new Renault Kangoo van in TfL white/blue livery, the first to carry this. Numbered 9117R, it is not yet known which department it is for. Also seen were two former Elizabeth Line vehicles, now reliveried for LUL. This is presumably because the full fleet of Elizabeth Line vehicles will not be required until the line opens, and the opening date has been pushed back again. The vehicles noted were VW Transporter crew van 8643VW and Toyota Prius 8653T. Reports of any others would be welcomed.
The nice people at Acton have supplied another updated fleetlist, enabling us to catch up on recent deliveries. Only seven new vehicles had not already been seen, including 6 more Ford Transit dropsides (making a total of 20 of these in the last two months of 2019). Fleetnumbers are now known for a further 8 vehicles.

The number of Dacia Sandero cars for RATP-DEV has doubled, fleetnumbers D75101 to D75110 all now having been seen at Twickenham. This suggests to me that the cars are intended for use at various garages, presumably to start replacing the 19 remaining Ford Fiesta vans from 2012, or perhaps to replace some of the unmarked cars and vans operated over the past year. Observations (and photos) of the new cars would be welcomed.
A couple of bus company items to start the new year. Five new Dacia Sandero cars with RATP markings and fleetnumbers in the range D75101 to D75105 were found at Twickenham (NC) garage over the holiday. It is not yet clear if they are based here (in support of the Ealing 'Slide' minibus operation) or destined for elsewhere. At Arriva London's Palmers Green garage, a trio of new Citroen DS3 cars was seen. Although in unmarked white, it is assumed that these are new crew ferry cars for the runs to locations such as Edgware.

A bundle of new cars for RATP-DEV has been added to the database. They are logged under London United, although some may be destined for London Sovereign garages.
The database has been brought up to date. I have also been making more technical changes. Users should not notice anything different but, if you do, please let me know about it.
I have made some technical changes to the website today. These should be invisible but if you encounter anything odd or broken, please let me know.
The database has been brought up to date again, additions including some from the latest Acton Works list.
Happy New Year to all! I have updated the database with the latest additions, and have also cleared out a few vehicles that were withdrawn over the past couple of years.