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Fleet Data

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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
6695M WR58GFU Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Dropside Truck with Tail-Lift   

Into Stock05/12/2008 Licensed from26/11/2008 
Out of Stock c.01/05/2015 Licensed until30/06/2021 
ToBCA Blackbushe 
Allocation n/a 

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Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 14/5/2015Ray08/05/2015
Replaced by 7910FRay08/05/2015


05/12/2008New into stock Acton Works  n/a Actually delivered by 03/12/2008 CDS Fleetlist 
c.08/12/2008Transferred Acton Town, Frank Pick House  Lifts and Escalators  Observations 
c.01/05/2015Sold n/a  n/a  Vehicle auction website 

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DatePlaceCommentsPosted By
19/08/2020New ElthamOvermead Ray
12/08/2020New ElthamOvermead Ray
24/07/2020New ElthamAvery Hill Road Ray
03/07/2020New ElthamOvermead Ray
05/02/2020New ElthamOvermead Ray
25/10/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
15/09/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
06/09/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
02/08/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
19/07/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
05/07/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
14/06/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
03/05/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
03/04/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
24/03/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
24/02/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
22/02/2019New ElthamOvermead Ray
17/09/2018New ElthamOvermead Steve Howard
02/09/2018New ElthamAvery Hill Road  Ray
12/08/2018New ElthamAvery Hill Road Ray
10/08/2018New ElthamAvery Hill Road (white) Ray
21/03/2015Acton Town, Frank Pick House Thomas Young
11/03/2015Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
08/03/2015Acton Town, Frank Pick House Bob Milner
05/03/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
23/02/2015Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
20/02/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
18/02/2015Acton Town, Frank Pick House Thomas Young
16/02/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
19/01/2015Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
11/01/2015Acton Town, Frank Pick House Bob Milner
20/11/2014Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
15/11/2014Acton Town, Frank Pick House Bob Milner
10/11/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
23/10/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
02/10/2014Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
02/10/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
17/09/2014Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
08/09/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Ray
28/08/2014Acton Town, Frank Pick House Ray
09/08/2014Acton Town, Frank Pick House London spotter
16/07/2014Marylebone RoadNight Ray
30/06/2014Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
16/06/2014Acton, Bollo Lane Bob Milner
31/05/2014Acton Town, Frank Pick House Bob Milner
26/03/2014Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
03/03/2014Acton, Bollo LaneRay
02/02/2014Griffith House, Marylebone Steve Warman
25/01/2014Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseBob Milner
22/01/2014Acton, Bollo LaneNight Steve Howard
10/01/2014Acton, Bollo LaneRay
14/12/2013Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseLondon spotter
28/11/2013Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
06/11/2013Finchley Central Station apples
02/11/2013Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseThomas Young
30/10/2013Marylebone RoadNight Ray
25/10/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
02/09/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
03/07/2013Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
24/06/2013Acton, Bollo LaneBob Milner
06/06/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
08/04/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
20/03/2013WaterlooSutton Walk. Night Steve Howard
04/02/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
10/01/2013Acton, Bollo LaneRay
20/12/2012Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
18/11/2012Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseFrank Pick House Bob Milner
29/10/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
26/09/2012Green ParkNight Steve Howard
11/08/2012Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
11/08/2012Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseThomas Young
20/06/2012Earl's CourtNight, passing Steve Howard
12/06/2012Acton, Bollo LaneNight Steve Howard
21/05/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
10/05/2012Baker StreetNight, passing Steve Howard
17/04/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
28/03/2012Acton, Bollo LaneNight Steve Howard
23/03/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
22/03/2012Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
15/03/2012Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
07/03/2012Green Park StationNight Steve Howard
01/03/2012Acton, Bollo LaneRay
24/02/2012Acton Town, Frank Pick House& 25/2 Ray
15/02/2012NeasdenNorth Circular Road. Passing London spotter
30/01/2012Acton, Bollo LaneNight Steve Howard
24/01/2012Hyde Park CornerNight Steve Howard
23/11/2011Green Park StationNight Steve Howard
17/11/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseJohn Lloyd-Martin
02/11/2011Marylebone RoadNight Steve Howard
25/10/2011Great Portland StreetNight, passing Steve Howard
13/10/2011King's CrossNight Steve Howard
08/10/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
08/10/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseThomas Young
19/09/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
01/09/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
31/08/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseLondon spotter
22/08/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
25/07/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
19/07/2011King's CrossSteve Howard
11/07/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
07/07/2011Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseFormer Member
29/06/2011Marylebone RoadSteve Howard
20/06/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
01/06/2011Marylebone RoadSteve Howard
16/05/2011Acton, Bollo LaneHello boys! Ray
04/05/2011Marylebone RoadSteve Howard
21/03/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
16/03/2011King's Cross StationSteve Howard
04/03/2011Acton, Bollo LaneMalcolm Conway
28/02/2011Acton, Bollo LaneRay
02/02/2011Marylebone RoadSteve Howard
13/12/2010Acton, Bollo LaneSteve Howard
18/11/2010Marylebone RoadSteve Howard
16/11/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
07/10/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
28/07/2010NeasdenNorth Circular Road. Passing London spotter
26/07/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
16/07/2010Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseLondon spotter
13/07/2010Acton, Bollo LaneSteve Howard
12/07/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
07/07/2010Acton, Bollo LaneSteve Howard
10/05/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
06/04/2010Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
25/02/2010Acton, Bollo LaneRay
24/02/2010Baker Streetpassing Steve Howard
14/01/2010Monument StationSteve Howard
09/12/2009Acton, Bollo LaneRay
25/11/2009Northumberland AvenueSteve Howard
05/11/2009Acton, Bollo LaneSteve Howard
23/09/2009Baker Streetpassing; later near Monument Steve Howard
22/09/2009Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
10/09/2009Mornington Crescentpassing Steve Howard
25/08/2009Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseJohn Lloyd-Martin
24/08/2009Acton, Bollo LaneRay
11/08/2009Acton WorksK. PLY
03/08/2009ActonOsborne Road Ray
20/06/2009Acton WorksLorry park Ray
01/05/2009Acton Town StationRay
17/03/2009BecktonA406 (NCR)/Alfreds Way Roundabout Ray
03/03/2009Acton, Bollo LanePassing. Lettered for Escalator Specialist Services Thomas Young
03/03/2009Acton, Bollo LaneRay
03/03/2009Acton, Bollo LaneJohn Lloyd-Martin
17/02/2009Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
12/02/2009Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
23/01/2009Acton Town StationPassing Thomas Young
23/01/2009Acton Town StationDamon
29/12/2008Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseRay
10/12/2008Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseFrank Pick House Damon
10/12/2008Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseJohn Lloyd-Martin
10/12/2008Acton Town, Frank Pick HouseSteve Howard
03/12/2008Acton WorksDS yard Dstock7080

Date Added to Database
13/08/2020Licensing date/s updated Ray
04/07/2020Licensing date/s updated Ray
04/05/2019Licensing date/s updated Ray
10/08/2018Licensing date/s updated Ray
08/05/2015Withdrawn Thomas Young
23/10/2014Licensing date/s updated Ray
25/10/2013Licensing date/s updated Ray
17/10/2012Licensing date/s updated Ray
17/10/2011Licensing date/s updated Ray
18/10/2010Licensing date/s updated Ray
19/04/2010Improved date-in Thomas Young
18/11/2009Licensing date/s updated Ray
05/04/2009Improved details (vehicle) Thomas Young
22/02/2009Licensing date/s updated John Lloyd-Martin
07/01/2009Operator added and allocation refined Thomas Young