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Ray Monk
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Details: The movement of railway vehicles by road is a relatively new phenomenon, resulting from decreased spare capacity and increased regulation on the railways, and increased capability of road lorries. As such, locos, coaches and wagons for repair, disposal or preservation are often to be seen on motorways across the country. London Underground vehicles are less commonly seen so Ray was lucky to capture two on 23rd March 2010. Allelys is one of the firms that specialise in work of this nature, and their DAF XF BX06XZY was seen shortly after leaving Acton Works carrying Victoria line car 3017 (although not visible, similar truck P840FAU was behind with car 4017). These are presumably among the first of the 1967 stock cars to be displaced by new trains, although interestingly the tender for their disposal did stipulate transportation by rail.

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RayPresumably disposal by rail would involve transportation off the line by road transport as it is not rail connected.Sat 08/05/2010, 12:02
Thomas YoungRay. You drop five points for forgetting the Pic to Vic crossovers at Finsbury Park! As far as I know there is no point on the LU network that cannot be reached (albeit sometimes circuitously) from any other point. Luckily you gain seven points for that Brighton and Hove info!Sun 09/05/2010, 00:36
RayI understood that the 1967 stock was line-bound and could not use other lines. Perhaps I'm wrong - certainly the 2009 stock is larger and must travel by road. By the way car 3016 has been preserved.Sun 09/05/2010, 12:39
Thomas YoungMy apologies. I had a quick dip on the net and found this. ''There were some failed tests to see if they could squeeze a 09TS down the Piccadilly Line but they won't fit so the 09TS will be the first trapped trains on their own line for some years.'' This implies that the 67s can go through. However, I also found this: ''The Test Train accesses the Victoria line via the link at Northumberland Park Depot.'' here. The latest track atlas I have shows no link between LU and NR at NPD.
Note: Edited by Thomas Young, 10/05/10, 00:56.
Mon 10/05/2010, 00:46
RayProblem with the 1967 stock is that they have no fitted tripcocks. If passing from Victoria to Piccadilly one has to be fitted (there is a safety signal at Finsbury Park preventing movement without same)Mon 10/05/2010, 07:07
DamonI was told this morning that the '67 stock is making its way from NP to Acton under its own power. At Acton some interesting things will happen to it before it goes off to the big ATO tube line in the sky.Thu 13/05/2010, 11:50
Thomas YoungI was reading an old LU stock book today and it mentioned that the 1967 stock was delivered new to Ruislip depot, then moved to Hainault to test the ATO. They were then moved to Northumberland Park using connections with BR at Leyton and Northumberland Park (both now removed). (I also discovered that one 4-car set was allocated to the Central Line for several years, to work alongside the 1960 stock on the 'automatic' Hainault-Woodford 'branch'). Finally, I looked up a later book and it mentions 1967s being modified at Acton in 1989, and refurbished at Rosyth (!!) from 1990.Thu 22/07/2010, 00:13