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I don’t think Jaq wore glasses but I bow to your superior knowledge on this subject Tom LOL Mon 05/11/2018, 15:20
Of course, the tail is too 'un-bushy' for a fox. Not Simon though. Based on the orange coat I reckon this is Jaq from Cinderella.Tue 30/10/2018, 12:10
Definitely not Basil Brush but could be Simon from the Chipmunks??Sat 27/10/2018, 20:30
The Eltham car had lettering on the rear only. The other two had it on the doors as shown here with LL14VOJ (at least) having it on both positionsFri 26/10/2018, 18:41
Database link now addedWed 03/10/2018, 14:28
Photo of AJZ9911 at 05/08/2018, 20:15
I now have a photo of DX67KXJ and it is in the same white/blue livery (no red apart from the logos). The database entries have been updated.Thu 07/06/2018, 13:29
As it says on the can, this carries a Fuel Proof Limited, Morecambe, Lancs., tank fitted to one of their bowsers. 08/05/2018, 16:17
This vehicle reverted back to LU ERU livery at the end of that shift, joys of reversible panels.Thu 25/01/2018, 12:04
FWD shows on Car Tax Check.Wed 17/01/2018, 21:11
Great picture, and yes there are 29 battery loco's. The last loco with the original cab layout, L15 is just about to be modified at Acton TMU.Sun 14/01/2018, 18:43
Saw this vehicle passing Edgware Road Station (Bakerloo) on 08/12/2017Sun 31/12/2017, 02:01 At 4.59 there is another b&w view of this vehicle though with revised bells and blue light arrangement.Sat 30/12/2017, 06:19
vehicle Hazard Markings may be mixed load of various packages - more here - 27/12/2017, 14:31
Ref the fleetnumbering, my guesswork was (for once) right! I noted a Sovereign Recovery flatbed with number S220 the other dayThu 14/12/2017, 16:39
poss ex Neil Yates , was called Hercules with reg of V100 NYRMon 04/12/2017, 19:50
In LFB use 1964-1977 Located to station 'B21' Old Town Clapham , former 'South West' area , fleet number BL14 BL13 SLD661 a Dennis F23 in use before that 1956-60 hd a damaged crane after hitting a RSJ BL11 BYV317a Dennis F23 in use 1936-56 donating crane to BL13 Meanwhile ! Sat 25/11/2017, 17:02
I was surprised that some of what were at one time called ''New Dimension'' units (mass decontamination bodies etc introduced post 9/11) are shown.Tue 21/11/2017, 19:21
I stumbled across a photo of BL14 on the LFB website and it appears that it was not used to recovery fire applicanes but to attend incidents where heavy lifting capability was required. It also had 'LTE heavy lifting jack' (sic), so the board above the windscreen may indeed be authentic. Here's a linky dink: 19/11/2017, 22:12
Thanks for the pointer to that fleetlist. Perhaps I was wrong, but an expert in the field did show me evidence (admittedly about a year ago) of photos of a particular type of support vehicle being published on the internet and then disappearing. Photos of that type are now available again.

I am slightly disappointed that they have introduced a discontinuity in their fleetnumbering. The most common type of fire engine is a pump/ladder, which the LFB classed as DPL. Fleetnumbers reached as high as DPL1308 in 2007. There was then a gap of almost 10 years before deliveries resumed. However, as this was in the 150th year of the service, they numbered the first DPL150, and later deliveries have followed on from this.

Still, at least nobody has complained about my spelling of 'publicly'!
Sun 19/11/2017, 21:50
My original transparency for this photo bears a processing date of Aug 75 and was most likely taken no later than July as other shots followed. At the time I was a motorman at Hainault and remember the occasion well. The emergency garage was closed sometime following the Moorgate disaster of 28 Feb 1975 when the Hainault gang failed to attend due to staff not being available. Local gossip was that coverage for the gang was from the depot shop staff rota and that some individuals regularly took a chance to go AWOL. By the time I'd got my new camera I found the garage full of chairs just delivered by this lorry and no sign of any breakdown tenders. Sun 19/11/2017, 15:13
You have been unnecessarily pessimistic regarding the latter! A search of ''London Fire Brigade Fleet'' on the WhatDoTheyKnow F.O.I. website brings up a current LFB fleetlist, including allocations etc, correct to Sept 2017 and the LFCDA say this information is updated annually. Wed 15/11/2017, 00:42
As there have been no further reports of this car it is assumed it was not a Go-Ahead London vehice.Thu 19/10/2017, 12:31
RX17PCU now added to databaseThu 19/10/2017, 11:48
RX17PCU operating out of River Road on 16/10/2017Tue 17/10/2017, 17:52
The Jetta is the Golf saloon so these estates are indeed Golfs. Interesting that VW have reverted to the original Jetta name as the previous generation was sold in the UK as the Bora and the one before that as the Vento. Fri 22/09/2017, 20:59
6986F is the LBSL vehicle.Tue 22/08/2017, 17:43
A ladder-rack is on the roof.Mon 31/07/2017, 11:13
Now known to be officially numbered 8416TSun 14/05/2017, 18:52
The LUL sign seems to say Emergency Response UnitWed 03/05/2017, 21:14
A second 'Streets' Prius was found the day this photograph was put up!Tue 02/05/2017, 10:48
Fiesta van now known to be numbered 8356FTue 28/03/2017, 15:56
If ambushed by the Foreman, the exit into River Park Road was a handy escape.Mon 06/03/2017, 13:50
This had just arrived, there being a one-way system around the front of the garage. It seemed to be in use as a driver assessment vehicle (as was the second one based here)Tue 28/02/2017, 20:12
Allocated to Technical Services AVI (Auto Video Inspection) Team at Hearne HouseThu 16/02/2017, 09:35
This van is allocated to the ATMS (Automatic Track Measuring System) Team at Hearne HouseThu 16/02/2017, 09:32
Allocated to Technical Services (NDT) at Hearne HouseThu 16/02/2017, 09:30
This is a pool vehicle for Technical Services at Hearne House and is generally used by the NDT (Non-Destructive Testing - Ultrasonics) TeamThu 16/02/2017, 09:28
This vehicle is allocated to EES (Electronic Equipment Services) at Maxwell HouseThu 16/02/2017, 09:26
This is a full five seat crew van, although it does not have side windows for the rear passengers.Thu 16/02/2017, 09:24
Following internal restructuring, the 'Bus Infrastructure' department is now part of TfL Asset Management rather than London Buses and deal with more than just bus infrastructure. That, coupled with the lightbar and the fact the vehicle appears to be parked in a bus stop (thick yellow line) leads me to believe that this is probably a new livery for the department - and this van will probably be based at Orpington. The van is also consistent with previously used vehicle types for this department.Sat 11/02/2017, 18:44
No internal shots yet. Ref the equipment carried I can add a few things: Bullhorn, Dolly stop and base, sacks of grit (for oil spills) and a shovel.Sun 15/01/2017, 20:05
Ref the two Ford Transits and one Sherpa van, they are quite likely to be BR vans, although no lettering is apparent. Were BT vans still yellow in 1987?Sun 15/01/2017, 19:59
BR yellow vans in background?Tue 03/01/2017, 16:01
Out of interest what equipment to these vehicles carry ?? Buses on Diversion signs, cordon tape etc any internal shots??Mon 26/12/2016, 22:57
I should clarify that this was the second Volvo CAR for the liveried fleet. Several Volvo lorries have been used, including by the Emergency Response Unit.Sat 24/12/2016, 13:13
I have added this and similar DS16YNV to the database since both have been in use for at least 3 months now.Mon 14/11/2016, 21:23
This is a common watering hole for LBSL vans. For example, 5588F was noted there in 2006Thu 03/11/2016, 21:35
LT10TXV has been added to the database as it is still in use with Tower Transit. The car was transferred from the co-owned Impact Group where it was used as a driver training vehicle.Mon 31/10/2016, 17:06
Used for apprentice outward bound training?Sat 08/10/2016, 01:10
Similar, but black, DA16THU is showing its offside front wing.Sat 06/08/2016, 13:37
Both LN61ZGO and LM61JHX have been sold and are shown as parked here on Google maps so it would seem this is an LBSL 'spot'. Plus, available colours are blue, white, silver and blackSat 06/08/2016, 07:43
Eltham Bus Station (am) and Bromley North (pm) 21/7/2016Thu 21/07/2016, 10:56
VO65NUK with VO65NUV noted at Acton 3/10/15 & 10/10/15. VO65NUJ noted at Acton with VU65NLP 12/12/2015. Both NUJ & NUK at Finchley Central 11/7/2016. VO65NUJ at Bollo House 03/10/2016Tue 17/05/2016, 13:48
Its not just a roundel, its the old Underground arrow sign seemingly wrapped over the roof. Its used on the new concrete mixer wagon too. A ''livery'' that seems to epitomise style over substance in a graffiti like way IMHO. Fri 01/04/2016, 15:39
That is indeed Potters Bar and that is me about to get into drivers seat. I have some decent photos of it and the other Swift service vehicles i will be happy to share here if you want them - no upload facility so contact me if you would like them.SMD67 was used as a Horse Bus Information centre at Baker Street in July 1979 right before it was sold - many would regard this as being nonpsv work for LT!Wed 03/02/2016, 01:04
SMS300 was NOT a mobile classroom. It was fitted out with racks and shelves for secure storage of plumbing and electrical supplies and used by plumbers and electricians working on the Norbition garage extension/rebuild.A wooden board was bolted across the platform preventing entry to the saloon.The offside emergency exit was padlocked & used by plumbers and electricians to access materialsWed 03/02/2016, 00:21 18/10/2015, 21:30
One that is still in Tube Lines (silver) livery is KR11XWK, which is probably due for replacement shortly.Mon 13/07/2015, 14:22
The three in the lorry yard had (almost) gone by 11/7/2015 - one remained on the back of a trailer/low-loader along with one of the i-MiEVs. Sun 12/07/2015, 22:03
All four (7160F-7163F) have now been MOT'dSun 05/07/2015, 20:36
The fork-lift truck did indeed have a registration on the back (J542ONR) and it is a JCB, although it has not been road licensed since 2011. The database links have been updated.Mon 29/06/2015, 13:14
That forklift is great - being of tractor configuration it makes me wish LT could have had a second generation of Fordson tractors like it!Mon 29/06/2015, 12:58
The Mitsubishi i-MiEV's are used by the DSM.Sun 28/06/2015, 17:34
Good guess, Tom! It has replaced 6976F at Harrow-on-the-Hill!Sat 09/05/2015, 16:06
I have discovered (from a colleague of a friend of a friend!) that PSM stands for Premises Services Maintenance.Mon 04/05/2015, 12:20
Just needs a red LT fleetname on the door and black allocation details!Sat 02/05/2015, 17:37
The tram tracks are slowly being uncovered again (probably by the ferry vehicles continually going in and out). Sat 02/05/2015, 13:02
Thanks Ray. I'm not old enough to remember Trolleybuses either! However, I know that there were tram tracks in the rear yard of Fulwell until it was redeveloped for TGM in 2000. I presumed that the 'track' numbers would also be relevant to trolley wiring.Fri 01/05/2015, 21:32
You're not old enough to remember trams!Fri 01/05/2015, 16:02
It often seems that as soon as I state or assume something on this website, it becomes outdated or wrong! Within a week of posting this photo, 7427R spent some time parked at Bollo House in Acton. Thus both Ray and Steve have now seen it.Tue 17/02/2015, 09:47
this is ex GM recovery of Manchester , hence why its in different coloursThu 12/02/2015, 23:44
Correct. Derek has advised that it is Stagecoach 34853 (GX06DXB).Wed 28/01/2015, 00:39
I think that the dart is operated by StagecochTue 27/01/2015, 15:41
I'd always assumed it was an arm rest to assist manual signalling in the absence of indicators.Mon 05/01/2015, 22:20
What is the thing that looks like a handrail across the bottom of the cabside window on 702B? I was asked this question recently and I had to reply that I had no idea. Flicking through the Capital Transport SV book, it seems that quite a few (but not all) Bedfords had this feature. Could it be a handrail for staff riding on the running board? Or does the photo of 807B on page 73 hold a clue? It shows the passenger resting his elbow on the rail. Could it simply be to protect the top edge of the window glass from damage when wound down?Fri 02/01/2015, 21:54
The fleetnumber is actually displayed, it is just hard to see in this photo.Sun 12/10/2014, 10:43
For clarification, the Parking spaces that are marked L+E and C+E, along with the rest of the yard not covered by the height restriction, are all allocated parking for Griffith House.Mon 15/09/2014, 06:31
There is no office in use here anymore, all these vans are escalator vans from Griffith House, occupants would have been in King's Cross. Hope that helps.Mon 15/09/2014, 06:29
veh is ex SRE Recovery, they were taken over by The Mansfield Group, Ontime recovery has also been merged into the Mansfield stable.Sat 16/08/2014, 17:18
This came from Arriva the Shires at Hemel Hempstead where it was numbered V052Thu 14/08/2014, 21:23
Thanks, again, to Steve for the driving and stopping as required.Fri 01/08/2014, 18:23
Thanks to Derek we now know that this is a Go-Ahead vehicle, but it is actually on loan from Brighton & Hove, perhaps just for the summer 'events' season. It was seen at the Wimbledon Tennis championships (when it had a white-backed Go-Ahead label on the front), and then at the Farnborough air show.Mon 21/07/2014, 11:08
The badge on the windscreen could be fire brigade related. Shoreditch fire station is at 235 Old Street, London EC1V 9EY and is also L.F.B. Shoreditch training centre. Any connection? Fri 04/07/2014, 22:21
Easy to miss as it blends in with background, is the roof light bar a transfer off Emergency Rail Unit 3393F I wonder?Wed 02/07/2014, 11:35
I have learned the reason for this vehicle not having a front number plate. There is a slightly over-zealous penalty camera where this vehicle is normally parked. Presumably it was an oversight that the plate was not refitted when it ventured out on this date.Sun 29/06/2014, 11:21
To clarify, the roundel on the van is purple with 'TAXI - PRIVATE HIRE' lettering, the roundel on the car on the left is grey with 'STREETS' lettering. I saw the car (LL13YYV) during the week and it does carry the normal TfL Streets white/orange livery. The other Toyota Prius visible in this photograph (parked beside the van) appears to be in anonymous white livery.Sun 29/06/2014, 11:17
No, it's blue and grey and states 'Streets' across the bar!Sun 29/06/2014, 08:03
Surely that's a purple ''Taxi - Private Hire'' roundel, not Streets?Sun 29/06/2014, 05:55
The towing vehicle was CS02REC; having photographed it towing LT165 away in the evening without noting its registration I was also surprised to see it didn't have a registration number displayed on the front. However the rear views I took confirmed it. Also notable was that LT165 was towed from the front in the evening.Sat 28/06/2014, 14:31
On the westbound side of the Central Line just by West Acton station. I remember this work going on to consolidate the cutting as I was a train guard on the line at the time. It had caterpillar tracks and could have been taken here on 1010L I would guess. I'm no expert on plant but seeing a shorter jib on the Priestman in the LTM picture taken at the war damage depot in Hammersmith makes me wonder if this long jib would be removed for transportation. As for being registered it might have been in case it was needed to clear debris from the road. Wed 25/06/2014, 19:01
Still in use by the Security dept, I see it almost every day.Thu 12/06/2014, 18:19
The driver gave it away the first time I saw it!Mon 26/05/2014, 17:29
Probably still owned by C&S as they have won the tender to provide breakdown cover for London Buses from Sovereign Recovery Fri 25/04/2014, 21:35
Up to this date only 6088T had been numbered Wed 23/04/2014, 18:47
This seems to be a very lucky shot if one considers the history details now available. It would appear to have been grey from acquisition and had not been altered for its very short period (from 2nd June) as a 'pool car' prior to de-licensing some nine days (26th June) after the photograph was takenTue 22/04/2014, 17:11
Now known to be allocated fleetnumber 7478FWed 05/03/2014, 23:32
Going through the LT archive documents produced some initially confusing results. The Variation Sheet for 01/11/1984 listed all four trucks as being taken into stock, but with a date in brackets that looked like 1.9.84. The same sheet shows 2418L going to Upton Park (unlicensed) on 01/11/1984, with 2415L and 2417L going to their garages (again unlicensed) on 05/11/1984. The Record of Vehicle Movements sheet for week ending 29/12/1984 also listed the four as being taken into stock, this time with a date of 29/10/1984! Since 2416L at least was at Chiswick by 22/08/1984, I am going to assume that they were delivered in August, formally taken into stock on 1st September, then fitted with trade plates and moved to their garages in early November. Unless something more turns up....
Note: Edited by Thomas Young, 19/02/14, 19:59.
Wed 19/02/2014, 19:52
These are indeed now in the possession of the LTM. It seems that they were deemed redundant by LUL and policy dictates that they have to be offered to the LTM. The LTM thought ''crikey they could come in handy'' so had them. They need a bit of work to make them usable but at least one has a future as a Depot shunter at Acton I believe. Look out for them at the open day in the middle of March!Sun 02/02/2014, 20:26
New on 16/05/1974 and entered service on 03/06/1974 to replace former GS47.
Note: Edited by Thomas Young, 01/02/14, 20:45.
Sat 01/02/2014, 20:30

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