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22/05/2022: A couple of developments today. Firstly I have added the next chunk of vehicles, comprising 3,644 that were mainly new in the late-1940s and early-1950s. This takes the total to 26,311, with many more still to come. The second change is that the main vehicle list page now includes tiny photographs (where available). If you hover your mouse over any of these photos, a larger copy will appear, giving an idea of how the vehicle looked. Mind you, fewer than 1 in 200 vehicles in the database actually have a photo at present, so these won't appear all that often, especially for older vehicles.

I am aware that the vehicle list page is becoming a bit slow, with quite a pause before it fully loads. This is caused by the (growing) number of vehicles and the complexity of the queries, but I am looking at ways to make it work faster. (Tom)

19/05/2022: Another set of 30 photos has just been uploaded, all taken over the past 6 weeks. I haven't used every photo received, so don't worry if yours does not appear - it may well be used later on. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. (Tom)

11/05/2022: To allow some of the many older types of vehicle to be illustrated, I have borrowed (from one of my other web projects) a method for including photos from external websites. Such photos will only be shown at thumbnail size (300 pixels wide), and will be clearly marked EXT (for external). The viewing page for each of these photos will include a link to the external website. 10 external photos have just been added and any feedback on this approach would be welcomed. If successful, I will periodically add more old photos.

Work on the database records is still ongoing but there should be another large 'dump' fairly soon. (Tom)

09/05/2022: Some 'new' data has been added in the form of 39 vehicles that have recently been reported. Most are Network Rail but there are also 5 with Colas Rail. A couple of small changes to the website are as follows. On the main Vehicle List page, you can now filter the results by registration type (for example, prefix registrations, 'revised' registrations etc). This will be of use if you are only interested in seeing newer vehicles. Pick 'Revised' from the drop-down and click on apply, then you will only see vehicles new since 2001. Some will already have gone of course, but at least you won't need to wade through thousands of much older vehicles to see them. Secondly, on the same page, you can now click on a vehicle's registration number or description to go to the detail page for that vehicle. The links are not displayed in the normal way (blue text with underline) as that made the table look messy! However, when you hover over the text, your pointer will change and a tool-tip will appear. You can also still use the 'View' button at the far right of each row. (Tom)

27/04/2022: It is time to get on with adding the rest of Merf's data. I've started with the smallest group, covering the Southern Railway (and its predecessors) and the BR Southern Region. Nevertheless this has added 2,838 more vehicles to the database, which now contains a total of 22,567. More companies/regions will be added soon. (Tom)

08/04/2022: Another set of 25 photos has just been added. They are again dominated by vehicles involved in work at Stanford-le-Hope Station (with just a couple of repeat showings), with 8 others taken at various locations in and around London. (Tom)

06/04/2022: Taking my own advice, I had a look at the two separate Network Rail depots in Wimbledon yesterday. Fifteen vehicles were identified, only two of which were already listed (the rest have now been added). At least as many again were visible but not identifiable, so a return visit might be worthwhile. (Tom)

04/04/2022: With thanks to Andrew, Bob, John and Paul (the Fab Four?!), I have just added another 42 current vehicles to the database. Mind you, I see that Merf has also added over 100 older vehicles in recent weeks. A batch of photos will be uploaded later in the week, and users who have submitted New Vehicle Reports can now go in and add their sightings if they so wish. I know it is a bit of a faff having to effectively do it twice - At the next update I will be looking at adding a function to automatically turn New Vehicle Reports into Sightings.

The thing is, there are still tens of thousands of vehicles to be added. For the older vehicles, I need to get my Data Mangle out and put some more of Merf's massive spreadsheets through it (if only it was that simple!). For the newer vehicles, we need you to let us know of any that you see. There are various ways to report vehicles, as covered in the User Guide. (Tom)

02/04/2022: Sorry for the lack of updates recently - I have had to prioritise work on another web project. That work was completed yesterday and I will now be focusing on content across all the LTSV websites. In terms of RRV, this will mean getting on with adding the masses of historical vehicle records (LNER, GWR, SR and early BR), plus adding lots more photos.(Tom)

15/02/2022: Another batch of photos has been added, this time totaling 40 and covering the period from the late-1980s to last weekend! Many thanks to everyone who has contributed photos. (Tom)

31/01/2022: A set of 34 photos has just been added, most of which were taken yesterday or today. Paul Nicholls set out yesterday to photograph a Network Rail car that parks in his area. As a bonus, he found about two dozen more vehicles attending engineering work at the local station, and he very kindly photographed them all. He returned today and caught another three. Adding to the set are an Emergency Response Unit van seen at Cricklewood by Robin Morel, and a couple of vans at Eltham by Ray Monk. (Tom)

30/01/2022: I am at present making additions to the London Midland Region listings. It comprises of new information found since the site was commenced a few months ago. It consists of extra vehicles found along with a large amount of allocations to existing records. This should take a little time. (Merfyn Jones)

27/01/2022: The remaining sections of this website have now been completed and it is fully functional. You can now register for an account, log-in, and add your own sightings, notes and new vehicle reports. The site has been tested but please let me know if you encounter any errors or oddities.

24/12/2021: We are on-line! Now to do some testing...

24/12/2021: Having made a few last-minute tweaks, it is now time to see if I can get the site working on-line. See you on the other side!

20/12/2021: Right, I reckon the main display pages are now complete. The most difficult task was to create links to the previous and next vehicles when looking at the details of a particular vehicle. These links take into account any filtering and sorting that have been applied. The complications were that users could have come from either of the two vehicle list pages, and that they could have got to a vehicle that was not in their last vehicle list selection (for example by clicking on the vehicle detail link on a photo page). It all seems to work! The plan is to upload the site to the internet in the next few days and get some volunteers to do a bit of testing. If all goes well, I will then create the editing pages (registration, log-in, adding sightings etc) ahead of a full launch probably in early January 2022.

17/12/2021: Work on the display pages is ongoing. The plan is to complete these and put them on-line to allow user testing. The functions for adding and editing data will then be created.

16/12/2021: I think I have finally found a workable solution to the problem of showing vehicles that could have had both multiple operators and multiple (or no) fleetnumbers! As such, I am now building the pages to display the data. Things should now speed up.

Latest Additions
23/05/2022: YR18BNX Ford Transit Custom Crew Van
23/05/2022: MV64KVO Vauxhall Vivaro Van
23/05/2022: YO68EBJ Ford Ranger Pick-up
23/05/2022: BN70DKD Vauxhall Movano Dropside
23/05/2022: EK18EFB Ford Transit Custom Crew Van
23/05/2022: EO68EVD Ford Transit Custom Crew Van
23/05/2022: BG18HCK Volkswagen Passat Car
23/05/2022: MD17HHT Citroen C3 Car
23/05/2022: EO68EUD Ford Transit Custom Crew Van
23/05/2022: BD68LKY Vauxhall Movano Crew Van

Latest sightings
22/05/2022: YM67HGZ at Orpington on 22nd May 2022
22/05/2022: BN19XJM at Orpington on 22nd May 2022
18/05/2022: BX19RVP at Stratford on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: BW19CZT at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: BF70MKA at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: BK67JRV at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: BA18TZU at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: YM67HGJ at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: YM67HGU at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022
18/05/2022: BF68JNX at Tottenham Maintenance Delivery Unit on 18th May 2022

Latest notes
23/05/2022: Ref vehicle KYF520 Thornycroft
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/buzzer999/15755654356
23/05/2022: Ref vehicle JKM427 AEC
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/rw3-497alh/8157666810
23/05/2022: Ref vehicle KRB101 Leyland
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mikebarbour/31305677774
22/05/2022: Ref vehicle JAU202N Leyland
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/martynhilbert/26495766528
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle ORR365W Leyland
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5686618263
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle ORR365W Leyland
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5686619291
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle YP56NJN Ford
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5178104575
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle YP07XEO Ford
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5178121565
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle YP07XFK Ford
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5178121565
16/05/2022: Ref vehicle YP07XCU Ford
Photo at https://www.flickr.com/photos/merf29/5178109291

Edits and other changes will also be listed here, once there have been some!