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A few days after Ray visited Norwood garage, Andrew mentioned that the crew ferry cars were gaining new labels. This photograph taken there on 13th May 2022 shows Vauxhall Corsa car WP66TDX parked on the forecourt. The square label in the bottom of the windscreen shows 'Hitachi, Inspire the Next'! Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is (or was) a large supplier of leased vehicles and is known to also supply vehicles to other Arriva companies. However, the company was renamed as Novuna Vehicle Solutions in February this year. More interesting was the label in the top nearside of the windscreen. Although not clear in this shot, this comprised a blue star that appears to have been applied over an existing white circular label. On the blue star was the number S11, with S6 and S9 also seen on similar cars nearby. Again, not sure what the S stands for (service? support? silver?), or whether this will extend to all vehicles at this location (and/or others), but it is something to look out for.

Hang on a minute! After writing the above I dug out some other photos of the Norwood/Thornton Heath Corsas. The Hitachi labels have been displayed since new, perhaps unsurprisingly. However it seems that the blue stars are not new either, and they are visible in photos taken from October 2017 onwards! They are so small that the numbers on them cannot be made out. Another photo (from February 2017) shows car WM66AFE with S6 on a card on the dashboard. So, it would seem that these numbers have been allocated and displayed pretty much from when the cars were new in late 2016. It's just that nobody noticed!
Photo ID: 7160
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Date added: 17/05/2022
Note added Tue 17/05/2022 by Ray

The blue car alongside is more interesting. Presumably it is a crew vehicle (being parked in the area concerned).
Note added Tue 17/05/2022 by Lidinson

I am not sure all vehicles parked in that location are company vehicles! The Astra behind has a blue star badge but not sure about the blue one. I will be walking the dogs that way a few times to try and find others!