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Name:Jamestown Road, Camden
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All vehicles allocated: 91 *
Sightings logged: 9
Photos at location: 4
Previous location: Islington Sub-station 
Next location: Junction Road, Holloway 
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Thomas YoungLOTS TLB231 (November 1983) stated that the publicity vans from Baker Street had moved to this new location.Wed 16/09/2020, 21:00
DamonJamestown Road was formerley James Street. It was home to horse bus premises at Boltons Yard and Suffolk Wharf. Both were owned by the London General Omnibus Company. Boltons Yard was in use 24/6/1856 to 25/3/1910 and housed an infirmary and smithy. Suffolk Wharf was in used 25/3/1857 to November 1910. This covers pretty much the formation of the L.G.O.C. until the end of the horse bus with the General.
Note: Edited by Damon, 11/12/13, 21:00.
Wed 11/12/2013, 20:33
DamonLT Advertising by 1983, LTA Advertising Ltd. by 1994-1994. LDI Ltd (ex LTA advertising) by 1995. Wed 11/12/2013, 20:32
Damon10 Jamestown Road, NW1 7BY. A list I have from 1992 shows LT having leases on 4-6 Jamestown Road (commercial premises)and 10-26 Jamestown Road (offices).
Note: Edited by Damon, 12/12/13, 00:44.
Wed 11/12/2013, 20:31
RayThe premises are still extant.Fri 03/10/2008, 14:02

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