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Note ID: 4581
Date Added: 28/09/2023 15:18
Added by: Llamafish
Relates to: Fleet news of 28/09/2023 - Unit renumberings
Category: Numbering
Note text: Most of Southern's 2-car 171s, up to 726 at least, were delivered as class 170s, being fitted with standard BSI couplings until late 2004, when they were converted and numbered in the class 171 series. I believe that 727-729 were delivered as class 171s from the outset. A photo online suggests that a unit numbered 170727 was initially released into traffic, but was almost immediately sent to Ashford Chart Leacon depot, where it emerged in a new livery and with a new number - becoming SWT's 170392, with an entirely different unit now taking the vacant '727' number. 170392 was of course to come full circle, later returning to Southern as 171730.
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