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Name:Putney Bridge Garage
Type:Bus Garage
Dates:1920 - 11/1958
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All vehicles allocated: 23 *
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Photos at location: 1
Previous location: Purley PW Depot 
Next location: Putney (Chelverton Road) Garage 
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DamonNearby at 38 Felsham Road the London Road Car Company had a stables (from about 1890) and later motor bus garage (from 1905) which passed into the ''Combine'' (L.G.O.C.) by 1908. It had the code ''Z'' and closed in 1911. The General also had stables at 135 Lower Richmond Road (1892 - 1909)and at 156 Felsham Road (1901 - 1911). Nearby AF garage at Chelverton Road was also a stables from 1887 until conversion to motor buses from 18/7/1912.Mon 16/12/2013, 13:54
DamonSite leased by the National Steam Car Company from a Mr Jay 30th November 1912 and opened during 1913 with alterations completed in 1914. Enabled the closure of the garage at Hercules Road/Carlisle Lane, Waterloo. Closed 11.11.1919 when National ceased operating in London. Re-opened by the L.G.O.C. 21.01.1920. Then passed to the L.P.T.B. from 01.07.1933. Closed 26.11.1958 (l.d.o.) with most work transferring up the road to AF (Chelverton Road). The code ''F'' was previously used by the London Road Car Company's premises in Farm Lane which itself was re-coded from ''Y'' in 1911.
Note: Edited by Damon, 16/12/13, 13:59.
Mon 16/12/2013, 13:45
DamonGothic Wharf, High Street, Putney, SW15.
Note: Edited by Damon, 16/12/13, 13:34.
Sat 14/12/2013, 19:16
Clive GJudging from the number of photos of service vehicles parked in the yard at this garage I would guess that it was responsible for docking a large proportion of the fleet. The proximity to Chiswick, Parsons Green and Lillie Bridge would make this an ideal location. Riverside was certainly the major docking location in 1959, then some years later the work was moved to Stockwell. CliveWed 05/09/2007, 11:01
RaySited on the south side of Putney Bridge (east side).Fri 10/08/2007, 21:36

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