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Stratford Market Depot

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Details: This is Stratford Market Depot, one of the 'big three' in terms of service vehicle allocations (along with Acton Works and Lillie Bridge). It is hard to be certain due to the 'ghosting' of this composited image, but I reckon that about 90 service vehicles are visible in this view. The only identifiable types are the pair of ERU Volvo tenders at middle-left, while just nearer is what looks like a Ford Transit van with a cherry-picker lift (most likely 8470F).

The largest building, right in the middle, is the LUL Engineering and Skills Academy. The main depot building is larger but is mainly out of frame to the right. Running across the top right corner are the DLR and Jubilee Line tracks. From trains you can see the main depot but you will hardly see any service vehicles. The road entrance to the depot is at the top middle, most departing vehicles will follow Cam Road (just visible in the top left corner) through the new flats to the High Street. Running between the trees down the west side of the depot is Channelsea footpath. This is at a lower level and, even with a leg-up to see over the wall, you will still only see a couple of vehicles. So the best option seems to be to buy one of the flats in the newish white/brown block at the north edge of the yard. I would recommend one on the top floor as these seem to have balconies!

A few years ago there were tours of the depot offered as part of the 'Open House' programme. Several of us took part but there were two disappointments. Firstly, we weren't taken/allowed anywhere on the 'interesting' side of the training building. Secondly, although I did photograph a couple of vehicles in the centre yard, we were under strict instructions not to publish or share any photos taken.

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