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Most recently added vehicle notes Vehicles in bold are current
NumberRegNotesDate addedBy
89Q DGJ181 Photo (No.275) at 20/10/2018, 22:04Ray
207C  TP Photo (No.JK4) at 20/10/2018, 22:01Ray
208C  TP Photo (No.296) at 20/10/2018, 21:57Ray
123A  TP Photos (No. 153/154) at Sat 20/10/2018, 21:55Ray
90897 YB13VSP Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 18/10/2018Wed 17/10/2018, 18:47Ray
7647F LM13MLJ Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 19/10/2018 (13095 miles)Tue 16/10/2018, 17:25Ray
7645F LM13MJF Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 19/10/2018 (13269 miles)Sat 13/10/2018, 13:56Ray
CF 75 YG56HCJ No longer on DVLAFri 12/10/2018, 15:11Ray
833J JJ4376 Photo at 11/10/2018, 21:10Ray
173K UW1264 Photo at 11/10/2018, 21:09Ray
136A  TP Photo at 11/10/2018, 19:00Ray
1018J FXT384 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:56Ray
202C DGX362 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:55Ray
411P FXT99 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:53Ray
741J JJ4371 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:52Ray
737J AGX538 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:52Ray
737J AGX538 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:46Ray
808B KGK988 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:45Ray
812B JXC343 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:44Ray
737J AGX538 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:42Ray
408W GK5496 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:38Ray
40H UC2294 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:34Ray
811J AXM639 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:33Ray
87Q DGJ179 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:27Ray
76Q BYL401 Photo at 11/10/2018, 18:25Ray
1275LD 573EYU Photo at 10/10/2018, 18:33Ray
1995L OJD995R Photo at 10/10/2018, 18:32Ray
1930F  TP Photo at 10/10/2018, 18:31Ray
CF103 R141BMY SORN in place (@ 6/10/2018)Sat 06/10/2018, 12:13Ray
 YG04ARX SORN in place (@ 6/10/2018) MOT expired 22/9/2018Sat 06/10/2018, 12:12Ray
 BT06VBZ No longer on DVLA. Sat 06/10/2018, 12:10Ray
7619R LV13ZVN Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 12/10/2018 & 19/10/2018Tue 02/10/2018, 18:42Ray
7658R LV13ZTF Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 12/10/2018 & 19/10/2018Tue 02/10/2018, 18:42Ray
5613VW RJ04WOB SORN in place (@ 2/10/2018)Tue 02/10/2018, 14:50Ray
 LC58GFU NTBOMon 01/10/2018, 17:28Ray
5281VW RJ51NWY Export markerSun 30/09/2018, 18:38Ray
5614VW RJ04WNX No longer on DVLA. Sun 30/09/2018, 18:38Ray
 GX52LBU No longer on DVLA. Sun 30/09/2018, 18:36Ray
6603M WR58VZJ Licensed as greySat 29/09/2018, 17:18Ray
6260F * LS07GBU Licensed as blueSat 29/09/2018, 17:16Ray
6089F KG56RHV Licensed as silverSat 29/09/2018, 17:15Ray
7039F YC11KRG No longer on DVLA. Sat 29/09/2018, 17:10Ray
8690T LN68JRV Replacement for LL14VOHWed 26/09/2018, 12:42Ray
 LL14VOH Replaced by 8690TWed 26/09/2018, 12:41Ray
7659R LV13LXJ SORN in place (@ 25/9/2018)Tue 25/09/2018, 20:38Ray
7656R LV13YDW SORN in place (@ 25/9/2018)Tue 25/09/2018, 20:37Ray
7656R LV13YDW Replaced by 8685VWTue 25/09/2018, 20:36Ray
8685VW RX68ZCK MailTue 25/09/2018, 20:34Ray
8685VW RX68ZCK Replacement for 7656RTue 25/09/2018, 20:34Ray
 RCZ7361 Registration now on the former 33LUGTue 25/09/2018, 20:25Ray
 33LUG Re-registered RCZ7361 c.4/2018Tue 25/09/2018, 17:05Ray
736J AXM645 Photo at 22/09/2018, 14:37Ray
34F BNJ91T Photo at 22/09/2018, 14:35Ray
175K GH9732 Photo at 22/09/2018, 14:27Ray
8016R LX15HWT SORN in place (@ 20/9/2018)Thu 20/09/2018, 18:34Ray
 AF04TOW Re-registered from LN04CHL (new as VLT46) c.07/2018. SORN at 6/10/2018 from 14/09/2018Fri 14/09/2018, 14:14Thomas Young
 LN04CHL Re-registered (again) to AF04TOW c.07/2018. For reports under that registration, see fdata_detail.php?id=68408.Fri 14/09/2018, 14:10Thomas Young
7296M WU12MUY Re-registered S17GOO by subsequent owner. Tax expires 31/5/2019Fri 14/09/2018, 12:44Thomas Young
7181R WR61GBU SORN in place (@ 13/9/2018)Thu 13/09/2018, 18:43Ray
7092F LT11XJE Export markerThu 13/09/2018, 18:42Ray
99992* RY54NDJ SORN in place (@ 12/9/2018) MOT expired 17/7/2016Wed 12/09/2018, 18:41Ray
V211 FE13ZXU MOT expired 14/2/2018Sun 09/09/2018, 16:22Ray
CF123 HN11XKZ No longer on DVLA. Sun 09/09/2018, 12:42Ray
V230 RE58ZRO NTBO. MOT expired 2/7/2018Sun 09/09/2018, 12:41Ray
CF127 OV56XAW No longer on DVLA. Sun 09/09/2018, 12:40Ray
V1131 NH05XLT SORN in place (@ 6/10/2018) MOT expired 12/7/2018Sun 09/09/2018, 12:38Ray
V1191 Y657RUT No longer on DVLA. Sun 09/09/2018, 12:34Ray
 RV18LNH Replacement for 7706FFri 07/09/2018, 18:40Ray
7706F LN63LVD Replaced by (RV18LNH)Fri 07/09/2018, 18:39Ray
7469F LT62TUV Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 13/9/2018Fri 07/09/2018, 18:36Ray
7706F LN63LVD Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 13/9/2018Fri 07/09/2018, 18:35Ray
GGCAR 6 J84CSR SORN in place (@ 2/9/2018)Sun 02/09/2018, 20:21Ray
 MX56AXK No longer on DVLA. Wed 29/08/2018, 17:01Ray
6201 NA56GLV No longer on DVLA. Wed 29/08/2018, 17:01Ray
 NG56EKV Export markerWed 29/08/2018, 09:21Ray
 NG56EKV Partial photo at 29/08/2018, 01:24K. PLY
6613M * WR58VZB No longer on DVLA. Sat 25/08/2018, 17:16Ray
6614M WR58VZA No longer on DVLA. Sat 25/08/2018, 17:16Ray
6615M WR58VYZ No longer on DVLA. Sat 25/08/2018, 17:15Ray
7800VW RK14CPV SORN in place (@ 24/8/2018)Fri 24/08/2018, 20:26Ray
7716F LM13MRV Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 23/8/2018 (105207 miles)Mon 20/08/2018, 17:38Ray
7529F LT62TVU Auctioned at BCA Wolverhampton 24/8/2018 (6095 miles)Mon 20/08/2018, 17:32Ray
5668VW RA54HXX SORN in place (@ 17/8/2018)Fri 17/08/2018, 17:56Ray
7498F LM62YOJ Export markerThu 16/08/2018, 17:25Ray
7497F LT62TXO No longer on DVLA. Thu 16/08/2018, 17:25Ray
7467F LL12AXF Export markerThu 16/08/2018, 17:16Ray
7460F LL12HZZ No longer on DVLA. Thu 16/08/2018, 17:15Ray
8097P KU15NVD Auctioned at BCA Derby 22/8/2018Tue 14/08/2018, 17:36Ray
7233F LT12FVY Auctioned at BCA Blackbushe 16/8/2018 (15900 miles)Fri 10/08/2018, 17:06Ray
8093P KU15NUY Auctioned at BCA Derby 22/8/2018Fri 10/08/2018, 17:02Ray
 EO67NLN Photo at 09/08/2018, 15:07Ray
7826F** LP14XEC Photo at 09/08/2018, 15:04Ray
99 FP11XAY SORN in place (@ 8/8/2018)Wed 08/08/2018, 16:39Ray
103 FP11WTN Export markerWed 08/08/2018, 16:38Ray
100 FP11WBE No longer on DVLA. Wed 08/08/2018, 16:35Ray
 FG11YGY SORN in place (@ 13/9/2018 from 8/8/2018)Wed 08/08/2018, 16:29Ray
104 FD11UXO No longer on DVLA. Wed 08/08/2018, 16:23Ray
MF1 NK11GVD SORN in place (@ 29/9/2018) MOT expired 30/6/2018Tue 07/08/2018, 18:21Ray
6985F YF10HFC For sale at Smiley Car & Commercial Limited, Colchester June 2018Tue 07/08/2018, 18:12Ray
 KB05OFX No longer on DVLA. MOT expired 1/6/2018Tue 07/08/2018, 13:09Ray

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