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Location details
Name:Acton Works
Type:Railway Works
Dates:1922 - current
Stats and links
Current allocation: 172
All vehicles allocated: 2258 *
Sightings logged: 11589
Photos at location: 962
Previous location: Acton Town, Hearne House 
Next location: Acton Tram Depot 
* Quantities may not be accurate pending completion of the history inputting project

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Damon123 Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8JR. Engineering Apprentice Training Centre by 1976. Sun 22/12/2013, 19:55
Damon130 Bollo Lane. Railway Works and stores 1922 - current. Railway Engineering Workshop Division LUL by 1995. REW (Acton) Ltd LUL by 1998. Distribution Services LUL by 1997. Trains Modification Unit LUL by 1997. LUL Training Services by 1997. Principal Mechanical Engineer LUL by 1989. Rolling Stock Office - Rolling Stock Chief Engineer and Principal Rolling Stock Engineer (Professional Services) LUL by 1994. Mechanical Engineering Workshop: Equipment Overhaul Workshops LT by 1991 Acton Offices LUL by 1992. Sun 22/12/2013, 17:03
Thomas YoungOn foot, turn right outside Acton Town Station, then right again onto Bollo Lane. You will pass Smallbills (a commercial garage that often does minor SV work) and Bollo House. This is higher than road level but you may see something parked there. Frank Pick house is visible but no SVs, and the lorry yard is largely hidden behind trees. However, before the level crossings you come to the staff car park, which often contains a few car SVs. Double fence not good for photography though. If visiting during the week, Bollo Lane is usually fairly busy with SVs coming and going.Mon 03/09/2007, 23:28
Thomas YoungAlthough much is hidden from view, there is lots to see at Acton. Taking the train from Chiswick Park to Acton Town, you will catch glimpses of parts of the works on the left. SVs will be visible but the only ones close enough to ID would be any on the stub road that rises to track level right at the south end of the complex. The right hand side is much better. After Bollo House and Frank Pick House (each with a handful of small vans and cars), you have the lorry yard, which usually has most of the larger vehicles in it. You may need to make a few passes (or take a camera with a fast burst mode) to ID all the vehicles! The staff car park is also visible but at a lower level.Mon 03/09/2007, 23:25

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