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Acton Works

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Details: This view covers a large part of Acton Works, looking south west with what looks to be about 90-100 service vehicles visible. Running top to bottom on the left is the freight-only railway line between South Acton and Kew Bridge. This used to divide Acton Railway Works from Chiswick Bus Works but the latter is long gone, replaced by Chiswick Business Park. The tracks across the bottom are the LUL District and Piccadilly lines, with part of the lorry yard visible on the opposite side in the bottom right. The building in the bottom left corner is what I still think of as the CDS offices. Just visible in the trees between this and the LUL tracks are a couple of vehicles parked on the 'stub' road. This road used to continue via a bridge over the freight line into Chiswick Works. Parked outside the CDS offices are a pair of Toyota Mirai fuel cell cars, recognisable by their black roofs, while a bit 'above' and backing onto the freight line is a smallish shed which is home to the Emergency Control Unit. Nearer the top on the left is the traverser, used to move tube cars from one part of the works to another. Two cars are visible on the traverser. Across the middle of this image is the 'van yard', between the quadrangle of Signal House and the larger works building. Lots of vehicles here, with more parked further along the roadway and around the corner. The area at the top right used to have more parking spaces and sidings, but has recently been cleared to make way for a new train overhauling facility. The slim, dark-grey building near the top right is home to the Emergency Response Unit, while the larger and more modern building running out-of-frame on the right is (I believe) the REW - Railway Engineering Works? It appears in the background of several photos like this. If anyone can provide more details of the functions of the various buildings visible here, I would be interested to hear from them.

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john marshallYes, it's the REW. The CDS offices are what used to be the Works Canteen. Fri 16/08/2019, 16:51