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Note Details
Note ID: 3428
Date Added: 05/07/2022 21:40
Added by: Thomas Young
Relates to: Fleet news of 04/07/2022 - Recent MU developments
Category: Other/General
Note text: User Llamafish confirms that a handful of class 315 units (along with a few 317s) remain available for service at present, though without booked duties. He added that the three 387/3 units remaining with C2C (303/304/305) came off service at the end of June and have moved to storage at Peterborough, pending enterering service with Great Northern. The other three 387/3s (301/302/306) have been used by GWR for some time but are also now heading for GN. I wonder if these will replace the 387/2s that have been 'loaned' from Gatwick Express to Great Northern?
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Approval: Approved, auto/admin
Approved on: 05/07/2022 21:40
Approved by: Thomas Young
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