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157D M1477 00/03/1907LicensedCharlton WorksWorks Engineer (TT)Ordered by L.C.C.
151D AR4023 c.00/00/1913Licensed ?Manufactured in 1913.
72Z LH8442 24/03/1919Into stock ?Sludge lorry to North Road ex AEC
73Z LH8444 24/03/1919Into stock ?Tank wagon ex AEC to North Road. Also shown as petrol tank wagon
 LH8443 25/03/1919Into stock ?To North Road LGOC
73Z LH8444 26/03/1919TransferredBattersea Garage? 
 LH8445 26/03/1919Into stock ?To North Road, LGOC as tank wagon
 LH8445 27/03/1919TransferredBattersea Garage? 
72Z LH8442 29/03/1919TransferredMortlake Garage? 
73Z LH8444 12/04/1919TransferredForest Gate Garage? 
 LH8445 12/04/1919Transferred ?To Dollis Hill
 LH8443 16/04/1919TransferredLeyton Garage? 
58Z LU8026 29/05/1919Into stock ?ex AEC. Location shown as 'Hammersmith'
59Z LU8029 29/05/1919Into stock ?ex AEC. Location shown as 'Hammersmith'
70Z LU8032 29/05/1919Into stockRiverside (Hammersmith) Garage?ex A£C
71Z LU8034 29/05/1919Into stockRiverside (Hammersmith) Garage?ex AEC - Lorry
 LU8027 29/05/1919Into stockRiverside (Hammersmith) Garage?LGOC. VRC shows 'Hammersmith'
58Z LU8026 31/05/1919Allocated to ?allocation shown as 'Normand Road'
70Z LU8032 31/05/1919TransferredWillesden Garage?'Dalston' crossed through
71Z LU8034 31/05/1919TransferredLeyton GarageStores Department 
 LU8027 31/09/1919Transferred ?To Farm Lane
70Z LU8032 03/06/1919TransferredRiverside (Hammersmith) GarageBuilding Department 
71Z LU8034 03/06/1919TransferredRiverside (Hammersmith) GarageBuilding Department 
63Z LU8091 05/06/1919Into stock ?Lorry - to Farm Lane
67Z LU8097 05/06/1919Into stock ?Lorry - to Farm Lane
65Z LU8144 13/06/1919Into stockMerton Garage?Lorry body 8388
67Z LU8097 14/06/1919Allocated toTwickenham Garage? 
63Z LU8091 17/06/1919TransferredLeyton Garage?card shows Upton Park but crossed through
65Z LU8144 24/06/1919TransferredPalmers Green Garage? 
69Z LU8206 26/06/1919Into stock ?ex AEC. Lorry - to Farm Lane
63Z LU8091 27/06/1919TransferredChalk Farm Garage? 
69Z LU8206 05/07/1919TransferredMortlake Garage?Body 8363
68Z LU8226 07/07/1919Into stock ?Chassis to Farm Lane
60Z LU8219 08/07/1919Into stock ?to Farm Lane
61Z LU8221 08/07/1919Into stock ?to Farm Lane
62Z LU8220 08/07/1919Into stock ?to Farm Lane
66Z LU8225 08/07/1919Into stock ?Lorry - to 'Farm Lane'
74Z LU8224 08/07/1919Into stock ?Lorry to Farm Lane
60Z LU8219 15/07/1919Allocated toChalk Farm Garage? 
62Z LU8220 16/07/1919Allocated toChalk Farm Garage?for use of 'North Road'
69Z LU8206 16/07/1919TransferredShepherds Bush Garage? 
66Z LU8225 17/07/1919TransferredLeyton GarageStores 
74Z LU8224 17/07/1919Allocated toLeyton GarageStores 
61Z LU8221 18/07/1919Allocated to Tyreing & Weldingto Normand Road
66Z LU8225 31/07/1919TransferredChalk Farm GarageStoresfor 'North Road'
68Z LU8226 by15/08/1919Body changeRiverside (Hammersmith) Garage?'Char-a-banc' body fitted
74Z LU8224 20/12/1919TransferredTottenham GarageStores 
69Z LU8206 12/01/1920TransferredHounslow Garage?Stored
63Z LU8091 14/01/1920Transferred and delicensedHounslow Garage? 
67Z LU8097 14/01/1920Transferred and delicensedHounslow Garage? 
69Z LU8206 14/01/1920DelicensedShepherds Bush Garage? 
65Z LU8144 15/01/1920Transferred (unlicensed)Plumstead Garage?Unlicensed 14/1/1920
63Z LU8091 14/02/1920Transferred (unlicensed)Turnham Green Garage? 
69Z LU8206 11/03/1920Transferred (unlicensed)Turnham Green Garage? 
65Z LU8144 12/03/1920Transferred (unlicensed)Turnham Green Garage? 
65Z LU8144 by28/05/1920Body changeDalston Garage?'Char-a-banc' body fitted
67Z LU8097 28/05/1920Body changeDalston Garage?'Char-a-banc' body fitted.
63Z LU8091 by31/05/1920Licensed and transferredDalston Garage?'Char-a-banc' body fitted
69Z LU8206 by02/06/1920Licensed and transferredNunhead Garage?Bus body 8482 fitted
 LH8445 26/06/1920TransferredCricklewood Garage?VRC shows converted to Sludge Lorry by this date
 LT8668 c.00/00/1921New into stock ?To Thomas Tilling Limited, Lewisham
73Z LH8444 18/03/1921ConvertedTurnham Green Garage?to Gully Emptier
62Z LU8220 23/04/1921TransferredTottenham Garage? 
66Z LU8225 23/04/1921TransferredTottenham GarageStores 
64Z XD8324 11/05/1921Into stock ?as bus ex AEC 11/5/1921 - to 'North Road'
R39 XE3648 1921Into stockCatford Garagen/aWith Tilling
14S XL8953 00/09/1921New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 14/9/1921 (as S-type bus) S445
17S XD8378 01/09/1921New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 24/8/1921 (as S-type bus) S71
11S XD8396 02/09/1921New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC (S-type bus) S85
62Z LU8220 15/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksChief Stores Superintendent (Buses & Coaches) 
66Z LU8225 15/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksStores 
74Z LU8224 15/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksStores 
58Z LU8026 26/09/1921TransferredChiswick Works? 
60Z LU8219 26/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksChief Stores Superintendent (Buses & Coaches) 
61Z LU8221 26/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksChief Stores Superintendent (Buses & Coaches) 
 LU8027 30/09/1921TransferredChiswick WorksMillwrights 
12S XH3365 01/10/1921New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 24/9/1921 (as S-type bus) S162
R 3  31/12/1921Into stockChiswick Worksn/a 
 LH8445 01/02/1922TransferredMortlake Garage? 
16S XL3792 01/09/1922New into stock and licensed ?To Farm Lane ex AEC 24/8/1922 (as S-type bus) S384
18S XL3783 01/09/1922New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 19/8/1922 (as S-type bus) S374
13S XL3796 19/09/1922New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 5/9/1922 (as S-type bus) S419
19S XL8928 22/09/1922New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 2/9/1922 (as S-type bus) S416
20S XL8943 25/09/1922New into stock and licensed ?chassis ex AEC 8/9/1922 to Farm Lane where body fitted (as S-type bus) S436
15S XM739 00/10/1922New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 5/10/1922 (as S-type bus) S521
72Z LH8442 05/10/1922TransferredPutney Bridge Garage? 
 LH8445 05/10/1922TransferredPutney Bridge Garage? 
72Z LH8442 23/12/1922TransferredMortlake Garage? 
 LH8445 23/12/1922TransferredMortlake Garage? 
73Z LH8444 c.01/01/1923Change of registration ?GTP fitted.
74Z LU8224 c.01/01/1923Change of registration ?GTP 049LA on
73Z LH8444 22/03/1923TransferredMortlake Garage? 
25H XN1786 16/05/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 25/4/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS13
24H XN7028 19/05/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 2/5/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS43
29H XO1026 11/06/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 26/5/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS173
30H XO1083 16/06/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 9/6/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS250
31H XO1139 03/07/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 21/6/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS289
71Z LU8034 24/07/1923TransferredChiswick Works? 
32H XO4078 04/08/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 13/7/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS429
42H XO9227 31/08/1923New into stock and licensed ?ex AEC 15/8/1923 (as NS-type bus chassis) NS556
Page 1 of 423, showing results 1 to 100 of 42218, sorted by event date.Page navigation: