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About - Progress
LTSV Rail Data is a large website and I realised that it was not practical to complete every section prior to launching. The table below gives an overview of the current state of progress in the 9 key areas.
Stage 0% 100% Title/Description

1 100% progess bar Database Construction
Design and build the database that will store the data and content for the website.

2 90% progess bar Display Functionality
Make the pages that will display the data and content.

3 90% progress bar Existing Content
Add all content from the earlier website.

4 90% progress bar Admin Functionality
Make the pages which enable editing of data and content by the site administrator.

5 90% progress bar Core Data
Add all the available 'core' data (numbers, TOPS codes, designs, prefixes etc) to the database.

6 90% progress bar Collaboration Functionality
Make the pages which enable users to register, log-in and contribute content.

7 50% progress bar New Data
Add new data and enhance existing data.

8 50% progress bar Conservation Functionality
Make the pages which enable data content to be downloaded.

9 20% progress bar New and Updated Profiles
Use the newly collated data to improve existing profile articles, and to add new profiles.