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Name:Chiswick (Stamford Brook) Garage
Type:Bus Garage
Dates:1901 - 5/1980
NotesRecoded V 
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All vehicles allocated: 65 *
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Previous location: Chiswick & Acton Pool 
Next location: Chiswick Works 
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DamonI was told last night that the Ballet Rambert (still based in Chiswick High Road) rented space in Chiswick Tram Depot during the British Airways era.Fri 17/01/2014, 16:56
DamonPost-War saw use for Trolleybus overhauls. It is also said that overhauls of smaller fleets such as the GS and RLH classes were dealt with here. In 1952 STLs were being reconditioned here for use in the last stages of the tram replacement which had been brought forward from October to July of 1952. From at least 1948 until 1963 the site is referred to by L.T. as ''Chiswick Coach Factory''. During 1958 Central Distribution Services (CDS) moved from Chiswick Works into the old traffic offices. Service vehicle maintenance workshops were also moved here from Nunhead in 1958 where they had been since Nunhead ceased bus operations in 1954. One source states that the premises were let for commercial use between 1963 and 1966 but this seems doubtful as L.T. always seemed to have some use for this site. From 20/7/1966 the BEA airport service fleet moved in having been displaced from the former tram and trolleybus depot at Hammersmith (HB). They stayed until 5/8/1978 when they moved out to Stonebridge (SE) where they stayed until the service was wound up after 31/3/1979. During 1978 builders Miller Buckley Construction moved in to begin turning Chiswick Tram Depot into Stamford Brook Bus Garage.
Note: Edited by Damon, 12/01/14, 22:33.
Sun 12/01/2014, 19:22
DamonPre-World War 2 and beginnings.
88 Chiswick High Road (later renumbered 72) started was an orchard before 1878 when the site was purchased by the Southall, Ealing and Shepherd's Bush Tram Railway Co. Ltd. who had been running trams along the Uxbridge Road since 1874. Opened as a three track shed and stables (170 horses) by the West Metropolitan Tramways Company (sucessor to S.E.& S.B.T.R.C.) at commencement of their operations on 24/6/1883.
Passed to the London United Tramways 19/7/1894. Four-track shed addded 1895/6. Rebuilt for electrification 1898/9 when the buildings we're all familiar with today were constructed. The L.U.T, had its head office here in buildings along the west side of the entrance from Chiswick High Road. The site also included a tram works in the North East corner accessed by a traverser from the back of the running shed. The works was requisitoned for war use (producing munitions) 07/1915 - 25/06/1918 during which time trams were sent to the M.E.T. Hendon works (site of Hendon tram shed/Colindale trolleybus depot) for attention instead.
Passed to the London County Council together with lines in the Borough of Hammersmith from 2/5/1922. The L.U.T. then rented car shed number two and the plus the workshops from the L.C.C. until 24/03/1932. Then passed to the newly formed London Passenger Transport Board from 1/7/1933. Ceased running trams from 5/5/1932 and used as a store for withdrawn trams.
Then ran motor bus route 30 from 17/7/1935 until 11/2/1936 while Chelverton Road (AF) was being rebuilt. Buses carried the code ''CK'' during this period.
Then ran trolleybuses for a few weeks in 1937 while Hammersmith Depot (HB) was being made ready. A simple loop of overhead was installed for this.
During World War 2 site was used for body overhauls as Chiswick Works was short of capacity because it was part of the aircraft production also going on at Aldenham at the time. This activity ceased here in October 1946 as Chiswick Works resumed full capacity. It is also reported that buses and bus bodies were stored here during the war years.
Note: Edited by Damon, 12/01/14, 19:27.
Sat 11/01/2014, 23:37
RaySited between Merton Ave and Ennismore Ave on the north of Chiswick High Road. Sat 03/11/2007, 15:28
DamonLUT tram depot. This site used the code CK when operating as a relief to Putney (Chelverton Road) from 17/07/1935 to 11/02/1936 while AF was being rebuilt.Fri 01/06/2007, 23:12

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