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Main details
Registration Type Function Licence On Licence Off
BN19XND Vauxhall Movano F3500 L2H2 Crew Van Response unit 2019

User/s: Network Rail (2019 - )
Allocation/s: Marylebone
Additional information:
Information sources:
Photo links
URL Details Added By Action/s
https://www.flickr.com/photos/68422630@N03/51102340325/in/photolist-2kRJRpc-cespkE-FGt6eq-2jLRuTU-2nmMsBX-2ndynEH-pXHcLq-SkeKWw-24To3FB-pHo6cZ-ssBbYi-SBMPwJ-2mYRqfh-26nBNC4-2m3Ljfi-UZEBY4-NsKB26-2jjHE Network Rail BN19XND London Marylebone Station 6/4/21 05/03/2023, 22:43 Merfyn Jones
Date Place Notes Added By Action/s
02/12/2022 Marylebone Station 02/12/2022, 19:37 London Spotter
10/02/2023 Marylebone station 11/02/2023, 22:28 John S
06/10/2023 Marylebone Station 07/10/2023, 09:14 London Spotter
21/02/2024 Marylebone Station 22/02/2024, 22:54 abgen
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Data History
Added: 15/12/2021, 20:07
Added by: Thomas Young

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