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This page displays service vehicle sightings that have been logged by contributors. The list can be filtered and sorted by various fields, the default view being that of sightings in the current year, with the most recent at the top.
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IconNumRegDetailsDatePlaceCommentsPosted By
click for details LK58HKN Details20/08/2019Acton Workslorry yard JNP Ray
click for details8761F LP19LXG Details20/08/2019Acton Town, Frank Pick House Ray
click for details8833VW RF19YOR Details20/08/2019Acton Workslorry yard Ray
click for details8291P KY66TBO Details20/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8398VW RX17YTT Details20/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8489T LS17HTN Details20/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8258VW RE66CWU Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details2603 KS66YAD Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8194VW RJ16URK Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for detailsFT70006 EK12OLB Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8509F LN17JVP Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8684F KF68KLX Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details WO66HHT Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details7699F LN63LPX Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8415R LX17UGL Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details WN12NDV Details20/08/2019Acton, Bollo LaneLUL Ray
click for details RJ19HSL Details18/08/2019WaddonStafford Road Steve Howard
click for details RF19UZP Details18/08/2019Bromley Common Steve Howard
click for details RJ19HSN Details18/08/2019Bromley Common Steve Howard
click for details RK68GVT Details18/08/2019BromleyMason's Hill Steve Howard
click for details?T LO19YVB Details18/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Steve Howard
click for details8206VW RF66HZX Details18/08/2019Kingsway K. PLY
click for details7600F LN13GZJ Details18/08/2019Rickmansworth Station Bob Milner
click for details8792R MX19PXG Details18/08/2019Rickmansworth Station Bob Milner
click for details8655VW RV18LNA Details18/08/2019Rickmansworth Station Bob Milner
click for details8544R LV67HWL Details18/08/2019Rickmansworth Station Bob Milner
click for details7701F LN63LVS Details18/08/2019Rickmansworth Station Bob Milner
click for details HX17UPW Details18/08/2019BexleyheathGeddes Place Ray
click for details8188VW RE16NUY Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8181VW** RE16DOA Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park 8155VW o/s Ray
click for details8183VW RE16DOH Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8182VW RE16DRV Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details7984F LN15CWJ Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details?T LO19YVB Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park 9005T LOROL Ray
click for details8168VW RV65BXW Details17/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park Ray
click for details8690T LN68JRV Details17/08/2019Eltham Bus Station Ray
click for details8057* RJ62ZHB Details17/08/2019Eltham Bus Station Ray
click for details7884M LX64AOY Details17/08/2019Finsbury Park Bus Station bendy
click for details7882M LX64APF Details17/08/2019Hammersmith Bus Station Paul Snelling
click for details9044 EX64YCS Details17/08/2019Orpington Stationparked Paul Snelling
click for details9047 RK64OVM Details17/08/2019Orpington Stationparked Paul Snelling
click for details RJ19HSN Details17/08/2019Orpingtonpaked at Orpington Station Paul Snelling
click for details AX19NAO Details17/08/2019Potters Bar Garage Bob Milner
click for details AX19NAU Details17/08/2019Potters Bar Garage Bob Milner
click for details LX66OME Details17/08/2019Potters Bar Garage Bob Milner
click for details AV16CNZ Details17/08/2019Potters Bar Garage Bob Milner
click for details AV16CNY Details17/08/2019Potters Bar Garage Bob Milner
click for details5467F KJ03DTK Details17/08/2019Plumsteadin scrap yard - still has blue skirt London spotter
click for details8651VW RV18LMY Details17/08/2019Plumstead DepotNew Depot Entrance London spotter
click for details8642VW RV18LNE Details17/08/2019Plumstead DepotNew Depot Entrance London spotter
click for details8648F LR68JCZ Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8641VW RE18KOX Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8652VW RV18LMX Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8653T LM18GFX Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8638VW RV18LNR Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8646F LR68HXP Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details8649F LR68HTU Details17/08/2019Plumstead Depot London spotter
click for details AV18ZTY Details16/08/2019Potters Bar GarageGarage forecourt. Night Bob Milner
click for details8481F LM17JFF Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8149VW RX65WDZ Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details2587 RX06FCA Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo LaneDB25 Ray
click for details7983F LN15CXU Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo LaneBye? Ray
click for details8026F LK65ZVA Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details DX67KXJ Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8565P KU67HTC Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8415R LX17UGL Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details WU67AKF Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo LaneT66 Ray
click for details8667F KF68KOB Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo LaneLUL w/b/r Ray
click for details8342F LM66MYG Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
click for details8937R MD19CXB Details15/08/2019Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
click for details8936R MD19CXC Details15/08/2019Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
click for details8935R MD19CXE Details15/08/2019Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
click for details8405F LS17XRG Details15/08/2019Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
click for details8630T LL67UJU Details15/08/2019Edgware Road Station Ray
click for details8350F LM66NHO Details15/08/2019Edgware Road Station Ray
click for details8822R MX19PXE Details15/08/2019Edgware Road Station Ray
click for details8546R LV67FRU Details15/08/2019Edgware Road StationYard Ray
click for details8809F LK19TKT Details15/08/2019Edgware Road Station Ray
click for details?T LO19YVB Details15/08/2019Acton Worksstaff car park w/b  Ray
click for details8830MIT DP19YDW Details15/08/2019Acton Works Ray
click for details?N KE19EZA Details15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane8960N Ray
click for details?VW RA19YLH Details13/08/2019Acton WorksStaff car park Thomas Young
click for details8761F LP19LXG Details13/08/2019Acton Town, Frank Pick House Thomas Young
click for detailsLTM001 LB62EJA Details13/08/2019Acton (LT Museum Depot) Thomas Young
click for details8309R LX17NUP Details13/08/2019Acton Town, Museum Way Thomas Young
click for details8313R LX17NVN Details13/08/2019Acton Town, Museum Way Thomas Young
click for details8308R LY66DYH Details13/08/2019Acton Town, Museum Way Thomas Young
click for details8148 LX65HYF Details13/08/2019Acton Town, Museum Way Thomas Young
click for details RV12OEY Details13/08/2019Acton Town StationPassing. LUL/TfL markings Thomas Young
click for details8429F LT17WCR Details13/08/2019Acton Town StationPassing Thomas Young
click for details8865VW RJ19WLE Details13/08/2019Acton Town Station Thomas Young
click for details2611 B883 KS66XZX Details13/08/2019Acton WorksLorry yard Thomas Young
click for detailsMV70016 RJ11ZWW Details13/08/2019CheamNorthey Avenue Steve Howard
click for details VE68XSV Details13/08/2019Cheampassing Steve Howard
click for details MC16FHA Details13/08/2019Abbey Road DLR stationpassing London spotter
click for details7868M LX64ATZ Details13/08/2019Stratford City Bus Station London spotter
click for details7886M LX64ASU Details13/08/2019Stratford City Bus Station London spotter
click for details6957F LS10YST Details13/08/2019St Clears, CarmarthenshireBlue skirt still evident. Battered in places. Aycliffe
click for details8564T LT67LSN Details12/08/2019Euston, Cobourg StreetYard Ray
click for details2587 RX06FCA Details12/08/2019Acton Workslorry yard DB25 Ray
IconNumRegDetailsDatePlaceCommentsPosted By
Page 1 of 43, showing results 1 to 100 of 4212, sorted by sighting date (most recent first)Page navigation: