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Further to the news story of 29/10/2017, ERU/Police Atego 2593 was seen entering Acton Works this week. It looks as though one or both of the Police-liveried pair were retained following their replacement by the new Volvos in February.
Recent additions have included a Nissan Leaf for LUL (LM67EYP, fleetnumber not yet known and the first of this type for a year), a VW Transporter minibus for TfL Private Hire (8599VW in white/blue/purple, presumably to replace elderly Ford/Ashwoods 6987F), more Renault Kangoos and also three more Ford Transit Connects for Metroline.
A new fleetlist was received from Acton Works recently. Deliveries of new vehicles seem to have stepped up a bit, but the types coming in are all quite familiar (primarily Ford Transits, Renault Kangoos, VW Caddys and Toyota Prius cars).
A batch of new Renault Kangoo vans was recently delivered, being seen at Acton Works during the week having livery and lettering applied. What sets these apart is their propulsion system. They are electrically powered but also have hydrogen 'range extenders'. The first seen outside was 8612R in full LUL livery, a photo of which will be added shortly. A couple more MAN lorries are expected soon, having been noted at the Bedfont dealership in unmarked white/blue livery. Surprisingly, both appear to be demountables. Perhaps they will be to replace long demountable Ivecos LK08LDV/Y. More Fords are also on the way, about a dozen in white/blue having been seen at Hartwells in Dunstable. These included a mixture of crew vans, dropsides, Custom vans and a Courier, all with LN67xxx registrations. Staying with dealerships, the two Police-liveried Mercedes Atego rescue tenders were seen at Bedfont during the week. The whole ERU fleet was replaced by the new Volvo tenders earlier this year. The eight Ategos in LUL livery, plus the two former BTP Ivecos were sold but the fates of the two police Ategos was not known. Any further reports of them would be welcomed.

Go-Ahead London has been taking a batch of Ford vans, a mixture of Transits and Customs. Three have been seen so far, all in unmarked red (with yellow 'safety' stripe). Also unmarked are some more Hyundai i10 cars for Arriva London, this time at Grays.

I was hoping to update the vehicle database with these and other recent changes over the weekend but I have run out of time. Maybe tomorrow...
More of the same as far as new deliveries go, with more VW Caddy vans, Toyota Prius cars and a few Fords arriving in recent weeks. There have also been a couple of Toyota Yaris cars for LUL and a new DAF LF dustcart, the latter being similar to earlier DS16YNU/YNV apart from having a full LUL livery application.

North Acton uniform store has been closed down. One of its two vans has been sold while the other is now at Acton Works (in the lorry yard with the facilities vans).

With the bus companies, Go-Ahead London has taken three new Mercedes minibuses for crew ferry work from River Road, these being in unmarked red. At the nearby Arriva garage, a new Hyundai i10 car has been seen with fleetnumber 218 on a paper in the windows. Across London, Garston has a couple of new Ford Focus cars, possibly only short-term. There may also be a pair of Ford Transit Connect MPVs, these noted at Watford Junction.
Lots more Toyota Prius cars have arrived recently for LUL, these taking most of the 85xx series numbers reported so far. The one at Hearne House (8567T) is unusual in being a Prius+, the first of this estate-like variant to be added. Other than these, recent deliveries have included the usual mix of Ford Transits, Volkswagens and Renault Kangoo vans. Despite various attempts, I have not yet been able to confirm the fleetnumbers on the new flatbed trailers at Acton. One appears to be T78, which would logically make the other T77, although it was still un-numbered when last noted. Reports (or ideally photographs) would be welcomed. Fleetnumber trouble has also affected at least one of the new Ford Transits, this carrying both 8439F and 8493F. We don't yet know which (if either!) is correct.

The London Transport Museum has acquired a fifteen-year old Fiat van with a curious van body featuring a floor that can be lowered for loading. It has been given fleetnumber LTM008, while LTM004 was noted recently applied to Optare Excel bus R197DDX. The missing numbers LTM005/6/7 are presumably on some of the other exhibition units and vans.

The Go-Ahead London tow-truck has surrendered its former Routemaster registration number, which it has carried since new in 2004. VLT46 is now on a private van, while the Volvo has become LN04CHL. In the run-up to publishing SUP24H, LOTS managed to obtain service vehicle lists from Abellio and Arriva Southern Counties. The former was useful in that it gave us all the missing fleetnumbers, but both lists presented problems with some of the older vehicles. Both companies showed a few vehicles as having being disposed of, either explicitly or by omission, but which are evidently still around. Ware garage in particular appears to have more 'dead' vehicles than live ones. There are also some vehicles listed as current which licensing data and/or a lack of sightings would suggest have actually gone. I have tried to take both the official information and reported observations into account when updating the database.
More Toyota Prius cars have been delivered, one (8567T) being an up-market model and a possible replacement for LT63WXS at Hearne House. The LT Museum has also gained LTM008, a Fiat Ducato (Numbers 004-007 as yet unknown). (R)
Two new MAN TGS26.420 tractor units were delivered to Acton today. Otherwise it seems that mainly Fords keep flooding in, both the Custom and Mk.8 types which are becoming more widely available and are taking some of the low 8xxx numbers which, to date, have been vacant. (R)
Toyota Prius deliveries continue with the highest numbered being 8536T. A number of new Fords have also arrived, together with at least one Renault Kangoo and a VW Transporter minibus. Four of the Fiat Doblo mail vans have been disposed of (replacements being VW Caddy vans) with two currently remaining in stock. Details will be added to the database shortly, possibly with some photos taken inside Acton Works. (R)
Quite a lot of newly delivered vehicles in LUL livery have been seen over the past few weeks. These have included at least six Toyota Prius cars (following from pioneer 8433T in March) and also six VW Caddy Maxi vans. The latter may be for use as mail vans since five of the six Fiat Doblo Maxi vans were seen leaving Acton Works recently. There are three new three-axle trailers at Acton, all built by Dennison. A curtainsider was new in the spring, while two flatbeds seems to be more recent arrivals. The two flatbeds have different designs of headboard but none of the three appear to carry fleetnumbers. Trailers (and bodies) have not been included on the last few official lists so I am sure our information is out of date. I have just marked as withdrawn several items that have not been reported for a long time. Having said that, I noticed that one of the Cobul box trailers (latterly at Lillie Bridge) is now in the lorry yard at Acton. Nearby is an unidentified box demountable body, resting on the ground (not on its legs) and in use as an electrical waste store. Also unidentified are an LUL Mercedes Sprinter van and Ford Transit Custom van, both parked at the back of the lorry yard with accident damage.
Caddy vans continue to arrive for LUL while another two LUL Prius (one being 8490T - the highest number so far) were in the car park today. Also delivered today were two new Ford Focus cars so perhaps the xx13 reg batch are on their way. (R)
A couple of items from the latest fleetlist. As mentioned by Ray, 8232 is a new Mercedes-Sprinter cherry-picker, seen at Mandela Way and hence most likely a replacement for LBSL Ford Transit 6794F. The fleetlist also shows two more (longer) Sprinter chassis cabs (8185M and 8219M, not yet on the database) but there is no information on what is on them or who uses them.

The three Vauxhall Movano minibuses are numbered 8302V to 8304V, the LUL Toyota Prius is 8433T, while a single Smart car is 8349SM. By the way, the list omitted suffix letters so I can't be sure these are carried on the vehicles in question. LBSL Toyota Yaris '8357T' at Turnpike Lane is meant to be 8416T!

Most fleetnumbers up to 8400 are now in use with just a few gaps, while 8435R is the highest in stock.
Eagle-eyed readers would have noticed that three of the Passenger Data minibuses have passed through BCA recently. It would seem the replacements are KU17WFL, WFO and WFS (the last to be confirmed, as are numbers for all three). Although 6794F was still at Mandela Way today, a possible replacement has arrived in the shape of 8232 ('M' not carried, despite being a Mercedes Sprinter). This is in the blue TfL livery and probably part of the Asset Management Unit. (R)
Little to report: more Arriva cars/vans noted at Norwood and confirmation of the Nissan van noted at Ash Grove being with C.T. Plus (R)
LBSL has at least one new minibus, seen at Chancel Street and presumably for the passenger data fleet. KU17WFO is a Vauxhall Movano in white/blue/red with Buses roundels (as per the recent Toyota Yaris cars), fleetnumber not yet known. Similar KU17WFS was seen near Acton Works in plain white/blue a few weeks ago so may be a second.
Thanks to various vehicle auction companies listing sale items on their websites, we now know that most of the former Emergency Response Unit fleet has been disposed of. Eight of the ten Mercedes-Benz Atego tenders passed through Mannheim Auctions in Coventry earlier this month, as did the two former-BTP Iveco Daily units (KE05JLV and KE05JLX). The fates of Ategos 2592 and 2593 (the pair that carried police livery) are not yet confirmed. A couple of Ford Focus cars from the batch 7691F to 7696F have also departed, slightly earlier than expected. BCA continues to handle most of the vehicles going off lease, and sells them on at their sites in Blackbushe, Birmingham and Derby.

I visited the Ash Grove garage open day yesterday and saw the new LOTS van, now bearing its number 7478F (pictures coming soon). Lurking at the back of the garage was previously unreported Arriva London van WR15VTU. Howvere, looking at photos there was also a red Nissan parked nearby, registered ????HXY. Did anyone see if this was a company vehicle (likely CT Plus if anything)?
The usual new vehicles are still arriving with VW Caddy and Ford Fiesta being prominent. A couple of strangers have been one LUL Toyota Prius and a (possible - awaiting confirmation) new LUL Smart car. (R)
Another week, another dustcart! A seventh new Mercedes Econic refuse collector has been added to the Acton fleet, this being another 2-axle version with NTM bodywork (WO66HFM). Also new are the first SVs in use with 17 registrations. The first of several VW Caddy Maxi crew vans for LUL are 8306VW and 8322VW, while 8324F is a Ford Focus estate, a model not taken for the past three years. Also in LUL livery was a Ford Transit van (LN17JGV), the fleetnumber of which was not recorded.
Two slightly odd bits of news today. Firstly, I have discovered that at least some of the new ERU rescue tenders have interchangeable liveries! See today's photos for more details. Secondly, the fifth Toyota Yaris for LBSL (LO66YSV) has turned up at Turnpike Lane and is numbered 8357T. Fine, apart from the fact that 8357R appeared in January on a Renault Kangoo van...
More news! A sixth Econic dustcart has been seen (3-axle WO66HHS), along with a fifth Toyota Yaris car in LBSL white/blue/red livery (LO66YSV, fleetnumber not yet known). Also added to the database are the first two 17-reg vehicles, both being Volkswagens seen at the dealers.
Two rather surprising bits of news this week. Firstly, another pair of Econic dustcarts have been delivered for LUL. WO66HFL is 2-axle, WO66HHT is 3-axle, and they appear to have a different make of bodywork to the trio delivered at the beginning of the year. I presume most of the existing fleet of dustcarts are being replaced. Secondly, a batch of four Toyota Yaris cars has been delivered to replace the un-numbered LBSL Ford Fiesta and Toyota Prius cars in south London (split between Morden/Kingston and Eltham). The new cars are numbered (8418T to 8420T noted so far) and carry the white/blue livery with red Buses roundels. Oddly, but somehow logically, they also have a red stripe, making them look very much like LUL vehicles.

The new ERU trucks are now entering service. I wonder what will happen to the old Mercedes Ategos, since there is probably not much of a second-hand market for fire/rescue tenders. I have photos covering most of the recent developments and I hope to make a start on publishing some at the weekend. I will also update the vehicle database, although Ray and now Steve are doing a great job at this so far.
New MAN lorry LV66XYD is confirmed as being a demountable. It was seen in the yard at Acton Works with dropside body DB10 fitted.
Most of the new batch of Emergency Response Unit tenders were seen at Acton Works today, and I've added an initial photo with more to come. As expected, the tenders are Volvo FL lorries with JDC bodywork. What was not expected was the re-appearance of fleetnumbers, the batch being numbered 2603 to 2612. The reasoning behind this is not known, although I think I know why the number 2603 has seemingly been reused. WX57NPV was a Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit new in January 2008 and carrying fleetnumber 2603. However, official fleetlists referred to it only by registration number, as was the case for subsequent additions. I guess the decision to stop applying fleetnumbers was made at the beginning of 2008 and that 2603 was allocated to WX57NPV and then cancelled but had already been applied to the vehicle. When I add the new tenders to the database I will probably have to move WX57NPV to the un-numbered series.
Lots of Volkswagens are coming into stock at present, mainly Caddy Maxi crew vans but also a few Transporter crew vans and minibuses. A couple of new Renault Kangoo vans have also been reported (8344R and 8348R).
News today is all about the 'heavy' fleet. New MAN lorry LV66XYC is now in use from Acton Works in LUL white/blue/red and it appears to be a fixed (ie not demountable) flatbed. No further reports of LV66XYD yet. Three new Mercedes Econic dustcarts have been delivered in LUL livery. 2-axle LO66ZRE was illustrated last week and has now been joined by 3-axle LO66ZRC and LO66ZRD. A fourth Econic dustcart (HX16FYP) is in white with roundels but most likely to be a short-term hire. Finally, the first pair of new ERU tenders are now at Acton but no details are available yet.

I haven't had time to finish updating the database yet (mainly with withdrawals), nor to prepare any new photographs. Sorry.
With thanks to Ray and Steve for their help, I think I have now got all the key information from the latest fleetlist into the database. This comprises previously un-reported vehicles, and the fleetnumbers for vehicles reported without them. The list did not include operator or livery details and these are marked as unknown in the database, pending visual confirmation. The majority are likely to be in LUL white/blue/red livery of course.

Outstanding tasks are to mark-up the vehicles that have left the fleet recently, and to improve/standardise the vehicle descriptions.

Today's updates take the number of vehicles in the main database past the 13,000 mark!
Working my way through the backlog of recent photos, I have just uploaded another batch of 15.
I once again find myself in the happy position of having a large backlog of photos to publish. Rather than try and do one huge batch I am splitting them up into smaller groups, which will be added over the next few weeks. I have started with a set of five, selected for their curiosity rather than their topicality.
The withdrawals and other updates are now on.
The new vehicles mentioned in fleet news a couple of days ago have all been added to the database. Also added are a few bus company vehicles from the early 1990s that were discovered in photos on Flickr! I will try and do the rest of the updates (including numerous withdrawals) tomorrow.
I have added a fleet news item covering some recent developments but these are not all in the vehicle database yet.
Fifteen new photos have just been uploaded. I will bring the database up to date later today.
The vehicle database should now be fully up to date. Rather annoyingly, SUP24H is already out of date even though it will not be available for a couple of weeks. You still have to buy a copy though!
I'm back! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. At the end of July and start of August I tried to get back into the habit of adding smaller batches of photographs on a more regular basis. However, three things took priority for the next few weeks. Firstly, as Ray mentioned, I have been finishing off a new service vehicle fleetlist book for LOTS. Although not officially announced yet (and indeed not yet sent to the printers) it should be available in the second-half of October for just four quid. Please buy a copy. If you don't I will be coming round to ask why not....!

Then my computer (or more specifically my Windows) broke, ironically on the day I was scheduled to do a major back-up. I was able to get it working again but I had to wipe the hard-drive and it has taken ages getting all the software, settings and files back the way I want them. I thought I might have some problems as my local server was now running different software to my web host's but I have just been able to upload some photos so everything seems to be OK. The third distraction was a series of job interviews, which went surprisingly well.

Anyway, the nineteen photos just published cover some of the more interesting recent developments. They did all seem to require lengthy captions so there is plenty to read. I updated most of the vehicle database a couple of days ago, although there are still a few items outstanding. I will also provide a Fleet News overview update in the next day or two.
Tom has been busy preparing a new S.V. fleet book for LOTS recently which has delayed some updates. However, a computer problem last Friday has knocked some of his equipment out of whack. Any items for the website can be copied to Steve or myself, please. (R)
Here come another ten photos!
Another small batch of ten photos has just been added.
I am nibbling away at the backlog of photos, although a visit to Acton Works on Thursday has pushed up the quantity still awaiting publication. The ten photos just added were all taken on that visit. The vehicle database has also been updated.
Another ten photos are now online, with lots more to come.
I have made a start on catching up with recent developments, adding the first ten photos and a load of database updates.
I'm sorry about the spurious item that appeared under fleet news yesterday. There was a security breach, so to speak, although fortunately there was no other damage done. Quite by chance I have today activated SSL on the LTSV.COM domain. You can now access this website through, which should stop any messages about insecure log-ins. Please let me know if you come across anything unexpected as a result of either of these events.

I should also apologise for the lack of updates recently. There is not much going on, or at least not much being reported to me, and I am also going to busy with other things for at least another week or so.
A big thank you to Ray who has managed to get hold of a new central fleetlist. I've added most of the new vehicles (39 so far with a few more yet to do) and there are of course loads of vehicles for which we now know the numbers. Once I have finished the updates I will provide some analysis. And catch up with the withdrawals that Ray has traced through the auctions. And add some of Ray's photographs.....!
A set of thirty new photos has just been uploaded. Sorry for the delay. I started work on them in early April but only managed to write the last few captions last night!
Just some admin messages today, although I am in the process of preparing a large batch of photos.

Firstly, two things about e-mails. I had a few days away earlier in the month and I have hardly been able to catch up since. Some e-mails may not have been responded to yet but I will get round to them all eventually. Secondly, and slightly contradictory to the previous, I have been made aware that some e-mails sent to me are not being received. If a reply is expected and you do not get one within a week or so, it might be safest to assume that I did not receive it. In such cases, please send the e-mail again, as I would rather get something twice than not at all.

Users logging-in to LTSV using the latest version of Mozilla will have noticed a new warning about the website being unsecure. There is a drive to get websites moved to secure connections (indicated by a https prefix to the URL), especially ones which may transmit personal information. My web hosting company (who have just hiked up their prices yet again) can probably provide the required secure connections and looking into this is on my to-do list! If you have any problems, concerns or suggestions about this, please e-mail me at tom 'at'

Finally, many thanks to Ray and Steve for helping keep LTSV up to date, particularly with the new vehicles.
Tom has not managed to give an update lately, in fact he is now away for most of this week. He intends to add some photos and rectify the mess Steve and I have made next weekend. (R)
Another twenty photos are now available to view. They include the first four from a small collection of 1960s photos recently made available, and the first views of the new Emergency Response Unit tenders in service. The vehicle database has also been updated with withdrawals and a few corrections.
Twenty new photos have been uploaded, these covering the new ERU rescue tenders, the LBSL Toyota Yaris cars and various other recent additions. I still have stacks of excellent photos to put up when I get time. With the help of Ray and Steve, the database has been updated with all the reported deliveries. I will have a look at the withdrawals and other changes shortly.
Good and bad news today. The bad news is that there will be a delay to the next batch of photos (which will include more views of the new ERUs). I am having to do quite a bit of overtime at work at present and my free-time is thus minimal. I have no shortage of material though, especially as another CD from Derek arrived yesterday with over 200 recent SV photos on it. The good news is that the fleetdata will be kept up to date since Ray has kindly agreed to take on more of an editorial role. He has been doing lots of historical data inputting lately, but now I have given him rights to add and edit current vehicles as well. Two arisings from this. Firstly, please bear in mind that the back-end of LTSV is bit arcane and un-user-friendly. While Ray gets to grips with this, some items may appear differently to the 'norm'. Feel free to let me know if you spot anything really odd. Secondly, if you are e-mailing news about current vehicles, please copy Ray in. Let me know if you don't have his e-mail address.
One photo of the new ERU tenders has been added. More soon.
Another ten photos have been added, nine of which are of recent deliveries. A few database updates are needed but will have to be done another day.
The vehicle database has been brought up to date.
Four more sets of Vehicle Record Cards have just been uploaded to the archive, these covering vehicles numbered from 151D to 350X. To access and download these PDFs, head to the Articles page, or click here.
A batch of 11 photos has just been uploaded, including four of model service vehicles. The database will be updated before the end of the weekend.