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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
8149VW RX65WDZ Volkswagen Transporter T30 140 TDI A SWB Low-Roof Van with Light-Bar   

Into Stockc.01/10/2015 Licensed from28/09/2015 
FromCordwallis, Bedfont 
Out of Stock c.13/01/2020 Licensed until31/01/2021 
ToBCA Blackbushe 
Allocation n/a 

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Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 23/1/2020Ray16/01/2020


c.01/10/2015New into stock Acton Works  n/a  Estimate based on licensing data 
c.10/10/2015Transferred Uxbridge Station  n/a  Estimate based on observations 
c.01/2019Transferred Acton Works  n/a  Estimate based on observations 
c.13/01/2020Withdrawn n/a  n/a  CDS Fleetlist 

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DatePlaceCommentsPosted By
05/01/2020Acton Worksstub road Ray
23/12/2019Acton Worksstub road Ray
15/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
06/08/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
18/07/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
27/06/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Bob Milner
21/03/2019Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
01/10/2018Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
22/09/2018Uxbridge Station London spotter
07/06/2018Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
14/04/2018Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
10/04/2018Acton WorksLater at Uxbridge Station John Lloyd-Martin
19/01/2018Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
27/11/2017Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
06/11/2017Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
09/10/2017Uxbridge Station Thomas Young
07/10/2017Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
22/05/2017Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
26/03/2017BedfontVW dealers Steve Howard
19/03/2017BedfontVW dealers Steve Howard
10/03/2017Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
07/03/2017Uxbridge Station London spotter
22/11/2016KingstonWood Street, passing Kingston Station K. PLY
19/11/2016Uxbridge Station Bob Milner
17/10/2016Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
01/08/2016Uxbridgestation car park Ray
06/06/2016Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
25/02/2016Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
02/02/2016Uxbridgeseen travelling along Oxford Road approx 09.05 RML2760
18/12/2015Uxbridge Stationseen in the infrastructure compound, in the company of 7836VW, 7899VW and 7900VW RML2760
12/11/2015Uxbridge Station Steve Howard
29/10/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Steve Howard
29/10/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Ray

Date Added to Database
24/03/2020Licensing date/s updated (ex 8/1/2020) Ray
20/01/2020Licensing date/s updated (ex 30/9/2020) Ray
17/01/2020Disposal added Thomas Young
07/01/2020Withdrawn Thomas Young
08/10/2019Licensing date/s updated Ray
22/09/2019Allocation updated (UXS to ACN) Thomas Young
08/10/2018Supplier added Ray
08/10/2018Licensing date/s updated Ray
17/09/2017Licensing date/s updated Ray
20/09/2016Licensing date/s updated Ray
06/08/2016Allocation added (UXS) Thomas Young
22/10/2015Improved details and livery Thomas Young