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Recent deliveries have included at least five Ford Transit dropside trucks. Those seen with numbers were spread across the range 8788F to 8989F, suggesting they have been on order for a while. Yet another batch of Volkswagen Caddy Maxi crew vans is being prepared at the Bedfont dealership. Seven have been noted in white/blue so far (all in RK69TW- series), with more likely to follow. Also at Bedfont are quite a few VW Crafter vans in plain white with RE69N-- registrations, some of which have been given light-bars. It is possible that these are the first of the next generation of Incident Response Unit vans for LBSL. We will keep an eye on them!
Other additions to the database are 7 vehicles for Ensignbus. These were from a list on the internet so the livery details are not confirmed. Sightings of any of these (or of any remaining earlier Ensignbus vehicles) would be welcomed.
Only a couple of central fleet additions to report recently, all being Volkswagen Caddy Maxis or Transporters. It looks like a lot of vehicles are still on order though, as the latest Transporter minibus was given the fleetnumber 9105VW, most other recent additions still being in the 89xx range.

At the bus companies, quite a lot of crew ferry additions have been reported. Most were unmarked cars, which I have to be careful about publishing details of, as there is a possibility they may be owned by members of staff. A much safer addition is a former bus, Metroline Enviro 200 DES799 now being used as a crew rest room at East Acton.

Potentially bad news for SV watchers is that TfL is consulting over the future of its premises on Bollo Lane. The site being considered runs from Acton Town station all the way down to the first level crossing. If the proposal to turn all of this over to new-build homes comes about it will mean the loss of the Acton Works car park, lorry yard, Frank Pick House and Bollo House, as well as Smallbills garage. The main vehicle entrance to Acton Works will also most likely be moved elsewhere. For more details, take a look at, including the PDF exhibition boards.
Not really fleet news but formal 'congratulations' are sent to Distribution Services on achieving 70 years service from 1949 to 2019. (R)
Not very much to report from the last fortnight. Apart from a few more Volkswagen Caddy vans and one Transporter minibus, the only central fleet addition reported was a Ford Ranger (LR69LUH, fleetnumber not yet known). A small contingent of these 4x4 pick-ups has been a common (but not continuous) feature of the central fleet since 1999.
Another three Prius cars arrived during the past week, all now in LUL livery along with two of the previous four. I make that 11 Prius additions in as many days.

The final car in TfL Streets white/orange livery (Prius LS13EVV) has been tracked down to a new base at Naval Row, Blackwall (right beside the north portals of the tunnel, our code BNR). It may well have been at this London Highways Alliance depot since new. Talking of LHA, I have added three other locations which have (or have had) SV allocations. The one near Morden Wharf garage I have called North Greenwich Highways Alliance (code NGA). Picketts Lock Highways Alliance is PLA and Harlesden Highways Alliance is HNA. TfL Streets car LL14 VKU is at NGA. I haven't allocated anything to the other two yet, though unidentified examples of the former LBSL Infrastructure VW Caddy vans (7890VW to 7902VW) are known to have been based there for a while before disposal at the start of this year.

Three locations appear to have closed fairly recently. Orpington Station and Uxbridge Station were used by bus infrastructure, and the allocations presumably moved to Highways Alliance bases. Seven Sisters offices have not had any vehicles present recently, the normal allocation having moved to Northumberland Park Depot.
Another four Toyota Prius cars have been delivered to Acton Works, noted today still in unmarked white/blue.
More new vehicles seen at Acton Works today included two Ford Transit dropside trucks (8760F and 8789F), a trio of Transit Custom vans (8876F to 8878F) and, slightly surprisingly, four Toyota Prius cars (8888T to 8891T). All of these were in LUL livery, as was a further VW Caddy Maxi crew van with fleetnumber 9007VW. One other addition is 8995VW, a VW Caddy van in Trams white/blue/green.
Additions to the central fleet have continued at a healthy rate, most of those in the past month being Volkswagens. Along with yet more Caddy Maxi crew vans were a small batch of plain Caddy Maxi vans and seven Transporter minibuses. Of the latter, two were delivered in plain white and are believed to be operating in that state. Numbered (on paper) as 8932VW and 8933VW, they follow on from a pair of plain white Caddy Maxi crew vans new a couple of months ago (8930VW and 8931VW). One unusual addition was 8807R, a Renault Trafic minibus in LUL livery, the only non-Kangoo Renault for the central fleet in the past four years.

A few more MB Vito minibuses and Ford Transit Custom engineers vans have been reported with Go-Ahead London, while Metroline has taken a few new Transit Connect vans. Major news is the delivery of some new vans to Abellio, this company almost exclusively using second-hand vehicles in the past. Two white Citroen Dispatch vans have been reported so far, one at each of Walworth and Battersea. These, along with an almost-new van at Southall, have started a new fleetnumbering block from 6900 upwards.
Not really news, more queries and speculation! Firstly, I have visited the new Abellio garage in Southall (GW). A bundle of SVs were found there but quite a few had come from other Abellio garages (rather than the 'old' Southall garage, AB, now closed). As such, there are still seven SVs listed as being at AB. Reports of any of these would be welcomed. Also seen at GW was an elderly Ford Fiesta van in unmarked white (NH06AEX). Not sure whether this is a company vehicle.

Staying with locations, I want to have a clear-out of places that no longer regularly host SVs. Candidates are Orpington Bus Station (ORB) and Uxbridge Station (UXS)(both former LBSL Infrastructure bases), Broadway (BDY), Buckhurst Hill Station (BHS), Chalk Farm Station (CFS), Ealing Common Station (ECS), Elephant and Castle Station (ETS), Farringdon Station (FNS), Golders Green Bus Station (GGB), Golders Green Depot (GGD), Greenford Station (GFS), Hammersmith Bus Station (HMB), Hatton Cross Bus Station (HXB), Heathrow Airport Station (HRA), Holloway Road Station (HRS), Lewisham Bus Station (LWB), Liverpool Street Bus Station (LSB), London Bridge Bus Station (LBB), Morden Bus Station (MDB), Morden Deepot (MDD), North Crescent West Ham (NCR), North Greenwich Bus Station (NGB), Northwood Station (NWS), Oval Station (OVS), Pinner Station (PNS), Preston Road Station (PRS), Queens Park Station (QPS), Rayners Lane Station (RLS), St Mary Cray Offices (SMC), Seven Sisters (SSS), Templar House Holborn (TPH), Vauxhall Bus Station (VXB), Victoria Bus Station (VCB), West Croydon Bus Station (WCB), Willesden Green Station (WGS) and Woodford Station (WFS). 'Closing' these locations would not mean they are no longer there, just that no SVs are kept there. You will still be able to log sightings at them if required. If anyone has any comments or additions to this list, please get in touch.

Silwood Depot was going to be included, but a London Overground Toyota Yaris (possibly 9006T) has been there recently. Talking of liveries, I went past Acton Works lorry yard yesterday, and as far as I could see, all the lorries now carried LUL/TfL markings, some on the former Tube Lines white/blue livery. The LTSV database still has the following as being in Tube Lines livery: LK08BHW, WX08KUW, LK58HKN and WN12NDV. Can anyone confirm if these now have LUL/TfL logos?
Go-Ahead seem to be replacing many, if not all, of their vans. Since Tom's notes below, two further Ford Transit Custom examples have been seen at Bexleyheath (EF19HFT) and Merton (EF19HFP) although the allocations are not confirmed. No further LOROL vehicles have been reported, 9006T remaining at Acton for the moment. No older vehicles remained in this livery thus it is a surprise to find it back again. (R)
After the last site news update we have arranged for Tom to go off with men in white/blue/red coats for a few days. However his departure has caused a problem as the first 9000+ vehicle (LOROL Toyota Yaris 9006T - LO19YUS) was in the car park at Acton today. Also some more Kangoos have arrived for LUL and 8830MIT remains at Acton. (R)
As predicted, deliveries of Ford Transits have picked up again, quite a few being noted at Acton Works. Fleetnumbers are in a range of blocks in the 87xx, 88xx and 89xx series. The Mitsubishi Outlander mentioned last time has now gained LUL livery complete with 'emergency' markings and 'Engineering Response Vehicle' lettering. It has also gained a fleetnumber (8830MIT), which I believe may be the first use of a 3-letter suffix. Previous Mitsubishis have had no suffix.
Other additions to the database are several 2-4 year old Vauxhall Corsas for Arriva London. It is not clear if these have been recently transferred in from elsewhere, or if they just avoided reporting due to their anonymous liveries!
No Kangoo additions to mention this week! There are likely to have been a few VW Caddy Maxis, but the rest is somewhat more interesting. First up was a Nissan Leaf electric car, to a markedly revised design compared to LUL's earlier examples. Then there was a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid. Not sure what these are classed as but I have logged it as an estate car. Photos of these two (still in unmarked white/blue) will probably be included in the next batch to be published.

More Ford Transit Courier vans for LUL have been noted (8768F and 8771F), while it looks as though deliveries of full-sized Ford Transits are now resuming. A dropside and several crew vans were seen at a dealership at the weekend, and some of these were at Acton early this week. The final addition today is a third new Ford Transit Custom van for Go-Ahead, likely to be based at either Sutton or Merton.
Making a change from all the Kangoo and Caddy vans, three Ford Transit Courier vans were delivered to Acton last week. These are now in LUL livery and known fleetnumbers are 8764F and 8765F. Looking at the available 'gaps' I wonder if there are to be ten of these, numbered 8764F to 8773F, to belatedly replace the ten similar vans that were allocated to Frank Pick House and recently disposed of (7964F to 7973F, a neat co-incidence!). There are still some other 87xx fleetnumbers yet to be reported, and lots of 88xxs. However, deliveries are now into the mid-89xxs. A new Renault Kangoo Maxi van at Griffith House carries 8985R, which might be incorrect. One other 'central fleet' van added to the database today is BN67FBG, an unmarked white Ford Transit van with Tramlink. Initially thought to be a hire when it was first noted in November 2017 (!), it has been reported several more times so I decided it should be added.

Wimbledon has come around again, and the Go-Ahead bus operation is being supported by two new Ford Transit Custom vans in unmarked red (with yellow safety stripe). Photos will be added shortly.
Deliveries over the past week have been mainly Renault Kangoo Maxi vans (plus a couple of the shorter Kangoo) for LUL, with at least 33 Manchester-registered examples having been added since April. Fleetnumbers have been spread scross the 88xx series and now into the 89xx range. As mentioned before, the large gaps in the recent fleetnumbers suggest that many more vehicles are on order. Perhaps a pair of Ford Transit dropside trucks are among them, since 7909F and 7910F at Frank Pick House have recently been replaced by two unmarked examples (MA18AEY and MA18AFN) in white with an orange stripe. These are presumed to be temporary hires. There are certainly a large quantity of VW Caddy Maxi crew vans sitting at the Bedfont dealership, although the majority are (as yet) in plain white.
Deliveries over the past two weeks appear to be mainly VW Caddy Maxi crew vans and Renault Kangoo Maxi vans. The former are registered in the RA19NVx range and, although three have been seen in LUL livery, fleetnumbers are not yet known. The Kangoos are registered in the MD19Cxx series with known numbers 8814R, 8815R, 8820R and 8821R (again for LUL).
Updating the news of two days ago, there are at least seven Yaris cars in the latest batch and the known numbers are 8893/95/96/97/98/99T. It seems likely that missing LO19YVD will be 8894T and that, as with the seven new in April, all will be in TfL white/blue livery.
A new fleetlist was received from our contacts at Acton Works this week. As usual, there were a few (well, 17) vehicles delivered over the past few months that had not yet been seen, though there were no surprises among the types (Ford Transit crew vans and dropsides, Ford Transit Custom vans, Renault Kangoo Maxi vans and one VW Caddy). Six of the seven Toyota Yaris cars delivered in April and given LUL white/blue/red livery have now been changed to TfL white/blue, with just 8842T yet to be reported. At least six more Yaris cars were delivered during the week, of which four are now in TfL white/blue. Reports of any of these 'in the wild' would be welcomed as I have no idea what role they are for. And we don't know their fleetnumbers!

Talking of fleetnumbers, getting an official list is always useful as it provides the details of vehicles for which the numbers were not yet known, or incorrectly applied. Of the latter, the Transit Custom van with duplicated number 8731F should be 8721F. The former have filled most of the gaps in the 86xx series and the 87xx series up to 8759. The highest number at present is 8882R, and there are no fewer than 74 gaps below this, presumably assigned to vehicles on order.

A small quantity of VW Caddy vans have been delivered recently, with many more still at the dealership. In an apparent change of policy, a couple have been delivered to Acton in plain white. These normally have the blue skirt applied before delivery. Strangely, at least four of the vans still at the dealership do have the blue skirt.

Updating the 17/05/2019 news, the new van at Stagecoach London's Catford garage does appear to have replaced MC16FGV. With the Go-Ahead Mercedes Vitos, no further RF19xxx examples have been reported, although RK68GVU from last year has been seen.
Recent deliveries to Acton have seen fleetnumbers reaching into the high 88xxs, with 8882R being a Renault Kangoo Maxi. There are still many 87xx numbers yet to be reported, so presumably there are still a lot of vehicles on order. Several of the VW Caddy vans seen at the dealership recently are now in service (eg 8864VW/8866VW/8867VW). However, something odd is happening with the batch of Toyota Yaris cars delivered in April (known fleetnumbers 8837T to 8842T). These were all given LUL livery shortly after arrival, but it appears that most have now lost their red stripes and had the lettering changed from LUL to TfL. Curious.

The first reported change to the lorry fleet in over a year sees the two long Iveco Stralis demountable lorries (LK08LDV/LDY) being sold through Manheim, together with their bodies DB22 and DB23. Might be worth keeping an eye on the yard at Acton in case any replacements are bought.

As mentioned last time, we were looking out for two more Go-Ahead London MB Vito minibuses, to make up a batch of eleven. Well, RF19UZN and RF19UZP have now been seen. However, these were licensed almost a month after the RJ19HSx batch. Could it be that there is another batch now arriving?
A couple of items of bus fleet news. Stagecoach has a new Ford Transit Custom van at Catford (MX68ZMU). We don't yet know if this is a replacement for similar MC16FGV or additional, perhaps to cover the Kangley Bridge outstation. At Go-Ahead London, nine MB Vito minibuses registered in the RJ19HSx series have now been reported. There are therefore two more to be found. One is likely to be RJ19HSZ, but all other HSx registrations are accounted for. Also reported are another pair of similar minibuses new last year (RK68GVR/GVV). We now have six in that batch (GVR/T/V/X/Y/Z) and it looks as though there might be two more in the shape of RK68GVU and RK68GVW. Reports of any of these would be welcomed.
At least six recently delivered Ford Transit Custom vans (not crew vans) were moved to Frank Pick House this morning, and luckily our man was on the scene once more. Fleetnumbers 8776F to 8780F were noted, and I suspect the sixth will have been 8775F. Details will be on the database shortly, and there will be photos in the next set. Some of the Toyota Yaris cars delivered last month have had a change of livery already, with at least 8841T having been photographed in LUL white/blue/red a few weeks ago and now photographed in TfL white/blue. I don't know if this is due to a change of plans or a slip-up in communications. These photos will also be in the next set. Finally, a large number of VW Caddy Maxi crews are congregating at the dealership in Bedfont. Only one had a blue skirt, the remainder being all white. I would not be surprised if they are all destined for LUL though.
More Renault Kangoo vans, Toyota Yaris cars and VW Caddy vans have been delivered recently, the highest reported fleetnumber so far being 8842T. One rarity is 8833VW, a new Volkswagen Crafter box van, presumably to replace Acton's 7749F. Photos next time.
One thing I forgot to add last time was that the 'withdrawn' vans at Acton (the three facilities vans and the cleaners van) were quite quickly relicensed. Their 'withdrawal' may have just been a clerical error. Confirmed withdrawals continue unabated, eating into the low 8xxx-numbered vehicles. Surprisingly some relatively elderly vehicles are still active, such as Tube Lines-liveried 7278F and LUL 7240F both running out of Lillie Bridge.

Not really fleetnews but, having identified the two Elizabeth Line Renault Kangoo vans at the Romford ROC as being 8632R and 8633R, I figured it was time to put that line's locations on the database. Added today are Bow Substation (our code BWE), Ilford Elizabeth Line (IDE), Old Oak Common Depot (OOD), Plumstead Depot (PDD) and Romford ROC (RDR). Observations suggest between 2 and 8 vehicles are kept at each of these locations, apart from Old Oak Common (where none have yet been seen). However, apart from the Romford pair, the actual identities of each location's vehicles are not known.
Lots more vehicles have been seen on delivery over the past week, including Renault Kangoo vans, Toyota Yaris cars and Volkswagen Caddy vans (the last seen while still at the dealers). However, these seem to be outnumbered by the amount of vehicles being withdrawn. It is understood that lots of replacements are on order for non-ULEZ compliant vehicles, but that there may be a need to use hires for a while.

The last vehicle in London Overground white/blue/orange (VW Golf 7982VW) is among the departures.

A fourth RJ19Hxx Mercedes Vito minibus has been reported with Go-Ahead, although I have been informed that there are in fact eleven! I hope to track down the others (spread around garages at Silvertown, Northumberland Park and Croydon) soon.
Deliveries of new Ford Transit Custom crew vans for Frank Pick House have continued, with Ray 'Lucky' Monk catching seven being moved to their new home on Friday. Pictures soon. Ray has also found loads of recent withdrawals, including the Westdown Road Renault minibuses, the Upminster Transit van, the Baker Street Mondeo and several Ford Fiestas. There is no info on any replacements for these. From the Acton-based fleet, the Transit box truck, the 'cleaners' van and the three remaining facilities van have all been delicensed and/or sold. Having said that, the facilities van seem to still be around. It could be that all these withdrawals are as a result of the ULEZ.

Go-Ahead London is taking yet another batch of unmarked red Mercedes Vito minibuses, with three so far reported with RJ19HSx registrations. There may be more.
Lots more new deliveries in the past week including more Transit Custom and VW Caddy crew vans together with yet more Renault Kangoo Maxi vans. Fleetnumbers have reached 8834VW though there are still loads of gaps in the 87xx series. Presumably a lot more vehicles are on order, perhaps in connection with the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in a couple of days time.
Deliveries have picked up with a quantity of Caddy crew vans coming this week while last week saw, what is expected to be, the start of the replacement of a number of Transit Custom crew vehicles at Frank Pick House. A new Tramlink vehicle is 8729F (another Transit Custom van) and the highest delivery noted inside Acton today was 8803F, a Transit 350 van. (R)
The four Renault Kangoos in Incident Response Vehicle livery which were new in November/December last year lingered at Acton Works for quite a while. All were in the car park in early February, while two were still there at the beginning of March. Amongst a few Ford Transits delivered recently was a new crew van for the Emergency Response Unit, presumably to replace 7726F. The new van is KF68KLX, fleetnumber not yet known. (Update: It is 8684F)

A couple of recent deliveries have odd numbers. Firstly a Ford Transit Custom van was seen at Acton carrying number 8731F. This duplicates 8731N, a Nissan Navara new to Arnos Grove late last year. Incidentally, there was also a report that sister Nissan 8730N may carry fleetnumber 8731N on the nearside (it is not clear in the photo we have published). If true, the number 8731 is currently on three different vehicles. The second oddity was also at Arnos Grove and was a Ford Transit dropside truck new in October 2018 but first reported in late February. This carried fleetnumber 8314F on the nearside at least. This number has not previously been used but it is almost two years old, other vehicles in the 83xx series having arrived between autumn 2016 and spring 2017. We won't know whether the number carried is correct until we get another fleetlist from Acton.

Leaving the fleet in the past few months have been almost all of the vehicles previously used by London Buses Infrastructure Development. This section was transferred to TfL Asset Management in early 2017, and many of the vehicles had been moved to new locations, believed to be Highways Alliance yards. No replacement vehicles have been reported so perhaps their function is now performed by contractor's vehicles. Vans involved are VW Transporters 7834-7837VW and 10 VW Caddy Maxis from the batch numbered 7890-7902VW. Only 7900VW and 7901VW have not been noted going for disposal, although nor have later, one-off VW Transporters 8149VW and 8267VW (the latter being the only one to carry TfL white/blue). Reports of any of these, or of any new vehicles at locations like Uxbridge Station, would be welcomed.

Another departure is 7864M, one of the LBSL Incident Response Unit vans based at Morden. This needed repair work but, with replacement of the batch likely to commence soon, it was decided not to bother.

Official information from the bus companies is rarely received, but some from RATP has been made available lately. A variety of new and youthful vehicles have been acquired or hired recently, some being allocated fleetnumbers in the series ST75067 to ST75073. I had thought that ST may stand for Short Term, but I now suspect it could be Staff Transport. Observations suggest that most are operated in anonymous condition anyway. Given the common fleetnumbering series, I may need to amend the vehicle records on LTSV (which currently distinguish between subsidiaries London United, London Sovereign and Epsom Buses).

I have brought the vehicle database up to date again.
I have been busy with web design work recently (I hope to launch version 2 of my railway website at the end of the year) but I have found time to put together a batch of 22 recent photos as well as updating a few more vehicle records.
The database has been brought up to date again. I will add a news round-up (and hopefully some photos) shortly.
The database has been brought up to date.
A second batch of 25 new photos has just been uploaded. I decided to run the captions through a spellchecker, having made some silly mistykes recently. Because of this I also know that the 25 captions come to a total of over 3,700 words. I hope they are of interest...
The database has been updated with some recent changes. I have also added four new locations, all related to the London Highways Alliance. This is a bit of a grey area. Most of the vehicles at these bases carry LHA livery and are operated by (un-named) contractors. A few 'real' SVs are at (or have been at) the bases, and there are other vehicles which carry just TfL lettering but which are also believed to be operated by contractors. The question is, which (if any) should be included in the database...?

Looking at the locations made me realise that a lot of entries need updating, with a lot of long-closed bus garages still being listed as current. This is next on my to-do list.

Finally for today, the latest edition of the SV fleetlist booklet, SUP24I, should be available by now. Please help support LOTS by buying a copy. Or two!
The database has been brought up to date again. Not yet added are a couple of the Volkswagen Caddy vans seen at the Bedfont dealership recently. A couple were 19-reg and did get licensed before the end of August. These will probably have been delivered to Acton already (RA19NVG and RA19XNW). Also at Bedfont was RK69TZZ. A couple of 19 reg Caddy vans that did not get licensed have been marked up as withdrawn (RF19CUC and RJ19WLA) and may be fully removed from the database in due course. The vans may have been re-registered with 69 numbers.

August was a very good month for photograph submissions and I have been quite spoilt for choice as to what to publish. I narrowed things down to a shortlist of candidates but there were still too many for a single batch. So, I am going to try and do a couple of smaller batches. The first set of 20 should be up later this evening. A lot of the 'news' will be covered in the photo captions but I will also add a summary to this page.

UPDATE: The first set of 20 photos has been uploaded and a fleet news summary posted.
The database has been updated, including quite a lot of newly deduced vehicle allocations. Also added are the first 69-registered vehicles.
The database has been brought up to date, including information from a company fleetlist received from Acton yesterday.
...and here they are! Twenty photographs have just been uploaded, including some aerial views.
The database is now up to date (as far as I know). Next job will be to do some photos.
Would you like to own a service vehicle? Ex LBSL 5673VW was converted to a caravan and is currently for sale. See the comments under the photo here for more details.

As usual, I have a small pile of updates and alterations waiting to be put on the database. Maybe tonight...
The database has now been updated with recent changes, including the arrival of the first leased vehicle numbered in the 9xxx range. Sorry for the delay; I had planned to do this update before I went away on holiday. Thanks to Deputy Editor Ray for providing some news updates during my absence.
A batch of 33 new photos has just been uploaded, which takes the number of photographs on LTSV through the 6,000 mark. I dread to think how many words I have written in all those captions. Or how many times I have used phrases like 'only seen at night', 'Acton Works car park' and 'tall-length long-height Ford Transit crew van with roof-garden'. I never get any feedback about what I put on this website so I have to hope that all my regular visitors are happy with it. Certainly neither of them have complained... much.

I have a week's worth of additions and changes to add to the vehicle database and I hope to complete this very soon. I am currently working on a new edition of the SUP24 booklet, to be published by LOTS in the autumn. I am also still beavering away at the new version of my railway website, expected to be relaunched in October. The plan had been to then start work on rebuilding LTSV to comply with modern web standards (and to introduce improvements too). However, the railway website is far from finished and will probably be launched in stages through the remainder of this year. The LTSV rebuild will then most likely start in 2020.
The database has been brought up to date again, with quite a few new deliveries. I have a large (and growing) bundle of photos to illustrate these and I hope to publish a batch in the next few days.
The database has been updated again.
The database is now up to date.
I have made a start on bringing the database up to date, hopefully to be completed tomorrow. Among the additions done already are several DLR Keolis Amey vehicles, as seen from the platforms at Poplar. Some of the details are sketchy (eg missing parts of registration numbers) but the fleetnumbers go up to at least 027. Reports that help fill the gaps would be welcomed.
Once the database is updated I will add a fleet news summary, and also make a start on the first batch of photos for July.
The second batch of photos for this month (another 25) has just been uploaded.
The database has been updated with more recent deliveries. The second batch of June photos has not been completed yet, and I have now received several more bundles. Check back during the coming week!
Database is now up to date.
I received a lot of interesting photos over the past month, too many to publish in one go. So, today I have added a first batch of 25. More will follow in a week or two.
Right, I have finished marking up the withdrawals based on the Acton list. It seems that some of the vehicles may be 'out of stock' but still on site, as several of the Peugeot 308 estate cars were still in the car park over the weekend. I would like the withdrawal date marked on LTSV to be the date when the vehicle actually left, so I have given these a predicitive date of 3rd June!

Predictably I now have some newer additions and changes to add.... Now completed.
I am half-way through bringing the database up to date. Most of the additions have been done, and (thanks to our Acton contacts) a bundle of missing fleetnumbers have been added. As usual I have left the withdrawals to last, and there are quite a lot of them. In fact I think I should get myself some dinner first....

I'm back, and I have done most of the withdrawals. These take longer because I also have to add history entries to ensure the allocation data does not get lost. Anyway, I have done central fleet vehicles up to 8015R. There are another 25 still to do but now my eyes need a rest...
The database is now up to date again.
The database has been updated with recent additions. I also have a bundle of withdrawals to mark up and I will try and do these later today. Update: Most of the withdrawals have been added but I am going to have to leave the last dozen for another day.
The database has been brought up to date again. And again, later the same day.
26 recent photos have been uploaded.
The vehicle database has been updated again. I have also added 5 new locations for the Elizabeth Line, and edited the related sightings and photos.
It is getting hard to keep up with the pace of changes recently. I have just updated everything I know about.
Database updated again with more fleet additions and lots of withdrawals.
Seven more new vehicles have been added to the database, along with improved details on several others.
23 photos have just been published, most of which were taken over the past week or two. I didn't expect to finish them tonight so they are actually dated for tomorrow! I have also brought the database up to date with the latest reported deliveries, withdrawals and changes.
The database has been updated with the additions mentioned in fleet news, as well as recent withdrawals. I just added some SVs that I have seen over the past couple of weeks and this has taken the number of sightings recorded on LTSV to exactly 100,000!

There is a bus event this Saturday (30th) at Barking and River Road garages, to mark our departure from the EU the 40th anniversary of the last service RTs. See you there.
Having skipped February I have just uploaded 20 photos taken over the past few months. As usual, I have a few withdrawals to catch up on and these should be added shortly.
The database update has been completed, and I have posted an overview of some recent events in Fleet News. I suppose I had better think about catching up with the photos next...
I am about half-way through bringing the vehicle database up to date. Once complete (hopefully later today), I will also add some fleet news commentary.
Milly's 65th birthday party this weekend! Milly, the AEC tow truck better known to us as 1456MR, turns 65 this month, having been completed in February 1954. Owner Andy Lambert has invited anyone who is interested to come down to the Brooklands Museum around noon on Sunday 24th February 2019 for a little celebration.

I haven't updated the website for a couple of weeks now but, for various reasons, I am going to have to continue this hiatus. There is not a great deal going on (or at least not a great deal being reported to me) anyway.
I have just updated the database with a few additions and withdrawals but not much seems to be going on at present!
Happy new year. A batch of 25 photos has just been uploaded. A few were taken recently but I have also taken the opportunity to use some other photos from the past few years.