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NumberRegDescriptionChassis No.Body No.
392W GN2019 AEC Regal 6 1/2-ton Stores Lorry  662739 9130 

Into Stock01/06/1939 Licensed fromn/a 
FromChassis ex bus T243 
Out of Stock 12/07/1960 Licensed untiln/a 
ToVehicle and Plant Supply Co, Southall 
Allocation n/a 

Notes Log-in to add your own notes.Added byOn
Ex T243. TP 069XYThomas Young19/02/2009
Converted petrol to oil 21/12/1954.Thomas Young08/10/2012

00/01/1931New into stock Reigate Garage  ex AEC (as T-type coach) to Green Line/East Surrey Estimate 
25/05/1939withdrawn as coach East Grinstead Garage   Ian's Bus Stop/London Bus File 1933-39 (S/Deckers) 
25/05/1939Into stock Chiswick Works  Chief Stores Superintendent (Buses & Coaches) Stores Lorry Vehicle Record Card 
26/05/1939Transferred   to Transport Engineering Co., Old Kent Road for conversion. Contradicts date above The London 'T' types 
02/06/1939Change of licence Chiswick Works  Chief Stores Superintendent (Buses & Coaches) T/P 069XY on Vehicle Record Card 
by 1/11/46Allocated to Chiswick Works  Dept of the Chief Comm Offcr (Chief Stores Supt) TP 069XY CDS Fleetlist November 1946 
21/09/1949Allocated to Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) Chiswick Pool  Vehicle Record Card 
13/12/1949Transferred Romford (London Road) Garage  CDS (Gp.3) ex Chiswick, CDS Gp.3. GTP 069XY LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
27/03/1950Change of registration Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) GTP 069XY surrendered, 647GF on LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
20/06/1952Transferred Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) ex Romford. GTP 647GF. Non-contiguous LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
by31/08/1952Modified Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) 'Tunnel' tyres fitted n/s (front & rear outer) Vehicle Record Card 
18/02/1953Withdrawn Chiswick Works CDS (Gp.3) GTP 647GF off (to 821J) LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
05/03/1953Relicensed Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3)  LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
13/01/1954Allocated to Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) Docked at Aldenham Vehicle Record Card 
21/12/1954Modified Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) Petrol to Oil LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
20/04/1956Withdrawn and transferred Reigate Garage Stored ex Chiswick, CDS Gp.3 LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
21/05/1957Transferred (unlicensed) New Cross Garage Stored ex Reigate, Stored LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
07/03/1958Relicensed and transferred Chiswick Works  CDS (Gp.3) ex New Cross, Stored. GTP 006GN on (ex RSI spare) LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
06/04/1959Transferred Catford Garage  CDS (Gp.3) ex Chiswick, CDS Gp.3. GTP 006GN. Swapped with 406W LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
30/06/1959Change of registration Catford Garage  CDS (Gp.3) GTP 006GN off and surrendered, 400GH on LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
01/03/1960Withdrawn Catford Garage CDS (Gp.3) GTP 400GH removed and surrendered. Replaced by 389W LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
07/03/1960Transferred (unlicensed) Chiswick Works Stored ex CDS (Gp.3) LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 
15/03/1960Transferred (unlicensed) Chiswick Works Reserve ex Chiswick, Stored LT Variation Sheets 
12/07/1960Sold n/a  n/a ex Reserve (location not given) LT Miscellaneous Vehicles Advice Book 

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Date Added to Database
23/11/2012Improved date out Thomas Young