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Also found at Edmonton Garage on 9th April 2023, but on the opposite side of the yard, was a further line of 8 cars. These were mainly 2-year old Peugeot 208s, all in silver or black and with labels in the rear window proclaiming them to be 'E Ferry Van E1' and so on up to E9. It looks as though KP70DYJ shown here may also have had a label on the dashboard. This poses a few questions. Why does Edmonton need so many crew ferry cars? Why are they numbered in three distinct series (EC2xx, EC9xx and Ex)? And does E actually refer to Edmonton at all? E is the official code for Enfield, which is also an Arriva Garage. But if they are Enfield's, why were they all at Edmonton? All will/may become clear in due course.
Photo ID: 7487
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