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This page displays service vehicle sightings that have been logged by contributors. The list can be filtered and sorted by various fields, the default view being that of sightings in the current year, with the most recent at the top.
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IconNumRegDetailsDatePlaceCommentsPosted By
click for detailsFT70005 EK12OKT Details21/04/2018Hammersmith Bob Milner
click for detailsLTM003 LV16HSG Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day Bob Milner
click for detailsL85 C622EWT Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day Bob Milner
click for detailsLTM001 LB62EJA Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day. Front of Museum Way. Bob Milner
click for detailsT49  Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day Bob Milner
click for details AY58GDX Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day Bob Milner
click for details5494F * KJ53UNW Details21/04/2018Acton (LT Museum Depot)Open Day Bob Milner
click for details8512T LL17EFF Details21/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details EK64ZNH Details21/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8489T LS17HTN Details21/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8575T LK67YDC Details21/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8425F LL17TWK Details21/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8540VW RV67JUT Details21/04/2018Acton, Bollo Lane Bob Milner
click for details7873M LX64ATN Details20/04/2018Aldgate Bus StationParked LondonsTransport
click for detailsSV323 LS65CGU Details20/04/2018Euston Squarepassing London spotter
click for details WU64ATO Details20/04/2018Colliers Wood Station Steve Howard
click for details7748VW RK63XRY Details20/04/2018Carshalton Steve Howard
click for details8566F LN67JZG Details20/04/2018Therapia Lane DepotDeparting. Livery confirmed Steve Howard
click for details7894VW RE64KPR Details20/04/2018Therapia Lane Depot Steve Howard
click for details8199VW RX66NOH Details20/04/2018Purley Waynear Lombard roundabout Steve Howard
click for details WP66TDX Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WP66SYH Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WP66SXZ Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WP66SXU Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WM66AFE Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WM66AEX Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WM66AED Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details WM66ADZ Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details FH65BYA Details20/04/2018Norwood Garage Steve Howard
click for details6133F KJ07KWX Details19/04/2018Carshaltonnow plain white Steve Howard
click for details6775 CK11MDZ Details19/04/2018Beddington Lane Steve Howard
click for details FP67OMT Details19/04/2018LakesideBus station Ray
click for details FM66DCF Details19/04/2018LakesideBus station Ray
click for details VU65FWP Details19/04/2018Sidcup, Marlowe House Ray
click for details GK65RZC Details19/04/2018Sidcup, Marlowe House Ray
click for details FP64WZB Details19/04/2018Bexleyheath Bus Stand Ray
click for detailsVF617 VX06HKZ Details19/04/2018DartfordHome Gardens Ray
click for details EU55SUF Details19/04/2018DartfordHome Gardens Ray
click for details FP67PLF Details19/04/2018LakesideBus station Ray
click for details805 MJ12KFK Details19/04/2018LakesideBus station Ray
click for details9037 HN13YNB Details18/04/2018Beddington Lane Steve Howard
click for details6772 * LV60MVD Details18/04/2018Beddington Lane Steve Howard
click for details EU55SUF Details18/04/2018Bexleyheath Bus Stand Ray
click for details6734 * NH07DTV Details17/04/2018CroydonSouth End Steve Howard
click for details RX18LLE Details17/04/2018Beddington Lane Steve Howard
click for details9036 HN13YNA Details16/04/2018WallingtonStafford Road Steve Howard
click for details8206VW RF66HZX Details16/04/2018Southwark, Palestra Ray
click for details8597T LS67MKG Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details8175F LR65GNF Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details LK15VBV Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details LL14VKU Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details7985F LN15DFO Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details8211N LK66ZMY Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details8210N LK66ZNG Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details8304V KU17WFO Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details8302V KU17WFL Details16/04/2018Southwark, Chancel Street Ray
click for details AV05PZU Details15/04/2018Hatfield GarageUNO vinyl on bonnet Bob Milner
click for details R48JPE Details15/04/2018Hatfield GarageUNO vinyl on bonnet Bob Milner
click for details7968F LN15DGY Details15/04/2018Kentish TownNight. Parked on Fortess Road acned
click for details8052F LP15YBN Details15/04/2018Camden Town StationNight acned
click for details9034 HN13YMV Details15/04/2018Bexleyheath Garage Ray
click for details EK64CFY Details15/04/2018Bexleyheath Garage Ray
click for details8368R LY66EAO Details15/04/2018BexleyheathTownley Road Ray
click for details EY12JGO Details15/04/2018South MimmsSwanland Road.  Bob Milner
click for detailsEC1 LP66WVN Details15/04/2018South Mimms GarageFront of offices Bob Milner
click for details8512T LL17EFF Details14/04/2018Neasden Depot Bob Milner
click for details8343F LR17OWK Details14/04/2018Neasden Depot Bob Milner
click for detailsFF75005 EO12UFP Details14/04/2018Hounslow Garage Bob Milner
click for detailsT78  Details14/04/2018Acton WorksLorry yard Bob Milner
click for details8491T LS17HUJ Details14/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details LL14VKO Details14/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8575T LK67YDC Details14/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8488T LK67XZT Details14/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details EK64ZNN Details14/04/2018Acton WorksStaff car park Bob Milner
click for details8219 WU17EHL Details14/04/2018Acton Town, Bollo House Bob Milner
click for details7392R LV12EWN Details14/04/2018Acton Town, Bollo House Bob Milner
click for details8492F LN67JYF Details14/04/2018Acton Town, Bollo House Bob Milner
click for details6768 EK61WWA Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Bus Station Bob Milner
click for details7836VW RE64VZJ Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
click for details8149VW RX65WDZ Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
click for details7900VW RE64KPG Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
click for details AY66WKG Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Garage Bob Milner
click for details7847M LX15BDY Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Bus Station Bob Milner
click for details7875M LX64ATU Details14/04/2018Uxbridge Bus Station Bob Milner
click for details8545R LV67FRD Details14/04/2018RuislipCompound at far end of car park Bob Milner
click for details8558R LV67HVW Details14/04/2018RuislipStation car park.  Bob Milner
click for details7962F LT15JXP Details14/04/2018RuislipStation car park. Brief visit. Bob Milner
click for details LL14VOK Details14/04/2018Wembley Park StationTraincrew offices Bob Milner
click for details7690F LO13YTB Details14/04/2018Wembley Park StationTraincrew offices Bob Milner
click for details8005H LJ15XVA Details14/04/2018Harrow-on-the-Hill Station Bob Milner
click for details7088F LL11LPA Details14/04/2018WembleyBridge Road.Plain white Bob Milner
click for detailsSV323 LS65CGU Details13/04/2018Marble Arch Thomas Young
click for details8158N LM65UHK Details13/04/2018Marble ArchThis one moves too! Thomas Young
click for details6034F KJ56XPF Details13/04/2018AngelPassing. Ex. White/Blue Thomas Young
click for details WM16CKC Details13/04/2018Enfield Garage Thomas Young
click for details MK67XHP Details13/04/2018Enfield Garage Thomas Young
click for details FH65CWM Details13/04/2018Wood Green GarageWatsons Road Thomas Young
click for details WO16PUA Details13/04/2018Wood Green GarageWatsons Road Thomas Young
click for details7079V LN11PZE Details13/04/2018Holloway RoadWhite/Blue Thomas Young
click for details KP60WWE Details13/04/2018WaterlooPassing. Ex. Plain white Thomas Young
IconNumRegDetailsDatePlaceCommentsPosted By
Page 1 of 21, showing results 1 to 100 of 2011, sorted by sighting date (most recent first)Page navigation: