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Another photo from Clive's LTSV-HRG Facebook group is this one from Robin Newell's collection. It was posted in the hope that someone would know more about it but, having drawn a blank, Robin agreed to showing it here too. Clearly an official photo, it shows a pneumatic-tyred van in a dark livery with LONDON'S UNDERGROUND lettering on a side panel. At least I assume the U and the D are there but in a lighter colour that does not show clearly. Unfortunately it has no fleetnumber, while the registration plates are out of view. Vehicles of this vintage are well beyond my knowledge, but I reckon it could be a Ford Model T and that it was probably operated in the 1920s or early 1930s. It could possibly be one of the vehicles we know about (such as 30-cwt vans GH9550 and GH9593) but I have no way of knowing. Do get in touch if you can add anything. By the way, I found myself wondering what this van would look like in modern-day LUL white/blue/red livery!
Photo ID: 7423
Photo date: c.1925 Size: Regular
Subject/s: Unknown van
Date added: 23/02/2023
Note added Mon 17/04/2023 by Andrew Colebourne

The U and D are there faintly as is some of the border decoration. The photographic emulsion was not very sensitive to blue. A similar effect can be found in pictures where there are Union flags, the red seeming darker than the blue. In this case I think the remaining lettering is likely to be black. A version of the "London's Underground" logotype can be seen in this 1921 "Suggestions" sticker in the LTM collection:
Note added Mon 17/04/2023 by Andrew Colebourne

Use of this logotype or versions of it seems to have peaked in about 1922 certainly a few years later it had been superseded by much simpler branding.
Note added Fri 21/04/2023 by Phillip Walton

The van is a Ford model T. It has the post 1916 radiator and the curved edges to the wings suggest it dates from the mid twenties.