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I have decided to add a couple more photos to today's batch, hence these appear out of fleetnumber order. The reason is to show the under-body props on the C/VOY-registered Mercedes 307D trucks, which I only discovered when writing the caption to this photo a couple of hours ago. Unfortunately this area is not clearly visible in most photographs, due to a combination of the shade and of the print scanning process losing more detail and contrast. However, these two photos hopefully show what I am talking about.

This is Mercedes 307D truck 2426M at Ferry Lane on 27th March 1988. If the photo looks familiar, it is because I have already published a photo taken by Keith Grimes on the same day, though that was added over 16 years ago so you must have a really good memory! Anyway, Phil captured a slightly different angle, and there is something visible below the front of the body, just behind the corner post. There are a couple of further points about this vehicle that I did not mention first time around. Two of the eight C/VOY 307D trucks (2426M and 2429M) were bodied as curtainsiders, though to two different designs, and both were different again from the ten C/WLB curtainsiders (2445-2454M) delivered later in 1986. 2429M was the most conventional-looking, with hand tensioners fitted along the bottom edge of the curtain. As an aside, I have just realised that the under-body prop is also visible in the photo of 2429M! Anyway, the C/WLB trucks (like 2454M) had curtains with horizontal ribs, suggesting that they opened by rolling upwards towards the roof. 2429M has curtains that appear to open sideways, but there are no tensioners. Also, while there are securing latches at each end, there don't appear to be any handles to open and close the curtains. Both 2426M and 2429M had ladder hatches in the front end, but 2426M's front was planked and had a Southfields label in the center (the body maker presumably) while that on 2429M was plain metal. The rear arrangement on 2426M and 2429M is not known, and there may have been doors. 2445-2454M are known to have had plain sheet fronts and backs.
Photo ID: 6547
Photo date: 27/03/1988 Size: Regular
Date added: 15/12/2020