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Fleet Data

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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
7132R LV61EWZ Renault Kangoo Dynamique dCi 110 Estate Car    

Into Stock11/11/2011 Licensed from08/11/2011 
Out of Stock c.02/2015 Licensed until25/02/2015 
ToWritten off 
Allocation n/a 

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Photo at
No longer on DVLA. Ray25/06/2018


11/11/2011New into stock Acton Works n/a  CDS Fleetlist 
c.15/11/2011Transferred Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place  n/a  Observations 
10/2014Withdrawn and transferred Acton Works n/a ex Baker Street. Replaced by 7839 Observations 
c.02/2015Written off n/a  n/a Vehicle remained at Acton until at least June 2015 Estimate based on licensing data 

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DatePlaceCommentsPosted By
25/06/2015Acton Worksramp - damaged Ray
02/10/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceNight Steve Howard
02/10/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
22/09/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
13/09/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
04/09/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
03/09/2014Baker Street StationNight Steve Howard
03/09/2014Baker Street StationNight Ray
03/09/2014Baker Street StationNight Thomas Young
03/09/2014Baker Street StationNight K. PLY
03/08/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place London spotter
25/07/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
18/07/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Bob Milner
16/07/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Ray
14/07/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
05/05/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceRay
15/04/2014Acton, Bollo LaneRay
24/03/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceRay
18/03/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceRay
17/03/2014Acton, Bollo LaneRay
15/03/2014Baker StreetBob Milner
12/03/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop Place Steve Warman
08/03/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceRay
27/02/2014Baker StreetNight Steve Howard
24/01/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceAllsop Place Graham Smith (Enfield)
13/01/2014Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
11/11/2013Swiss CottageStation. Night Steve Howard
30/10/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices. Night Ray
18/10/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
17/08/2013Neasden DepotSteve Howard
07/08/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceAllsop Place. Night Thomas Young
07/08/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
31/07/2013Acton, Bollo LaneSteve Howard
09/06/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
06/06/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
28/05/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
28/04/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
16/04/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
21/03/2013Acton, Bollo LaneBob Milner
28/02/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
13/01/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Malcolm Conway
10/01/2013Acton, Bollo LaneSmallbills Ray
01/01/2013Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
28/12/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
18/11/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
27/10/2012Baker StreetNight Bob Milner
01/10/2012Baker StreetBob Milner
20/09/2012Acton, Bollo LaneThomas Young
15/09/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
15/09/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceAllsop Place Thomas Young
10/09/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
22/08/2012Baker StreetNight. Passing Thomas Young
15/08/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceAllsop Place. Night Steve Howard
25/06/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
17/06/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices London spotter
06/06/2012Baker StreetNight. Passing Thomas Young
06/06/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
25/05/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices. Night Ray
17/05/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
10/05/2012Aldgate Bus StationNight Steve Howard
04/04/2012Baker StreetBob Milner
24/03/2012Baker StreetBob Milner
24/02/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
24/02/2012Acton, Bollo LaneThomas Young
16/02/2012Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
04/02/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Graham Smith (Enfield)
14/01/2012Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
11/01/2012Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
28/12/2011Baker Street Offices, Allsop PlaceOffices Ray
21/12/2011Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
24/11/2011Baker StreetBob Milner
23/11/2011Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard

Date Added to Database
22/10/2016Withdrawn Thomas Young
26/06/2015Not sold 02/2015 (remains at Acton Works) Thomas Young
20/03/2015Withdrawn Thomas Young
20/03/2015Licensing date/s updated (was 30/04/2015) Thomas Young
21/10/2014Licensing date/s updated (6 months) Ray
11/04/2014Location corrected (BKR to BKO) Thomas Young
16/10/2013Licensing date/s updated Ray
25/10/2012Improved date in Thomas Young
19/10/2012Licensing date/s updated Ray
09/09/2012Icon added Thomas Young
23/06/2012Variant corrected/reformatted to Renault standard Thomas Young