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Location details
Name:Athol Street (Poplar) Garage
Type:Bus Garage
Dates:1907 - 5/1961
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All vehicles allocated: 13 *
Sightings logged: 2
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Previous location: Ash Grove Garage 
Next location: Atlas Road (Harlesden) Garage 
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RayGarage can be viewed at 1998/89840 and others. LT Museum photo collectionTue 24/09/2019, 13:12
RayThe 'Aberfeldy' canteen (a precursor of future canteens) was sited on East India Dock Road to the west of Aberfeldy Street and served crews from PR and terminating buses at Blackwall Tunnel. It did not last long, as buses terminating were reduced and use subsequently fell. It was abandoned and in ruins for some years before being demolished. Photos of the 'Aberfeldy' can be found in the LTM collection 1998/51903 1998/51899 1998/47608Sun 22/12/2013, 21:53
DamonThis site started out in horse-drawn days. There was a tram depot for the North Metropolitan Tramways Co. 9/9/1872. Passed to the L.C.C. from 1/4/1906. Closed to trams 31/7/1909. The L.G.O.C. also had two yards at this site. From around 24/6/1866 to 8/12/1908 and another larger yard from 10/1877. Motor buses started from 1/7/1907. The garage originally had the code ''S'' which dated from horse bus days and was re-coded to the more familiar ''C'' in 1911. Finally closed 9/5/1961. A canteen was constructed in nearby Aberfeldy Street (so I'm told) as crews continued to take breaks at this location.Sun 22/12/2013, 20:21
RayThe 'black hole' was home to 747P (plus two RFWs) as well as RTLs. Large, heavy curtains covered the pit area (right on entry) while the offices were on the left. Despite how small it looked it seemed like a tardis inside when empty. 747P moved up the road (with the RFWs) on closure 9/5/61. And here we are 55 years later with fond memories of the staff of 'LT's most war damaged' garage!Wed 30/05/2007, 16:45

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