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London Transport Variations in Rolling Stock (Variation Sheets)
Fri 28/09/12, 21:45
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A huge number (well over 20,000) of London Transport documents from the 1940s through to the early 1990s are available on the internet. These were all scanned and uploaded by John Marshall. Perhaps the most interesting are the sheets entitled Variations in Rolling Stock, which show all movements and changes affecting LT buses and service vehicles each day. The documents are spread across four websites, the links for which are below. Users should note the following:
The scans are fairly low resolution and are almost illegible in places.
You sometimes need to scroll down past various photo galleries (or click on More) to see all the documents.
The pages are often very slow to load.
Here are the Variation Sheets for September 1944 to August 1963 (with some gaps).
This collection includes Variation Sheets for the period August 1963 to October 1973 plus lots of photos.
This collection includes Variation Sheets for the period November 1973 to December 1990 plus some other contemporary documents (including some service vehicle specific ones).
This collection contains Variation Sheets (or equivalents) for the period January 1991 to 1997, plus lots of other LT and LCBS documents from the 1930s to the 1980s.

I spent quite some time downloading copies of all the Variation Sheets and any other documents that relate to service vehicles, and the information contained within is gradually being applied to the vehicle database.
Note: Posting edited by Tom Young, 12/06/20, 14:13.

Updated 12/06/2020: The defunct hyperlinks have been removed. John's documents can now be found at

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Variation Sheets (and more) now available again
Fri 12/06/20, 14:17
I have recently completed work on a new section of the LTSV website, created to host John Marshall's huge collection of London Transport document scans. 30,000 have been uploaded so far, with a further 10,000 to be added before the end of 2020. The new site can be found at

Variation Sheets (temporarily) unavailable
Sat 23/11/19, 21:57
John's Marshall's extensive collection of LT documents has not been available on-line for the past couple of months, following changes to Google's services. Work is in hand to make alternative arrangements for their hosting and it is hoped that they will be accessible again from spring 2020. I will provide an update here when this happens.