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The Metrobus operation at Crawley has been managed by Brighton & Hove Buses for the past few years but this relationship became closer in October 2021 when the separate ownership of the buses (and the operating license) were combined. In terms of service vehicles, the fleets had remained distinct, albeit with occasional transfers, but it now looks as though they are treated as one. Most vehicles now have dual Brighton & Hove / Metrobus fleetnames, and transfers between the two areas have become more common. Recent additions have included a batch of second-hand silver Ford Focus estate cars, as shown by EO66JUA at Crawley Bus Station on 21st June 2023. These changes present a problem for LTSV in that it will be hard to determine which vehicles are at Crawley at any given time. As such I have decided to effectively stop reporting changes to the Metrobus fleet as of October 2021, though service vehicles may still be shown in photographs. I should add that both the Brighton & Hove and Metrobus websites provide a lot of information for enthusiasts, including fleetlists, photos and vehicle histories. Companies that do this are few and far between, especially those that also cover their service vehicles. Having said that, there is an issue in that the list on the B&H site shows EO66JUA as being fleetnumber 8116 (with a photo of the rear to back this up), while the Metrobus site shows 8116 as being EO66ZNG (which B&H have as 8120)!
Photo ID: 7562
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Subject/s: Metrobus EO66JUA
Date added: 20/07/2023