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Most recently added vehicle notes Vehicles in bold are current
NumberRegNotesDate addedBy
7498F LM62YOJ Export markerThu 16/08/2018, 17:25Ray
7497F LT62TXO No longer on DVLA. Thu 16/08/2018, 17:25Ray
7467F LL12AXF Export markerThu 16/08/2018, 17:16Ray
7460F LL12HZZ No longer on DVLA. Thu 16/08/2018, 17:15Ray
8097P KU15NVD Auctioned at BCA Derby 22/8/2018Tue 14/08/2018, 17:36Ray
7233F LT12FVY Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 16/8/2018 (15900 miles)Fri 10/08/2018, 17:06Ray
8093P KU15NUY Auctioned at BCA Derby 22/8/2018Fri 10/08/2018, 17:02Ray
 EO67NLN Photo at 09/08/2018, 15:07Ray
7826F** LP14XEC Photo at 09/08/2018, 15:04Ray
99 FP11XAY SORN in place (@ 8/8/2018)Wed 08/08/2018, 16:39Ray
103 FP11WTN Export markerWed 08/08/2018, 16:38Ray
100 FP11WBE No longer on DVLA. Wed 08/08/2018, 16:35Ray
 FG11YGY SORN in place (@ 8/8/2018)Wed 08/08/2018, 16:29Ray
104 FD11UXO No longer on DVLA. Wed 08/08/2018, 16:23Ray
MF1 NK11GVD MOT expired 30/6/2018Tue 07/08/2018, 18:21Ray
6985F YF10HFC For sale at Smiley Car & Commercial Limited, Colchester June 2018Tue 07/08/2018, 18:12Ray
 KB05OFX MOT expired 1/6/2018Tue 07/08/2018, 13:09Ray
 NK59DFX SORN in place (@ 7/8/2018)Tue 07/08/2018, 13:03Ray
382A FJJ586 Photo at 06/08/2018, 14:05Ray
681M HLW132 Photo at 06/08/2018, 13:55Ray
7810R LX14WJE Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:21Ray
7807R LX14WHP Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:20Ray
8356F LM66MYV Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:19Ray
 LL13YZD Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:19Ray
 DS16YNV Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:18Ray
7586F LM62YTG Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:17Ray
7352R LV12DMF Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:13Ray
 A6HRR Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:11Ray
 LT59HWD Photo at 05/08/2018, 20:10Ray
6925F LO10XVV SORN in place (@ 4/8/2018)Sat 04/08/2018, 16:01Ray
6921F LO10XRC No longer on DVLA. Sat 04/08/2018, 15:59Ray
6918F LO10XTP No longer on DVLA. Sat 04/08/2018, 15:58Ray
1793F MGX955L Photo for sale on EBay July 2018. Vehicle has roof rackTue 31/07/2018, 17:48Ray
 LL59DDO No longer on DVLA. Mon 30/07/2018, 12:14Ray
 RV18LNH Still undelivered (at Bedfont) in July 2018.Sat 28/07/2018, 12:29Thomas Young
CF100 S832CGX PSV Circle reported vehicle scrapped 02/2018Sat 28/07/2018, 12:04Thomas Young
RL29  Quoted as registered 520UNK - see A photograph of a sweeper bearing this registration (at SV 28/7/1968) can be found in 'The London Leylands' (Pen & Sword)Tue 24/07/2018, 16:21Ray
V228 W723EOK SORN in place (@ 24/7/2018)Tue 24/07/2018, 14:49Ray
V227 RV57DDN No longer on DVLA. Tue 24/07/2018, 14:49Ray
 LL61KPR Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 19/7/2018Wed 18/07/2018, 18:18Ray
T-bird 5 MV52YVN MOT expired 13/12/2017Tue 17/07/2018, 18:19Ray
2593 WX07NWB SORN in place (@ 16/7/2018)Mon 16/07/2018, 18:15Ray
2592 WX07NWA SORN in place (@ 16/7/2018)Mon 16/07/2018, 18:14Ray
 VK60FAJ With London 'Buses' logoThu 12/07/2018, 10:37Ray
 RJ56TYH No longer on DVLA. Mon 09/07/2018, 13:49Ray
 RJ56TYO No longer on DVLA. Mon 09/07/2018, 13:48Ray
 AX14KYZ MOT expired 6/7/2018Mon 09/07/2018, 11:17Ray
1279LD ALM842B SORN in place (@ 8/7/2018)Sun 08/07/2018, 17:14Ray
1096F WXR859 SORN in place (@ 8/7/2018)Sun 08/07/2018, 17:12Ray
1080Q TXV913 No longer on DVLA. Sun 08/07/2018, 17:11Ray
351X CUC192 Not taxed for road use.Sun 08/07/2018, 17:01Ray
89Q DGJ181 SORN in place (@ 8/7/2018)Sun 08/07/2018, 17:00Ray
1492B SMK783F SORN in place (@ 8/7/2018)Sun 08/07/2018, 16:57Ray
8240VW ** RF66DPV Carries 8270VW on offside as well.Sat 07/07/2018, 19:00Ray
7606P KM62VRY Auctioned at BCA Derby 11/7/2018Fri 06/07/2018, 18:22Ray
 HV55AXH SORN in place (@ 6/7/2018). MOT expired 10/10/2017Fri 06/07/2018, 14:49Ray
7008M WU11OHA No longer on DVLA. Wed 04/07/2018, 20:23Ray
6901VW RO10ZHJ No longer on DVLA. Wed 04/07/2018, 20:19Ray
7764R LV63DCU MOT expired 28/6/2018Wed 04/07/2018, 10:54Ray
7810R LX14WJE SORN in place (@ 4/7/2018)Wed 04/07/2018, 07:21Ray
6871F LT10SXN SORN in place (@ 4/7/2018)Wed 04/07/2018, 07:16Ray
8176M WX65VRV On June 2018 official fleetlist as 8140M (second vehicle shown as such)Mon 02/07/2018, 12:36Ray
 AE13SRU SORN in place (@ 2/7/2018)Mon 02/07/2018, 11:29Ray
93707* YH11LWN Export marker Mon 02/07/2018, 07:17Ray
7292M WU12MVE No longer on DVLA. Sat 30/06/2018, 20:23Ray
 F488AVF SORN in place (@ 30/6/2018). MOT expired 17/8/2016 (see licence expiry date)Sat 30/06/2018, 16:04Ray
 MGX913L For licensing/SORN details see other entrySat 30/06/2018, 16:01Ray
4401LR L672NBH MOT expired 20/6/2018Sat 30/06/2018, 15:56Ray
011 H158XSN MOT expired 13/6/2018Sat 30/06/2018, 15:54Ray
7263R LV61UCP Export markerSat 30/06/2018, 15:44Ray
6799F LT59KZH For sale at Wheels Van Centre, Stanwell 6/2018 - 7/2018Fri 29/06/2018, 20:37Ray
6518F YS08FSP SORN in place (@ 29/6/2018)Fri 29/06/2018, 20:35Ray
7267F LT12GBX For sale at Wheels Van Centre, Stanwell 6/2018 - 7/2018Fri 29/06/2018, 20:33Ray
7591F LM62YSH For sale at Wheels Van Centre, Stanwell 6/2018 - 7/2018Fri 29/06/2018, 20:32Ray
8071F KF16WYZ For sale at Wheels Van Centre, Stanwell 6/2018 - 7/2018Fri 29/06/2018, 20:30Ray
8072F LN66HVO For sale at Wheels Van Centre, Stanwell 6/2018Fri 29/06/2018, 20:29Ray
7698VW RE13NTM SORN in place (@ 27/6/2018)Wed 27/06/2018, 18:30Ray
7654R LV13YEK SORN in place (@ 21/7/2018 from 27/6/2018)Wed 27/06/2018, 14:16Ray
7592S AK62EDO Replaced by T (LM18GFV)Tue 26/06/2018, 14:33Ray
8631T LM18GFV Replacement for 7592STue 26/06/2018, 14:32Ray
7203R LV61OEF SORN in place (@ 25/6/2018)Mon 25/06/2018, 18:16Ray
7132R LV61EWZ No longer on DVLA. Mon 25/06/2018, 14:14Ray
7157R LV61EAP No longer on DVLA. Mon 25/06/2018, 11:18Ray
7159R LV61DZL No longer on DVLA. Mon 25/06/2018, 11:17Ray
7168P LT61WHH SORN in place (@ 25/6/2018)Mon 25/06/2018, 11:12Ray
7766R LV63DFF No longer on DVLA. Sat 23/06/2018, 10:37Ray
7462P KY12UFV No longer on DVLA. Wed 20/06/2018, 20:11Ray
7465F LT12FZS No longer on DVLA. Wed 20/06/2018, 20:10Ray
7482R LX62ZTC Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 29/6/2018Wed 20/06/2018, 18:12Ray
9033 HN13YMU MOT expired 14/6/2018Mon 18/06/2018, 15:23Ray
MV70016 RJ11ZWW MOT expired 10/6/2018Mon 18/06/2018, 15:22Ray
5913F LN06WUK No longer on DVLA. Sun 17/06/2018, 16:27Ray
5915F KG06PHK SORN in place (@ 17/6/2018)Sun 17/06/2018, 16:25Ray
5918F KJ06JXY SORN in place (@ 17/6/2018)Sun 17/06/2018, 16:23Ray
5921F KH55MYL Export markerSun 17/06/2018, 16:22Ray
5923F KH55MYZ SORN in place (@ 17/6/2018)Sun 17/06/2018, 16:21Ray
4076B H639EOT SORN in place (@17/6/2018)Sun 17/06/2018, 16:15Ray
1761LR MGX913L SORN in place (@ 30/6/2018 from 17/6/2018)Sun 17/06/2018, 16:11Ray
8653T LM18GFX Elizabeth LineSat 16/06/2018, 13:33Ray
8016R LX15HWT Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 15/6/2018Fri 15/06/2018, 22:01Ray

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