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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
SPB753 JGF753K AEC Swift Publicity Shop Bus    

Into Stock30/11/1978 Licensed from00/09/1971 
FromEx SMS753 
Out of Stock 19/12/1985 Licensed until29/08/1996 
ToMr Overton, Stanmore 
Allocation n/a 

Notes Log-in to add your own notes.Added byOn
Photograph in LBM29.Ray24/02/2009
Photograph in 'The London Swifts' (Capital Transport)Ray24/02/2009
Photograph in 'London Transport Buses 1980' (Capital Transport)Ray24/02/2009
Photograph in 'London Transport Service Vehicles' (Capital Transport)Ray27/02/2009
Photograph in LBM147Ray27/04/2009
Livery later changed to Red/Blue/White. Now licensed as blueThomas Young16/02/2011
Photo (15/04/1979) at Young11/12/2011
SPB753 was withdrawn from Victoria and sent to AEC Southall in January 1982 where I saw it parked inside.It was soon sent to Aldenham and modified to a much higher standard inside than SMS300 as a plumbing and electrical workshop in the standee area with shelves for plumbing and electrical supplies from the sealed shelved centre exit doors and back to the rear . It was based undercover at Bow garage for the 1982-85 duration of their rebuilding program and then drove under its own power to AEC Southall at the beginning of December 1985 at which time I bought it and restored itMick Overton03/02/2016


00/09/1971New into stock Aldenham Works  ex AEC (as SMS-type bus) Estimate 
00/09/1971Allocated to Willesden Garage   Estimate 
00/08/1978Withdrawn Harrow Weald Garage   Ian's Bus Stop 
30/11/1978Converted and renumbered Harrow Weald Garage  Publicity Dept (Gp.1) ex SMS753, ex Clapham. Repeat entry 03/05/1979 shows same but moved Harrow Weald to Clapham LT Variation Sheets 
27/03/1979Transferred Southall (Hanwell) Garage  n/a ex Harrow Weald LT Variation Sheets 
02/11/1979Relicensed Southall (Hanwell) Garage  Public Relations Officer (Gp.1) Non-contiguous LT Variation Sheets 
18/04/1980Transferred Victoria (Gillingham Street) Garage  Publicity Officer (Gp.1) Ex Southall, Publicity Officer (Gp.1) LT Variation Sheets 
09/12/1980Relicensed Southall (Hanwell) Garage  n/a Non-contiguous LT Variation Sheets 
by03/1982Allocated to Unknown  Advertising and Publicity Officer (Gp.1)  LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Register (as date) 
29/04/1982Delicensed Victoria (Gillingham Street) Garage n/a Non-contiguous LT Variation Sheets 
19/12/1985Sold n/a  n/a ex Victoria. Listed on 31/12/1985 LT Variation Sheets 

Sightings (Most recent at top) Log-in to add your own sightings
DatePlaceCommentsPosted By
06/08/2000LingfieldBus Rally - looking a mess in blue and cream livery Damon
09/06/1990Potters Bar GaragePublic Open Day - fully restored as a bus. Damon
03/01/1982Victoria (Gillingham Street) Garage Malcolm Conway
20/09/1980Garston GaragePublic Open Day Damon
30/08/1980Northfleet GaragePublic Open Day Damon
13/07/1980Crawley GarageGreen Line Golden Jubilee rally Damon
17/05/1980Stevenage GaragePublic Open Day Damon
06/10/1979Wood Green GaragePublic Open Day Damon
18/08/1979Stockwell GaragePublic Open Day Damon
14/07/1979West Ham GaragePublic Open Day Damon
14/07/1979West Ham GaragePublic Open Day Damon
02/06/1979Hanwell GarageRay
02/06/1979Hanwell GaragePublic Open Day Damon

Date Added to Database
15/04/2019Licensing date/s updated Ray
28/02/2014Improved date out Thomas Young
09/02/2014Improved date in Thomas Young
16/02/2011Livery changed back and note added Thomas Young
16/02/2011Livery corrected (not red/white) Thomas Young