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An all-new version of this website is now available at These pages are no longer being updated.

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Downloadable London Transport Archive Documents
An index of downloadable London Transport documents relating to service vehicles. Various items covering the years 1939 to about 1990 will be added over time.
Thomas YoungDownloads01/06/2016
Downloadable LTSV Documents
A series of downloadable PDF documents that together contain all the fleet data, photographs and various other content from the LTSV website.
Thomas YoungDownloads13/03/2015
Fleet Data User Guide
Guidance notes for using the revised fleet data pages on the LTSV website
Thomas YoungWebsite01/06/2014
Former Buses
PDF. This is a quick and basic list of buses which became service vehicles, shown in bus fleetnumber order. It only includes those which were given fleetnumbers in the SV series.
Thomas YoungVehicles28/02/2014
The Myth of the Bedford Towing Lorries
PDF. Listed in official documents as Towing Lorries, Clive argues that these vehicles were actually just lorries that could tow trailers
Clive GreedusVehicles02/09/2011
The Ford E83W Utilecons with London Transport
PDF. Clive attempts to solve the mystery of LT's E83 Utilecons. Were they minibuses or vans?
Clive GreedusVehicles18/08/2011
So you thought all Ford Transits were the same!
If you can't tell your LWB Mid-Height Mk3s from your SWB Low-Roof Mk7s then this illustrated overview should help
Thomas YoungVehicles26/01/2010
Mini Fleet List (CDS vehicles)
PDF. A compact list of central fleet vehicles as at 30/10/2006. NB: These lists have been superceded by the vehicle database and are no longer being updated
Thomas YoungFleetlist30/10/2006
SV Fleet numbering chronology
PDF. Charts plotting central fleet numbers against delivery dates, with some background text. More recent charts can be found here
Thomas YoungStatistics17/09/2006
LT Militants identity mix-up resolved?
PDF. An illustrated solution to the identity crisis that affected the two AEC Militant Breakdown Tenders after their LT careers
Neil FraserVehicles17/09/2006
London Transport Depot Sweepers
PDF. Steve introduces the often overlooked subject of garage sweepers. Includes lists of L, RL and later types
Steve NewmanVehicles13/06/2006
Printable Fleetlist: Preserved Service Vehicles
PDF. A list of former service vehicles believed to survive in preservation. NB: Requires updating
Thomas YoungFleetlist18/04/2005
Printable Fleetlist: Trade Plates
PDF. A list of service vehicles that carried trade plates, sorted both by vehicle fleetnumber and trade plate
Thomas YoungFleetlist24/03/2005
Printable Fleetlist: CDS Vehicles Summary as at March 2005
PDF. A compact list of central fleet vehicles as at 24/03/2005. NB: These lists have been superceded by the vehicle database and are no longer being updated
Thomas YoungFleetlist24/03/2005
SV locations - an overview
An extremely brief look at the places where service vehicles can be seen. NB: Due for updating and expansion
Thomas YoungLocations01/01/2005
Modelling LT Service Vehicles in 1:76 scale. Part 4: AEC Regent Tree Lopper
PDF. Clive shows his tree lopper and outlines how it was made
Clive GreedusModelling12/08/2004
Modelling LT Service Vehicles in 1:76 scale. Part 3: Austin Lorry and Ford Van
PDF. Another scene recreated by Clive, with descriptions of two of the vehicles shown
Clive GreedusModelling07/07/2004
Modelling LT Service Vehicles in 1:76 scale. Part 2: Bedford Lorries
PDF. Three excellent photographs of model SVs, with some notes and tips
Clive GreedusModelling16/06/2004
Modelling LT Service Vehicles in 1:76 scale. Part 1: What's available
PDF. Clive introduces the topic of modelling LT SVs, with a list of suitable models and an illustrated review of three kits
Clive GreedusModelling01/01/2004
Fleet Stats
An overview of the make-up of the central fleet between 1940 and 2003. NB: An updated chart appears here
Thomas YoungStatistics01/01/2004