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Another photo taken by Dave Warby after midnight on 25th September 2019 shows two Renault Kangoo Maxi vans parked on Melton Street at Euston. The sharpness is excellent considering that this was taken using a hand-held phone at a quarter of a second exposure, although Dave does admit to a little bit of post-processing. I am almost tempted to get an iPhone and leave my big camera and tripod at home next time I do a night trip! The main subject here is Griffith House's 8813R, new in June 2019. Many Renault Kangoo vans have been 'allocated' to Griffith House in recent years, although they are not kept there during the day. Large numbers will arrive there from about 11pm onwards and park up for half an hour before heading to various worksites. Talking of night-trips, we invariably start these at Griffith House, as the parked vehicles are relatively easy to photograph. It can be a bit frustrating to then move on to other locations only to find that the same vehicles follow us!
Photo ID: 6329
Photo date: 25/09/2019 Size: Regular
Date added: 21/06/2020