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The four Renault Kangoos in Incident Response Vehicle livery which were new in November/December last year lingered at Acton Works for quite a while. All were in the car park in early February, while two were still there at the beginning of March. Amongst a few Ford Transits delivered recently was a new crew van for the Emergency Response Unit, presumably to replace 7726F. The new van is KF68KLX, fleetnumber not yet known. (Update: It is 8684F)

A couple of recent deliveries have odd numbers. Firstly a Ford Transit Custom van was seen at Acton carrying number 8731F. This duplicates 8731N, a Nissan Navara new to Arnos Grove late last year. Incidentally, there was also a report that sister Nissan 8730N may carry fleetnumber 8731N on the nearside (it is not clear in the photo we have published). If true, the number 8731 is currently on three different vehicles. The second oddity was also at Arnos Grove and was a Ford Transit dropside truck new in October 2018 but first reported in late February. This carried fleetnumber 8314F on the nearside at least. This number has not previously been used but it is almost two years old, other vehicles in the 83xx series having arrived between autumn 2016 and spring 2017. We won't know whether the number carried is correct until we get another fleetlist from Acton.

Leaving the fleet in the past few months have been almost all of the vehicles previously used by London Buses Infrastructure Development. This section was transferred to TfL Asset Management in early 2017, and many of the vehicles had been moved to new locations, believed to be Highways Alliance yards. No replacement vehicles have been reported so perhaps their function is now performed by contractor's vehicles. Vans involved are VW Transporters 7834-7837VW and 10 VW Caddy Maxis from the batch numbered 7890-7902VW. Only 7900VW and 7901VW have not been noted going for disposal, although nor have later, one-off VW Transporters 8149VW and 8267VW (the latter being the only one to carry TfL white/blue). Reports of any of these, or of any new vehicles at locations like Uxbridge Station, would be welcomed.

Another departure is 7864M, one of the LBSL Incident Response Unit vans based at Morden. This needed repair work but, with replacement of the batch likely to commence soon, it was decided not to bother.

Official information from the bus companies is rarely received, but some from RATP has been made available lately. A variety of new and youthful vehicles have been acquired or hired recently, some being allocated fleetnumbers in the series ST75067 to ST75073. I had thought that ST may stand for Short Term, but I now suspect it could be Staff Transport. Observations suggest that most are operated in anonymous condition anyway. Given the common fleetnumbering series, I may need to amend the vehicle records on LTSV (which currently distinguish between subsidiaries London United, London Sovereign and Epsom Buses).

Having skipped February I have just uploaded 20 photos taken over the past few months. As usual, I have a few withdrawals to catch up on and these should be added shortly.
The database update has been completed, and I have posted an overview of some recent events in Fleet News. I suppose I had better think about catching up with the photos next...
I am about half-way through bringing the vehicle database up to date. Once complete (hopefully later today), I will also add some fleet news commentary.
Milly's 65th birthday party this weekend! Milly, the AEC tow truck better known to us as 1456MR, turns 65 this month, having been completed in February 1954. Owner Andy Lambert has invited anyone who is interested to come down to the Brooklands Museum around noon on Sunday 24th February 2019 for a little celebration.

I haven't updated the website for a couple of weeks now but, for various reasons, I am going to have to continue this hiatus. There is not a great deal going on (or at least not a great deal being reported to me) anyway.
I have just updated the database with a few additions and withdrawals but not much seems to be going on at present!
Happy new year. A batch of 25 photos has just been uploaded. A few were taken recently but I have also taken the opportunity to use some other photos from the past few years.