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The first 18-reg service vehicle has now been reported, the prize being shared between Steve and Derek. They both saw new LUL Renault Kangoo van 8617R (LX18ZUA) at Acton Works car park last week.
A couple of observations from a run-past of Acton at the weekend. Firstly, the two old police-liveried Atego rescue tenders are currently parked in the lorry yard. As mentioned previously, the reason for retaining this pair following the arrival of the new Volvo tenders last year is not known. Crane-fitted artic tractor 2591M is the latest to gain LUL white/blue/red in place of Tube Lines white/blue. And the three remaining facilities vans look like they are being kept, all three being parked in their usual place in the lorry yard. Curiously one of the 2008 vans has been kept, along with two of the 2013 batch. No 18-reg service vehicles were evident in the yard or the car park.

A new fleetlist was received today, which has sorted out a few numbering queries. The highest number allocated so far is 8630T. There was no mention of the proposed Ford Transit Custom electric vans, though 8605 to 8607C are a trio of Citroen Berlingo electric vans. These apart, the few other additions were fairly routine, including Toyota Prius cars and vans based on Ford Transits, Transit Customs, Renault Kangoos and VW Caddys.

Not much to report from the bus companies apart from a few additions and the application of new RATP-group fleetnumbers to the Vauxhall Meriva cars at Epsom. VM75032 (ex 10) has not yet been visually confirmed but the six should now be VM75030 to VM75035.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, I've not had many reports of vehicles over the past week or so. I did get passed a press release about TfL's 'green' service vehicles though. This stated that the six Renault Kangoo electric+hydrogen vans are based at Acton for trials lasting until April 2020. There is also to be a one-year trial of three electric Ford Transit Custom vans, with one each at Acton, Lillie Bridge and Stratford Market.
A few more Renault vans and Toyota hybrid cars have been added in the past couple of weeks. The most interesting development though is the withdrawal (seemingly without replacement) of most of the remaining facilities vans.
Not much to report in terms of fleet additions lately. A second DAF LF dustcart has been seen at Acton (DX67KXH joining DX67KXJ), which will no doubt see the departure of plain white DS16YNU/V. Also leaving the fleet in recent months are all but one of the 'first-generation' facilities vans, leaving just 6517F and the seven newer vans delivered in 2013. No word on whether any new toilet vans have been received as replacements. If not, the bottom end of the lorry yard at Acton will be a bit less crowded now...

A largish database update was performed yesterday, covering recent additions, withdrawals and adding a lot of newly determined allocations. Today I have uploaded 22 recent photographs. I was going to say that these include some from no fewer than four new contributors. However, I have since realised that both Steve Warman and Neal Marshall have submitted a couple of photos a few years ago. Peter Terry and Dave Warby are all-new. Many thanks to you all, and to all the regular contributors. I hope to provide a fleet news round-up later today.
29 new photos have just been uploaded.
The fleet data has been updated based on recent observations and also a newly-received company list. A new batch of photographs is in preparation for later in the week.
The database has been brought up to date. For various reasons I did not add any photos during February.
A set of 21 new photos has been uploaded, mostly still from the last big batch submitted by Derek Everson.
The database has been brought up to date.
A bundle of 66 new vehicle icons has been uploaded, covering a lot of the types added over the past few years. I have applied these to almost 200 individual vehicles so far and the rest will be done over the next few days.
The database has been updated with numerous withdrawals reported over the past couple of months.