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Photographed at Arriva London's Norwood garage on 30th April 2022 was Vauxhall Corsa car WM66AOA, with similar WM66AEX and one other visible on the left. Ten silver Vauxhall Corsa cars have been based here from new in late-2016. This always seemed odd to me, since Norwood would not be expected to require many crew ferries. But some research has shown that only 3 of the 9 main bus routes currently worked by the garage (2, 432 and 468) actually pass the location. The others (137, 157, 202, 249, 417 and 450) do not, with Crystal Palace seeming to be a good place to do the change overs for several. But, Norwood cars have never been reported there, or anywhere else in fact, other than one sighting at Beddington and several at Thornton Heath garage. The regular appearance of these cars at Thornton Heath is a bit of mystery, but it was notable that all the cars seen at Norwood had labels in their rear windows proclaiming them to be Arriva Thornton Heath Garage Ferry Vehicles! Apart from these, the cars are anonymous, but see another Norwood photo later in today's batch for a development. The final note about this photo is that grey Vauxhall Astra car HV66YYB is just visible parked in front of WM66AOA. Observations suggest that this is also a crew ferry vehicle.
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